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DNX GLOBAL Talk ★ Jasper Ribbers - Launch your first online course on Udemy in 30 days > DNX ★ Digital Nomad Conference

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DNX GLOBAL Talk ★ Jasper Ribbers - Launch your first online course on Udemy in 30 days

  1. 1. Jasper Ribbers Launch your first online course on Udemy in 30 days THE TRAVELING DUTCHMAN
  2. 2. Publish Your Video Course on Udemy in 30 days Jasper Ribbers
  3. 3. Why would you publish a video course?
  4. 4. Trust is built through communication
  5. 5. Communication is 55% body language
  6. 6. Why video? * Video is a very effective way to communicate and build trust * People perceive video as higher value than text or voice
  7. 7. The trend is your friend * The global e-learning market grows at 9.2% per year *By 2016, 98% of organizations are expected to use video as part of their digital learning strategy
  8. 8. What are the challenges? It’s complex to produce and publish The pay-off comes in the long run You need to learn new skill sets
  9. 9. My struggle Didn’t know how to structure the course I didn’t know how to publish it I found the production fairly easy
  10. 10. Udemy takes a lot of the complexity out of the equation You retain full ownership of the course! Why I chose Udemy
  11. 11. What is Udemy? The “Airbnb” for video courses Online peer-to-peer market place for video courses 10 million students 40,000 courses
  12. 12. Udemy provides… …a course production roadmap …the infrastructure …marketing tools
  13. 13. Here’s a strategy Little investment, lots of learning You may make some cash Publish a short MVP course You’ll know if video is for you
  14. 14. What do you need to get started?
  15. 15. Create a course in 30 days Week 1 Create an outline Week 2/3 Recording & editing Week 4 Publish to Udemy
  16. 16. Choose a topic Niche down
  17. 17. Example: Writing “Write a compelling headline” “How to structure an article” “Improve the readability of your content”
  18. 18. Creating the outline Structure your course in sections and lectures Each lecture should drive home one point Write out the content for each lecture
  19. 19. Content Aim for 45 - 90 minutes of video Each video should be 2 - 5 minutes Aim for 15 - 20 lectures and 3 or 4 sections
  20. 20. Production Tips Video quality : plenty of light Audio quality : prevent echo
  21. 21. Lecture types 60%+ talking head
  22. 22. Wait, what?
  23. 23. Lecture types 60%+ talking head Screencast if it adds value The rest can be slides with voiceover
  24. 24. Marketing your course Market your course to Udemy students Market it to your audience Use coupon codes to market externally
  25. 25. Publish it elsewhere Publish it on your site using Teachable Publish it on other platforms
  26. 26. Improve your course Use feedback in reviews Look at student analytics Course is a living creature
  27. 27. Student Analytics
  28. 28. See where students lose interest
  29. 29. Thanks!