Pharma times mobile[2]


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Pharma times mobile[2]

  1. 1. Do’s and Don’tsmobile marketing
  2. 2. 2012) re in focus February ore 2012 Mobile futuKey industry stats (comSc cessed smartphone users ac •  48.4 million EU5 cribers use es or blogs•  44% of mobile subs social networking sit EU5 (France, ces at least once in smartphones across on their mobile devi n and the UK) Germany, Italy, Spai December 2011 •  Android: 50% iOS- 30% of the an 2 years to reach •  Tablets took less th smartphone market; in use in the U.S. 40 million products the fastest-growing (7 yrs mobile) •  Health ranked as 11 mobile media cate gory in the U.S. in 20 ts, 8.3 percent of all •  Across EU5 marke ce so have a tablet devi mobile subscribers al
  3. 3. Device usage unique users 2011 Nokia iPhone iPod Other BlackBerry iPad HTC HTC BlackBerry iPhone iPod iPad Nokia Other Operating system 2011 Symbian RIM OS Mobile Device Android Windows XP Linux Windows 7 Windows Vista Mac OS X iPhone OS Windows XP Mac OS X iPhone OS Linux Mobile Device Windows 7 Symbian Windows RIM OS Vista Android Nintendo Wii
  4. 4. Image:  More thana novelty
  5. 5. ConvenienceYour phone: always by your side
  6. 6. Mobiles are instant
  7. 7. Mobiles are instantWhere and when you want it
  8. 8. InteractionYou can look and touch
  9. 9. User engagementin their time,on their termsWaiting for a meeting,bored in a presentation
  10. 10. We expect a lot from our phones(and so do HCPs)
  11. 11. A world ofpossibilitiesEndless opportunitiesfor mobile engagementin pharma
  12. 12. A bit of black magic
  13. 13. But for pharma…?
  14. 14. APP  DEV  PROCESS  Divider  for  dra7  purposes,  not  for  presenta>on  
  15. 15. •  Vision•  Communication•  Organisation
  16. 16. •  Strong interactive background•  Understands potential of mobile•  Creative flair
  17. 17. •  Vital•  Advise•  Troubleshoot
  18. 18. •  Strong mobile•  Good relationship with Designer•  Experienced interactive•  Problem solver
  19. 19. App Development:The Long and Winding Road
  20. 20. I want anapp!
  21. 21. Really think
  22. 22. Do your homework
  23. 23. Survey the landscape
  24. 24. Establish KPIs
  25. 25. Consider your platforms
  26. 26. I wantan app!I ve done my research
  27. 27. Image:  All  listed  ppl  crammed  in  room  (can  just  see  them  through  doorway,  as  if  jammed  in  stockroom).  Man  outside   shou>ng   No-­‐one  leaves  >ll  you  think  of  something    
  28. 28. ["tle]  Development  process    Above  to  be  come  on  stage  by  stage  as  speak.  Also  add  extra  arrows  to  indicate  where  might  go  back  and  forth  (e.g.  a7er   tes>ng  might  go  back  to  design)  
  29. 29. ["tle]  Development  process    Above  to  be  come  on  stage  by  stage  as  speak.  Also  add  extra  arrows  to  indicate  where  might  go  back  and  forth  (e.g.  a7er   tes>ng  might  go  back  to  design)  
  30. 30. ["tle]  Development  process    Above  to  be  come  on  stage  by  stage  as  speak.  Also  add  extra  arrows  to  indicate  where  might  go  back  and  forth  (e.g.  a7er   tes>ng  might  go  back  to  design)  
  31. 31. ["tle]  Development  process    
  32. 32. ["tle]  Development  process    
  33. 33. ["tle]  Development  process    
  34. 34. LAUNCHING  AN  APP  Divider  for  dra7  purposes,  not  for  presenta>on  
  35. 35. If you build it, they will come.  
  36. 36. mightIf you build it, they   will come.  
  37. 37. 1 in 5 free apps downloaded less than 100 times     mightIf you build it, they   will come.  
  38. 38. PPC Print Seeding Web ads eMarketingMicrosite Social Media Online networks
  39. 39. To  finish?  Need  to  think  of  closing  slide.