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My Portfolio in Educational Technology 2


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This portfolio summarizes my track of development through Educational Technology 2.

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My Portfolio in Educational Technology 2

  1. 1. My Portfolio in Educational Technology Denise M. Marasigan BSE Mathematics 3-1
  2. 2. OUTLINE • The Student • Educational Technology in a Nut Shell • Learning Through Ed Tech 2 • The Student after Ed Tech
  3. 3. THE STUDENT  Denise M. Marasigan  Third Year student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics  Studying at Cavite State University- Main Campus
  4. 4. This portfolio summarizes my track of development through the subject.
  5. 5. ED TECH IN A NUT SHELL Educational Technology as a subject made me enlightened and appreciate the use of some technology devices that we can use in teaching, from traditional to modern. Ed Tech have had help us, future educators, to carry on with today’s technology.
  6. 6. We are living in a society which is called "technologically civilized" society. Every small work we do is technology dependent. Because guess what! Technology has it all! The best of both worlds. In just a single click, we can have everything.
  7. 7. What more if we use it in education? I am not suggesting by any means that every teacher needs to use as many technologies as possible in their classroom everyday. What I am suggesting is that we must learn a little about the many different kinds of technology that are out there and give it a try.
  8. 8. We can use laptops, projector, collaborative documents and the list goes on and on. We owe it to ourselves as an educator and to our students to be informed, to participate, and to embrace the opportunities. THERE IS NO HARM IN TRYING.
  9. 9. An Overview: Educational Technology 2
  10. 10. Ed Tech 2 will involve a deeper understanding of the computer as well as hands-on-application of computer skills. To infuse technology in the student-teacher training, helping learners to adapt and meet rapid and continuing technology changes in information and communication technology (ICT) environment.
  11. 11. IT Enters a New Learning Environment The four conceptual models namely Meaning Learning, Discovery Learning, Generative Learning and Constructivism are useful in achieving instructional goals through preferred application of educational technology.
  12. 12. With these conceptual models, we shall see how effective teachers best interact with their students in innovative learning activities while integrating technology to the teaching-learning process.
  13. 13. Information Technology in Support of Student-Centered Learning SCL environment, it gives students the venue to interact with each other, be motivated as everyone can participate and enjoy. It can be as noisy as it is, but it gives the students independence and self- awareness.
  14. 14. Cooperative Learning with the Computer Researchers have made studies on the learning interaction between the student and the computer. The studies have great value since it has been a long standing fear that the computer may foster student learning in isolation that hinders the development of the student's social-skills.
  15. 15. Now this fear has been contradicted by the studies which show that when students work with computers in groups.
  16. 16. The Software as an Educational Resource The computer has paved the way for learning in a new light. It has given human race a lot of advantages from the time it has been invented. Now the computer has been used widely and optimally in educational settings. Most of the educational materials used by the teachers nowadays are web-based softwares.
  17. 17. Understanding Hypermedia Hypermedia provides personalized learning activities as it helps those slow and poor learners. It gives activities suited to our learning objectives and needs. It presents variety of media that will really cater those fast and slow learners.
  18. 18. LEARNING THROUGH ED TECH 2 I gained a lot of knowledge in Ed Tech 2. When I hear the word “Educational Technology” I instantly think of motivation, convenience and future. Ed Tech is a great motivation for students. I have observed that students are all eyes and ears when a teacher uses a technology in teaching.
  19. 19. LEARNING THROUGH ED TECH 2 It is very convenient if we are using technology in classroom. Convenient for both the teacher and the students. And we can easily access information especially when we have an internet access. I truly believe that Ed Tech is our future. It can make a big difference in the education system. Especially in enhancing the teaching and learning process.
  20. 20. Reporting As a future educator, reportings are essential to us. It can greatly help us improve our teaching skills.
  21. 21. In our report, we are able to use the modern way of presenting the topics which is using the PowerPoint Presentation. And after the report, our group provided a collaborative activity so that our classmates can further understand the topic that has been discussed.
  22. 22. Ms. Ersando also gave us a task to make reflection paper. Reflection Paper
  24. 24. As a future educator, I can say that technology plays a vital role in education today, and will become even more important in the future. However, technology will never replace a professional, caring and a devoted teacher.
  25. 25. Teachers can use creativity and humor to enhance their lessons and make unwilling students change their attitudes. Technology could never help student feel better, or listen to their problems, or provide encouragement. “Technology wont replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will replace who do not.”