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Digital Scholar - The Scholarship Cycle, Value-Impact-Recognition


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Published in: Education
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Digital Scholar - The Scholarship Cycle, Value-Impact-Recognition

  1. 1. Teacher/Educator Scholarly Educator Educational Scholar MedEdWorld Online Reflections /Posts MedEdPublish /Post publication peer review MedEd journal Medical Teacher Peer reviewed MedEd Journal Faculty Development Presentations/Symposia Workshops Poh-Sun Goh modified on 12 January 2019 @ 0515am eRepository /Digital Repository /reusable digital objects Blogger Slideshare Instagram Taking notes Making notes Reading Getting TrainingCommunities of Practice Peer feedback /early reviews Learning process /Following formulas /Strategies Peer review Peer endorsement Quality assurance Peer acknowledgement Valued by organisation (going beyond views to citations) Beyond impact factor to impact (h-index) Appointment, Appraisal, Promotion Career Development, Pathway, Journey