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Data (analytics) informed (e)teaching and (e)learning - 7 byte size ideas


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Data (analytics) informed (e)teaching and (e)learning - 7 byte size ideas

  1. 1. Data (analytics) informed (e)Teaching and (e)Learning - 7 Byte Size Ideas Why (before How) Useful, At hand, Easy to use Blend Analytics and Assessment Combine learning analytics, with qualitative observations, and assessment Micro, Meso, and Macro level In the beginning, and at the end, comes back to student experience, engagement, and learning outcomes Understand, then Try Out, Start Small Use free, off the shelf, open source platforms and tools; blended with customised digital content, and learning paths Rapid Prototyping and Action Research Keep iterating, gather data, improving Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Padlet, Hangouts, Blogs Team Up (Domain Experts, Educators, Tech), include Students Start "Every journey begins with a single step” Poh-Sun Goh 1st draft on 16 December 2017 @ 0830am