How to be Cool on Facebook, Family Connections, 2013 Update


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This is an updated Slideshare from 2012 about making family connections on Facebook, via different age groups. To see the YouTube video that goes with this SlideShare go to:

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  • Facebook’s new office has about 2,000 employees and is constantly working to add productivity and something new on the creative front. The office is unique with no private space. Here are some of the pictures of the company’s newly acquired headquarters in the 55-acre Menlo Park in California. The space was earlier occupied by Sun Microsystems.
  • #1 - eHow is acknowledging work relationships live in social media, via professional/personal friendships on Facebook.  Managers and their staff are there and ARE connected on line ON FACEBOOK..  It's validating that professionals who choose to connect on Facebook can exchange news and views abour their work circles.    Google+ is also set up to assist this in a might big way, a post for another your degree of participation, for good or ill, depending on your network, profession and on-line desired Presence & brand.What you say on Facebook,  if anything, says a lot about you.  Transparency and opaqueness is what you communicate by your degree of participation, for good or ill, depending on your network, profession and on-line desired presence/brand.Internal company social applications, like Chatter and Yammer are about walled security, integration, using mobile tools in helping your work get done.  They are NOT about networking broadly for your career, as is LinkedIn and the competitor, BranchOut on Facebook.
  • By Chris Richardson · February 25, 2011Members over the age of 35 comprise more than 30 percent of Facebook members
- 48 percent of “young Americans” get their news from Facebook (frightening)
- 750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook over the last New Years weekendAnother interesting portion deals with a 20-minute breakdown of Facebook activity.  The findings include:- 1.9 million friend requests accepted
- 1.5 million wall posts
- 1.3 million photos tagged
- over 10 million comments made
  • class speaker George Haines discussing the process & challenges of redesigning traditional lessons by integrating technology into K-8 classrooms. We started the session in Google+ Hangout, then migrated to Second Life. July 27, 2011Source:
  • How to be Cool on Facebook, Family Connections, 2013 Update

    1. 1. HOW TO BE COOL on & in other Social Media
    2. 2. BLOGS ARE A VERY OLD IDEA 40, 000 Year Old Blog, Australia Petroglyphs  The primal human drive to  Tell a story  State opinions  Sell wares
    3. 3. 3Photo credit - Reuters
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. SOURCE: BETH KANTER AND CAMBODIA4KIDSORG ONFLICKR.COM6 Transparency and opaqueness is what you communicate
    6. 6. 7 What you say on Facebook (or don’t say) says a lot about you. Source:
    7. 7. 8 Source:
    8. 8. NEWS…DELIVERY “This is no longer a gimmick. This is how the American people want to receive their news and want to hear from us.” – Nick Schaper, New-Media Director for House Minority Leader. John Boehner
    9. 9. 10 SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES Entertain Educate Engage Enrich
    10. 10. FENW ICK, KOLLER, REVELN 2011 11 Google+ Hangout Virtual Learning Environments Source:, George Haines
    11. 11. PERSONALIZED COOL 12
    12. 12. FOR MORE “Deb Nystrom” REVELN Consulting LinkedIn Facebook: The Social Media Learning Lab ScoopIt News “Social Media Learning Lab” Pinterest “Social Media Learning Lab” 13