7 Secrets to Union & Management Success with Teams, MLMA 2014


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Presented at the Partnerships in Progress Michigan Labor and Management Association Conference, 2014, East Lansing, Michigan http://mlma.org/

7 Secrets to Union-Management Success with Teams

Once what I want differs from what you want, we are in conflict. Conflict will naturally increase when shifting from a supervisor-to-employee model to a team model. This presentation describes a whole system, top to bottom and side to side process to implement teams in a union environment. The "from me to we" shift is continuous process that requires a different type of renewal annually. With commitment to this approach, everyone from top management and union officials down to frontline supervisors and employees can mutually benefit.

Deb Nystrom, REVELN Consulting and Ron Koller, Fenwick Koller Associates

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  • Presenter speaks:Here’s a model that shows the range of union/management relationships. They can be described in stages from collusion to adversarial. We are advocating for constructive union/management relationships as a way to achieve high performance and create jobs.Huscso – Not TKI....Test Anxiety model.... Just right... Inverted,...Non-linear.... Level of performance and level of resistance... Agree too much to resistance...No resistance... High performance... (Space shuttle, lack of resistance...)99% - Reistance to slide... Assumption... It isn’t linear...
  • PROVENN1. Partnerships2. Readjust & Recover from inevitable mistakes 3. Operate through Joint Guidelines and Boundaries4. Victory Involves everyone 5. Engage in One Agenda 6. Negotiate through Positive Confrontation, Resolve Conflicts7. Never check the box, Go for Long Term Sustainability
  • TOLEDO, OHIO --The American car industry continues to struggle, but here in Toledo we have one of the most productive plants in North America.The 1,800 workers inside Powertrain can't control the market. They can control how well they make their product.The four-speed transmission line was honored today in a ceremony by the Harbour Report. The transmission line's ranked the most productive in North America by Ron Harbour. Nobody churns out a transmission faster than Toledo.It's the second straight year and eighth time in ten years Powertrain took the honor. Right now it's a four-speed plant but it's shifting to a six-speed plant. UAW Local 14 says the product may change, the results will not.Ron Harbour says Powertrain's plant is competitive with any he has seen around the world. He did say there are economic challenges beyond their control
  • Presenter speaks:Boundaries have to be clear at all levels or the organization will fall back into old habits.Transition to Moderator for a poll about the time for change.
  • “The most successful cases of labor-parties who strive to reframe, to consider different perspectives. With reframing, the union-management partners have been able to escape their rutted, outmoded beliefs and challenge lingering probl“The most successful cases of labor-management cooperation involve parties who strive management cooperation involve to reframe, to consider different perspectives. With reframing, the union-management partners have been able to escape their rutted, outmoded beliefs and challenge lingering problems.” Source:Cohen – Rosenthal (1995)
  • Skip LaFave – Harley Davidsen, one plant in jparticular, no mgmt. On the shop floor whatsoeverPennsylvia, highest quality – highest qualtiy plant....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXKBcZq1ZeADignity and respect... Values, no one treat – no one treat, treat – as another union employeeHerb Bluestone, vision back then... Union team leaders leading union teams...
  • Presenter speaks:Secret #7 is to never check the box. Sustaining good union/management relationships is something that is never done. You have to work on it all of the time. Some organizations “check the box” as if “good union/management working relationships are done and this is when things go bad.
  • What creates fragility?What helps you go beyond resilience, which is NOT enough in a turbulent world? It is not enough to prevent isolation either3. AntsEmerging from wasp-like ancestors over 130 million years ago, ants have become the most successful terrestrial macro-scale species this planet has ever seen. Often considered a superorganism on account of their hive-mind composition, their evolutionary success has been attributed to their highly coordinated social organization, an ability to modify habitats, exploit resources, and defend themselves. Nearly 12,500 species have been identified, but it's thought that as many as 22,000 species may actually exist. Ants have also colonized virtually every landmass on Earth, and may comprise anywhere from 15 to 25% of the total terrestrial animal biomass. Put another way, there are more ants on this planet by weight than all humans combined.
  • 11, 15, 75 - 77 Ron’s 3 fave slides...First two, relationshp....Grow the Partnership, Develop the partnership... - Invest in the partnership - Show up, be a partner - Honor your choice to BE a partner (Control, harness the script in your head, and who you decide to listen to...) Goes to a game, women are evil... Develop the relationship Social.... Slide 42 – Progressive Union Mgmt – Cornell -- Grow trust through agreement, continuous improvement on evolving, adaptive relationship - Prove it, by coninuous commitment to your partner... Expect to be tested, expect mistakes, honor the larger commitment... Celebrity, on the road – call every night... Some nights it doesn’t work, didn’t call at 7 PM.... It... Social Strong positive vlaues, like dignity and respect, for everyone.... Recover from mistakes... Union’s interests, controlling costs and being profitable... Worker dignity and respect.... ROLE: Good salries... Widening our common goals.... Let’s hlp eah other with common goals... Uncommon goals, we can at least be respectful with each other about it...First two, us as leadersSet clear boundaries of what we agree, boundaries – for work we do together.... - How to do those tast.... Agree on, Set Boundaries & Guidelines...Get – everyhone on the same page, WholeScale, Org Readiness – It’s the – as new people come it, learn TOSS, this is the Toledo... Dessimination of the Agreement... – Middle & Bottoms... B – Get the WHOLE org on the same age...... Mgmt. Dignity & respect...SLIDE 54...5. Secret #5 – Spin – Create one agenda... Worker dignity and respect... Profit maximization... ROLE: Maximize profit Commmon and uncommon goals, respectful - Not all our goals are common,,,, Those bot common, are going to cause conflict...Examples, stories... Confront constructively........ War, fighting... >>>> Too much conflict, >>> Terrible, no one into a conflict >>> Laught – In theory, no conflict, in practice, Comfort zone... Blind spots it creates... Positive, creative Productive tension.... Don’t all agree, but working together 20 yeears... Not harboring resentment, we understanding how to work togther... Getting back to divorce, emotional bank account, balance is high.... Cutting off a former friends... What does it take to de-friend - Constructive and destrutive -- Poster, keep people around you that take you in the right direction.... At Toledo, survey #1 problem, conflict... People working overtime, going through launches... High stress, difficult to collaborate... Under high stress, flight or freeze Nearly impossible in high stress situation... Gorwing the relationshp, put the deposits in........Sustainability...
  • Moderator speaks:You can sign-up for the workshop at  url: www.unionmanagementrelations.com or www.fenwickkoller.comThank you for attending today’s webinar. We also have webinars on: Implementing change.Building commitment to change.Using empathy in leadership to produce high performance and high commitment.Resolving conflicts in the workplace.Create a personal learning/work space in your home.I would like to thank each of you for attending today’s webinar and welcome you to browse our websites for additional offerings.
  • Presenter speaks:Involving others is the best way to create readiness.
  • Presenter speaks:If you think change is hard, sustaining change is even harder!
  • Presenter speaks:Let me start with the research supporting Secret #7:A study prepared for Northeast Ohio that reviewed the literature on labor/management cooperation (2002), it stated that working cooperatively together for a period of 3 years promotes sustainability. The same report stated that practicing multiple characteristics of effective labor/management cooperation increased the probability of sustaining effective relationships.
  • 7 Secrets to Union & Management Success with Teams, MLMA 2014

    1. 1. 7 Secrets to Union-Management Success with Teams Partners in Progress Conference Michigan Labor Management Association, East Lansing, Michigan April 10, 2014
    2. 2. Your Presenters Fenwick Koller Associates • Ron Koller • Rick Fenwick is on assignment with a client REVELN Consulting • Deb Nystrom
    3. 3. Context – Learning Outcomes • Gain new & different perspectives on managing union-management differences • Understand latest research into why union-management relationships fail • Learn a PROVEN approach to improving union/management relationships
    4. 4. Why Union Management Relations? Model of Union Management Relations Source: Husczco & Hoyer, 1994
    5. 5. Why Union Management Relations? Adapted from Huzczo & Hoyer (1994). Used with permission.
    6. 6. Passing ships in the night … Union Says Management Says 1.Management are dictators 1.We can‟t even agree on basic things 2.Bad communication 1.Union ignores the business 2.They fight everything 3.Bad communication
    7. 7. High Performance Partnerships Union-Mgmt Ineffective Work against each other’s interests Compliance & non-compliance Destructive conflict No Union My way or the highway Compliance Little conflict Union-Mgmt Effective Working with each other Ownership & Commitment Constructive conflict => Resolution Lower Performance Higher Performance Highest Performance
    8. 8. 7 Secrets to Union-Mgt Success 1. P artnership (in practice … not theory) 2. R ecover from Inevitable Mistakes 3. O perate w/ Joint Guidelines/Boundaries 4. inVolve the frontline 5. E ngage in One Agenda 6. N avigate Conflict 7. N ever Check the Box! Go for Sustainability
    9. 9. #1 – Hit Partnership Reset Domination, Compliance Trust, Persistance Left: Factory Worker, by Rob – Flickr cc, Right:, ABC news report
    10. 10. Roles Rules Relationships Goals Foundation How most work groups spend time
    11. 11. But what happens when the going gets tough? Relationships
    12. 12. What if there was a way to do it differently? Roles Goals Relationships Rules
    13. 13. #2 - Recover from Inevitable Mistakes Source: Cohen-Rosenthal & Burton (1994)
    14. 14. 10,000 Mistakes Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. - Thomas A. Edison Thomas Edison around the time he invented the phonograph by Library & Archives Canada
    15. 15. Inventing I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others... I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent... "Thomas Edison And Henry Ford" by Tom Raftery
    16. 16. #3 Operate w/ Boundaries/Guidelines
    17. 17. Freedom is actually a bigger game than power. Power is about what you can control. Freedom is about what you can unleash. ~ Harriet Rubin "Freedom" by Dee Teal - Flickr cc
    18. 18. #4 – inVolve the Frontline “Change is a threat when done to me, but an opportunity when done by me.” Rosabeth Moss-Kanter
    19. 19. People Progress at Different Speeds ENDINGS NEUTRAL ZONE NEW BEGINNINGS People in an organization may be experiencing all phases at the same time: Not yet begun New BehaviorsTime...
    20. 20. #5 – Engage in One Agenda Source: ABC News
    21. 21. #6 – Navigate conflict constructively Even after some improvement, leaders easily fall back into patterns
    22. 22. Model by Stephen Denning, the former Program Director of Knowledge Management at the World Bank His original model, Organizational Tools for Changing Minds – is posted on “There‟s No Such Thing as Leadership? Pull, Influence and „Open Space‟ vs. Power” - REVELN.com Vision, Storytelling, Persuasion, Conversations, Role-Modeling Inspiration Tradition Ritual Management Performance Systems Information Coercion Threats Fiat Punishments Intimidation Negotiation Planning.... Incentives Control Systems Promotion
    23. 23. #7 – Never Check the Box, Go for Sustainability Never Check the Box    
    24. 24. Photos: Sponge, by rob.knight Flickr cc _______ Beyond Resilience
    25. 25. Don‟t wait to collaborate 2007 Platinum award Wixom 1st NA plant since 1999 to win on a platform of union & management cooperation
    26. 26. Don‟t wait to collaborate It closed the same week. It was completely demolished in 2013.
    27. 27. 7 Secrets Re-cap 1. Partnership reset 2. Recover from mistakes 3. Operate w/in B&Gs 4. inVolve the Frontline 5. Engage in One Agenda 6. Navigate conflict 7. Never Check the Box, Go for Sustainability Social Technical Getting both leadership teams on the same page (Tops) Getting the org board (Middles/Bottoms) Human side (politics & conflict) Work on behavior varies over time A B C
    28. 28. Photos & slides will be available via: • REVELN.com/Tools/ • Visit Fenwick Koller Associates: www.fenwickkoller.com/
    29. 29. Following Up Email Presentation C = Conversation
    30. 30. Other Workshops Available • Implementing change • Building commitment to change. • Using empathy in leadership to produce high performance and high commitment. • Resolving conflicts in the workplace. • www.UnionManagementRelations.com • www.FenwickKoller.com • Reveln.com/Tools (Adaptive Change, Antifragile, Best of the Best newsletter)
    31. 31. Appendix
    32. 32. Involvement Leads to Commitment “Change is disturbing when it is done to us, exhilarating when it is done by us.” Rosabeth Moss-Kanter
    33. 33. If you think change is hard • Change is hard • Sustaining change is even harder
    34. 34. Research for Never Check the Box! • A study prepared for Northeast Ohio that reviewed the literature on labor/management cooperation (2002), it stated that working cooperatively together for a period of 3 years promotes sustainability. • The same report stated that practicing multiple characteristics of effective labor/management cooperation increased the probability of sustaining effective relationships.