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Metro west chadd


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Metro west chadd

  1. 1. David D Nowell PhDwww.DrNowell.comSTRATEGIC BEHAVIORAL INQUIRYHow Exactly Did You Do That?5/9/13 MetroWest CHADDmonthly meeting
  2. 2. David D Nowell PhDDavidNowellDavidNowellSeminars
  3. 3. 5 minute overview
  4. 4. 5/9/2013© 2011 David D. Nowell, Ph.D. All rightsreserved.5
  5. 5. …and How ExactlyDid You Do That?
  6. 6. …and How ExactlyDid You Do That?
  7. 7. • What bad habit persists? And How Exactly DoYou Do That?
  8. 8. Assumptions of SBI• Everybody’s doing the best they can• Behavior is not incomprehensible or random• Behavior follows patterns which revealthemselves to the curious observer free ofprejudice or blame or theory
  9. 9. 5/9/2013© 2011 David D. Nowell, Ph.D. All rightsreserved.10
  10. 10. 5/9/2013© 2011 David D. Nowell, Ph.D. All rightsreserved.12
  11. 11. Objectives of SBI• Specific behavioral strategy• What was the feeling-goal?• Motivational level on a scale from 1-10
  12. 12. 5/9/2013© 2011 David D. Nowell, Ph.D. All rightsreserved.19
  13. 13. 5/9/2013© 2011 David D. Nowell, Ph.D. All rightsreserved.20
  14. 14. Benefits of SBI• Affirms the value of clients’ unique internalexperience• Emphasizes the culture of self-regulation• Encourages metacognition
  15. 15. How to do SBI“How exactly did you do that?”
  16. 16. How exactly did you do that?• How (a technology)• Exactly (a precise “recipe,” a sequence ofactions and thoughts and images)• Did (post-mortem)• You (accountability, reality-based)• Do (behavioral, practical)• That (situation-specific)• ? (open, genuinely curious inquiry)
  17. 17. ADHD and Insight
  18. 18. Fall in Love with the Truth• Self-monitor and collect data:– How long does your morning routinetake, exactly?– How much time – exactly – do you need tocomplete expense forms?– How, exactly, do you follow through oncommitments to others and not to yourself?
  19. 19. Yoga / readStaff meetingPlanningsessionPhone callsbillingLearn from your To-Do list
  20. 20. Learn from your To-Do list• Which things are not getting completed?• How – exactly – are these not gettingcompleted? How do you do that?
  21. 21. Clinical Application• Who in your clinic or classroom isdemonstrating remarkable “resilience” –persistence despite significant obstacles? Andhow, exactly, does he/she do that?• What recurring behavioral problem is showingup in your clinic or classroom?• Note: we aren’t asking “why did you do that,”but rather “how exactly did you do that.”
  22. 22. Living in The Gap• Compassion• Self-compassion