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  1. 1. Football
  2. 2. 1953 Football PosterIt features Pro Football Hall of Famers Marion Motley, Bill Willis andEmlen Tunnell, and Leonard Ford.
  3. 3. Marion Motley“Powerful Fullback”Played for the Cleveland Brownsand helped break the colorbarrier in football. Picture
  4. 4. • Willis “Panther- ory?columnist=chadiha_jeffri&id=3135010 PictureLike Guard”Played for the Cleveland Brownscan be considered to havecreated the Middle Linebacker.
  5. 5. Emlen Tunnell“Spectacular Safety Man”Played for New York Giants, keyplayer in the Umbrella Defense. Picture
  6. 6. Leonard Ford “GiantWingman”Played for the Cleveland Brownshelped lead to the creation of the4-3 Defense.
  7. 7. Coca-Cola Add 1950’sIn this add produced by Coca-Cola, the viewer can see that CocaCola is stating that their product isan “All Time Football Favorite” Picture
  8. 8. Charles Edward Greene(Mean Joe Greene)Is a former all-proAmerican footballdefensive tackle,Who played for thePittsburg Steelers and wasthe cornerstone for theSteel Curtain Defense Video
  9. 9. Coke Adds Life to….. • ml/colahist.html
  10. 10. Refrigerator Perry was on the Chicago Bears with Jim McMahon as a defensive linemen andJim McMahon QB for Chicago Bears andlead them to two Super Bowls. occasionally ran the ball. •• Picture limo-crash-latest-chapter-in-mcmahons- • strange-post-nfl-life/ Picture yk0s Video
  11. 11. Emmitt SmithPlayed for Dallas Cowboys and ArizonaCardinals.He helped win three Super Bowl Titlesfor Dallas.Became one of the leading NFL’s alltime rushing leaders Picture Video
  12. 12. Troy PolamaluTroy Polamalu plays for the PittsburgSteelers and has been to 3 SuperBowls in his career. Picture