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Looking Forward Marketing Packet

  1. 1. GLOBAL HEALTH CONNECTIONS INTERNATIONAL An Innovative Pilot thatEncourages Minority Students to Embrace Careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
  2. 2. OUR VISIONTo build a global network of students and professionals that collaborates withcommunities to develop solutions that improve basic living conditions. OUR MISSIONTo eradicate health and economic disparities in the global community byestablishing an international advocacy network that builds and strengthenspartnerships with academia, business, government, and other non-governmentorganizations (NGOs). BACKGROUND Global Health Connections International (GHCI), a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, serves as a clearinghouse for education and career opportunities in global health. Founded in 2011 by retired Dow Chemical executive, Enrico “Rick” Copeland, GHCI acknowledges the need for more professionals in the global health sector and the lack of racial and ethnic minorities filling those roles. While traveling to Africa, India, and South America, Mr. Copeland envisions supplying those under-served populations with the next cadre of global health professionals. As a conduit between humanitarian advocates, GHCI seeks to provide solutions for healthy living in all communities around the world.
  3. 3. Global Health is more than medicine, it is the intersection of medical and social sciences with aborderless scope. From a medical perspective, Global Health addresses the pathology of diseasesand promotes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The social science perspective, which includesfield like economics, public policy, demography, epidemiology, and sociology, addresses thedeterminants and distribution of health worldwide. According to The World Health Organization(WHO), the world faces a shortage of 4.3 million health professionals required for deliveringessential health care services to populations in need. GHCIs programs aim to supply the next cadreof Global Health professionals to meet the needs of this ever-increasing shortage. Looking Forward is a mentoring program that focuses on minority students in elementary, middle school, and high school who are learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) curriculum. GHCI leverages our interns experiences and our extensive professional network to discuss the importance of STEM and career opportunities in global health with minority students. This mentoring model is student to student and professional to student. Staying Connected is GHCIs Student Ambassadors Program. GHCI ambassadors build relationships by sharing their global experiences with others. The students visit colleges and universities to connect with students and faculty to discuss their global health internships and experiences from traveling abroad. These connections will result in lasting professional networks as well as develop the next cadre of global health professions committed to Making Differences In Lives. Partnership Access Research Training (PART) is a diversity capacity building program. A comprehensive, cost effective, solution based approach to developing a more diverse team of professionals to meet the challenges in developing markets around the globe. GHCI in partnerships with other organizations seeks to provide practical hands on experience to students in the STEM disciplines. For more information on GHCI programs, visit: www.ghcinternational.org
  4. 4. The United States of America has a detrimental lack of minority students participating inSTEM related courses , classes, and majors.The shortage of STEM-educated minority students leaves the world deficient of minorityprofessionals educated and trained to meet the disparities both domestic and abroad.There are agencies and organizations that have funding and opportunities for minoritystudents who have an interest in STEM-related curriculum, however are unable toconnect with these students.
  5. 5. Through Looking Forward, GHCI is committed to increasing awareness of STEMopportunities to minority students, from grade school through high school. The programis designed to be the premier student talent pipeline of choice for organizations workingto increase the number of minority STEM professionals through both education andemployment opportunities.Partnering with companies that provide sustainable solutions to the clean wateralternatives and hygiene-related diseases, GHCI has its newest initiative presentsLooking Forward H2O. This new initiative will illuminate how STEM impacts water andsanitation issues to. The program will partner with both local middle to high schools,selecting 50 students a year to participate in the program. Looking Forward H2Oseeks to develop a model program that can be replicated by combining elements fromall our programs in this one project with a discrete sustainability. Looking Forward H2O will include interactive learning through the following: After-school Tutoring Visits to Technical Laboratories STEM Career Day Forums at local universities Lessons on Economic Principles Professional & Collegiate Student e.g. Supply & Demand Mentors
  6. 6. GHCI seeks to achieve the following quantitative and qualitative outcomes with the Looking Forward program: 50 Students/Yr. 2,000 Hours /Yr. STEM-Focused Learning through 25 Students/Sem. (40 Hours/Student) Looking Forward H2O 8 Tutors/Mentors/Yr. 320 Hours/Yr. Tutoring, Learning Presentations, & Mentoring 4 Tutor/Mentors/Sem. 40 Hours/Tutor 50 Students/Yr. 464 Hours/Yr. Services learning projects re: 8Tutor/Mentors/Yr. 8 Hours/Each Sustainability Issues via NGOs like The Soap Project Minority students exposed to the challenges and opportunities offered by STEM careers in conquering global disparities. Young learners with a deepened understanding of sustainability issues and how these issues are being addressed using service and renewable technologies. Exposure to STEM through a program that provides tutoring, mentoring, site visits, and service learning experiences.A multi-tiered mentoring program to encourage and increase minority student participation in STEM- related careers..
  7. 7. www.facebook.com/ghcintl enrico@ghcinternational.orgwww.twitter.com/ghcintl www.ghcinternational.org www.linkedin.com www.pinterest.com/ghci www.flickr.com/ghci