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Principles of Integrated Marketing


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Example lecture on IMC tenets for Principles of Advertising class for junior and senior level students at Trinity University.

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Principles of Integrated Marketing

  1. 1. Planning  Integrated  Marke/ng   Campaigns   How  to  Get  There  in  the  Real  World   January  27,  2010   Deven  Nongbri,  Principal   NONGBRI  MARKETING  
  2. 2. Agenda   • A  liOle  background  on  me…how’d  I  get  here?   • What  is  integrated  marke/ng?   • Why  is  the  customer  so  important?   • What’s  different  about  integrated  marke/ng?   • Is  there  room  for  tradi/onal  marke/ng?   • How  do  you  plan  for  IMC?   • And  finally…open  discussion/ques/ons.  
  3. 3. You  might  find  these  useful…   • Open  mind   • Flexibility   • Real  passion  for  communica/ons   • Real  passion  for  people   • Understanding  that  marke/ng  is  a  science   AND  an  art   • Applying  these  learnings  to  everything  I  do  at   every  stop  along  the  way   • And  keeping  an  open  mind….did  I  men/on   that  already?  
  4. 4. Integrated  Marke/ng:  Starts  with  the   Customer   •  People  want  your  product  or  they  don’t  or  they   just  don’t  know  that  they  want  it  yet   •  Goes  back  to  who  you’re  trying  to  influence   – What  do  they  like?  Where  do  they  go  for   informa/on  about  your  category  of  product?  Where   do  they  shop  for  your  product?  Your  compe/tor’s   product?   •  It’s  an  outside-­‐in  approach  to  marketplace   – Customer/prospect  needs  come  first  
  5. 5. Integrated  Marke/ng:  Focus  on  Customer   Process   •  More  than  simply  being  on  TV,  in  print,  on  radio   and  online   •  Look  at  where  prospects  are   •  Look  at  what  they  are  doing  in  each  media   •  Watch  how  prospects  react  (or  not)  to  your   messages/offers   •  Tweak  offers/messages  to  gain  trac/on   •  Measure  customers  based  on  life/me  value,  and   campaign  by  campaign  where  appropriate  
  6. 6. Integrated  Marke/ng:  Old  Standbys  
  7. 7. Integrated  Marke/ng:  New  Stuff  
  8. 8. Integrated  Marke/ng:  Data   •  Data  can  be  anything…   –  Sales  (by  loca/on/channel/media/etc)   –  Visits   –  Responses   –  Value  over  /me   –  Products  purchased/viewed/received  
  9. 9. Integrated  Marke/ng:  Interac/ve   •  Integrated  marke/ng  is…   – Inherently  interac/ve   – Dynamic  –  built  for  transac/ons  AND  rela/onships   – A  smarter  approach  to  the  marketplace  –  always   learning,  always  adjus/ng   – Appropriate  for  acquisi/on,  reten/on  and  customer   service  –  it  spans  all  customer  lifecycles  
  10. 10. Integrated  Marke/ng:  Planning   •  Planning   – How  your  business  goes  about  problem-­‐solving   •  Strategy   – The  broad,  big  picture  plan  of  ac/on     •  Tac/c   – The  means  for  carrying  out  the  strategy  
  11. 11. Integrated  Marke/ng:  Contact   •  NONGBRI  MARKETING   •   •  TwiOer:  @dnongbri   •  LinkedIn,  Facebook,  Flickr,  etc.   THANK  YOU!