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Energy #Digital Summit - #Wearable Tech in #Oil and #Gas Industry


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Post of Mobile and Wearable panel from 2014 Energy Digital Summit in Houston, TX.

Susan Farrell talked about aligning mobile objectives and prioritizing mobile needs; Kelsey Ruger covered mobility needs in the oil field; Joel Tarver shared what the oil and gas industry is doing with wearables and Juston Western introduced what’s next in wearables

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Energy #Digital Summit - #Wearable Tech in #Oil and #Gas Industry

  1. 1. Wearables and Technology @EDS_Houston Moderated by Deven Nongbri, VP, Digital, Edelman Houston, TX @dnongbri #EDSHouston @EDS_Houston
  2. 2. Aligning the Right Mobile Technology to Reach Your Mobile Vision @Captavi
  3. 3. Mobile approaches CMS Plug-ins @Captavi
  4. 4. Mobile approaches Responsive Design @Captavi
  5. 5. Mobile approaches Auto-Detect Mobile Apps @Captavi
  6. 6. Mobile approaches Native Mobile Apps @Captavi
  7. 7. Energy demographic and usage info Millenials Gen X’ers Baby Boomers Source: Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries: A Call to Action. National Academy of Sciences. 2013. Figure 2.5. The larger turnover of retiring industry personnel to a younger workforce is under way. The graph displays the percentage of petrotechnical professionals by age category on a global basis. Sub-source: Rousset et al. (2011, Fig. 1) @Captavi
  8. 8. Factors that impact mobile approach End user generational behavior @Captavi
  9. 9. Factors that impact mobile approach End user generational behavior @Captavi
  10. 10. Factors that impact mobile approach 2 Energy industry • “Don’t make me think” • “Can someone else do this for me?” • “I gotta get me one of those” • Late adopter segment • Generational gap • Joint-venture and subcontractor element can complicate adoption • Workflow, workflow, workflow – don’t break the workflow @Captavi
  11. 11. Strategy first, technology second CMS Mobile Plug-in Responsive Design Auto-Detect Mobile Web App Native Mobile App Cost $ $$ $$ $$$ Repurpose Web Content ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Custom Mobile Graphics ✔ ✔ Requires Internet ✔ ✔ ✔ DL & Sync Toggle Mobile/Full Site ✔ ✔ Auto Omnichannel ✔ ✔ App Format ✔ ✔ Mobile Location-Aware ✔ ✔ Access Phone/Camera ✔ ✔ Client/Server App Sync ✔ Complex Algorithms ✔ App Download Required ✔ Download Monetization ✔ @Captavi
  12. 12. Picking your mobile features has to be based on identified value in the field, not the office. @Themoleskin
  13. 13. Identify the goals you are trying to reach 1 2 Reduce waste Whether it’s time, money, resources or simply duplicated effort, one of the drivers of enterprise software initiatives is waste reduction. Increase return on investment Employee time and investment in the software are both areas that enterprise software is intended to increase the ROI. Productivity gains Through reduced dependency on manual or outdated processes, duplicated efforts companies seek productivity gains. 3 For most enterprises the goals for mobile software fall in to 1 or more of these broad categories. The questions is how well do these goals map to the reality of the people using your software? @Themoleskin
  14. 14. Align your goals with user reality 1 2 Your adoption will drop if it’s hard to use If the goal of the implementation is to increase employee efficiency, the software should seek to remove as many of the roadblocks between the employee and “getting the job done”. Largely because they will find work alternatives If they can’t get it done with the software employees may revert to legacy methods or worse create undocumented work arounds. @Themoleskin
  15. 15. Align mobile strategy to audience strategy IT’S PORTABLE Software on a portable device such as a smartphone, tablet, eReader, or any other device that users can easily take with them and use in any context. IT’S CONTEXT DRIVEN IT’S NEEDS ORIENTED mobility intimacy immediacy location device useful usable desirable + + Mobile users can find themselves in just about any imaginable location and situation. Their mobile should help them with both expected and unexpected situations and can be critical to their job. @Themoleskin
  16. 16. Align to a strategic “proto-persona” MOBILE FIRST TECHNOLOGY DEVOTEE SOCIAL ANIMAL MOBILE LIFESTYLE “Mobile is my primary access point” “I crave the latest technology and apps” “I love social interaction & connection” “I use mobile to solve problems” Skeleton users to guide the selection of core functionality @Themoleskin
  17. 17. Find a ideal lightweight set of features Audience needs probably won’t be a simple list of features. It can be determined by examining how often it will be used, the level of urgency and the type of work being done. @Themoleskin
  18. 18. Align functionality to audience strategy INFREQUENT USE REPETITIVE USE USED FOR UTILITY USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT URGENT TASK NON-CRITICAL TASK How often will it be used? What will it be used for? How important is task completion? Mobile tasks are not created equally. Make sure to align the audience needs to a contextual feature that solves that need. @Themoleskin
  19. 19. WEARABLE GESTALT Joel Tarver Senior Manager Digital Marketing Baker Hughes @joeltarver
  20. 20. 20 @joeltarver
  21. 21. @joeltarver
  22. 22. 22 @joeltarver
  23. 23. @joeltarver
  24. 24. @joeltarver
  25. 25. @joeltarver
  26. 26. 26 Patent Pending. Copyright 2014 Baker Hughes All rights reserved. @joeltarver
  27. 27. BHI Company Confidential - Not for Distribution Patent Pending. Copyright 2014 Baker Hughes All rights reserved. @joeltarver
  28. 28. BHI Company Confidential - Not for Distribution Patent Pending. Copyright 2014 Baker Hughes All rights reserved. @joeltarver
  29. 29. 29 BHI Company Confidential - Not for Distribution© 2013 Baker Hughes Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending. Copyright 2014 Baker Hughes All rights reserved. @joeltarver
  30. 30. 30@joeltarver
  31. 31. What’s Next in Tech In The Lab Today, In The Workplace Tomorrow @JustonWestern
  32. 32. Meaningful Body-Worn Sensors & DisplaysCollecting & Presenting Data About You & Your Environment Device Proliferation Accelerates Harvesting more data in more ways, then making sense of that data for relevant presentation in the moment. Oxygen, Blood Sugar, Heart Rate Glasses, Watches, Clothing Device Contextual Continuity @JustonWestern
  33. 33. Mind-Fooling Virtual SimulationsCreating Field-Like Experiences For Immersive Training or Risk Avoidance A Virtual-First Workforce Moving from physical, to digital, to virtual as a primary means for training, socializing & even doing the job. Inexpensive, High Quality Hardware Motion Paired with Simulation Hacking Sense of Self @JustonWestern
  34. 34. Smartphone Stays Center Of Your UniverseActs As Hub To Your Orbiting Network Of Apps & Bluetooth Devices The World From & To Your Pocket The remote control for your life also becomes the epicenter of your passive data collection activities. Shrinking MEMS multiply More Devices Graduate to “Smart” From Body, To Phone, To Cloud, To Sky @JustonWestern
  35. 35. “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years, and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” - Bill Gates @JustonWestern
  36. 36. Questions Tweet questions to @dnongbri with #EDSHouston #EDSHouston @EDS_Houston @EDS_Houston