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Energy #Digital Summit - #SocialMedia in #Oil and #Gas Industry


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Social Media has changed the game and it’s no longer a question of if, but when for the energy industry. You can follow me at @dnongbri for commentary on social and the energy industry, but these talented panelists have a discussion ready for you today:

Jaymie Massey shared experiences in managing a global Facebook presence for a multinational oil services firm.
Jen Pearsall provided a POV on getting started on Twitter. Joel Tarver recounted his experiences with leveraging PINTEREST for oil and gas. Yes, Pinterest for the energy industry - what has the world come to? Nelson Rodriquez discussed how LinkedIn helped his firm get smarter about marketing.

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Energy #Digital Summit - #SocialMedia in #Oil and #Gas Industry

  1. 1. Global Social Channels @EDS_Houston Moderated by Deven Nongbri, VP, Digital, Edelman Houston, TX @dnongbri #EDSHouston @EDS_Houston
  2. 2. Managing Facebook Preventing a Social Media Crisis @JustJaymie
  3. 3. Facebook is not dead Energy companies are using Facebook today for: • Recruitment • Employee engagement • Executive communications • Community engagement • Marketing/brand awareness • Increased SEO (visibility on the Web) • Crisis Communications @JustJaymie
  4. 4. Don’t create your own crisis @JustJaymie
  5. 5. @JustJaymie
  6. 6. Anyone could be “that person” “When posting on social media, people often fail to acknowledge the tiny but very important difference between the things you think inside your head and the things you think and then say and then share with millions of other people, which happens outside your head.” – British journalist Emily Jupp about the incident “A new, over-enthusiastic member of our support team made an honest but misguided mistake and clearly stepped over the line.“ – Luton Airport spokesperson @JustJaymie
  7. 7. Be proactive 1. Do you use a social media management tool? 2. Audit Facebook & secure your sites 3. Implement workflows 4. Never post directly to your pages 5. Train your people @JustJaymie
  8. 8. Common management tool features • Workflows • Permissions • Timed posts • Assign posts • Targeted posts • Roles • Monitoring • Metrics/analytics • Manage multiple users @JustJaymie
  9. 9. It could happen to you • Without processes/tools you are at risk during a crisis • Without processes/tools you could create your own crisis • Secure your accounts & eliminate clutter (delete Facebook pages you don’t use) @JustJaymie
  10. 10. Twitter 101 for Energy: What it is, why it matters, and how to get started with it @JenPearsall
  11. 11. What is Twitter? And how can it help my business? Twitter is a social media platform made up of 140 character microblogs, or tweets. So why do you need it? Connect with customers, media and influencers Get and share news Understand what people are saying about you and the industry Humanize your brand! @JenPearsall
  12. 12. For those of you not familiar… @JenPearsall
  13. 13. So How is Relevant for ME? 1. GET INFORMED. National, international and industry news doesn’t break in the newspaper, on TV or even on news webpages. It breaks on Twitter. 2. CONNECT. Connect and engage in conversations with like-minded individuals – think media, industry influencers, possible customers, etc. 3. LISTEN. What are people saying about you? What are they saying and thinking about your competitors? What is happening in the industry that you need be aware of? How can you insert your voice into the conversations already happening? @JenPearsall
  14. 14. Five Quick Ways to Get Started 1. Understand who you are. 2. Start a feed. To use Twitter, you have to have a Twitter account.  3. Get a quick Twitter usage education. Visit 4. Connect with the right accounts. 5. Engage. Don’t sit on the sidelines – engage! @JenPearsall
  15. 15. PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM COMMERCIAL VS ARTISTIC Joel Tarver Senior Manager Digital Marketing Baker Hughes @joeltarver
  16. 16. 16 Bruce Hillegeist, President of Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce @joeltarver
  17. 17. Gretchen Fagan Mayor of Tomball @joeltarver
  18. 18. 18 @joeltarver
  19. 19. @joeltarver
  20. 20. @joeltarver
  21. 21. @joeltarver
  22. 22. 22@joeltarver
  23. 23. BHI Company Confidential - Not for Distribution @joeltarver
  24. 24. BHI Company Confidential - Not for Distribution @joeltarver
  25. 25. 25 BHI Company Confidential - Not for Distribution© 2013 Baker Hughes Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending. Copyright 2014 Baker Hughes All rights reserved. @joeltarver
  26. 26. 26@joeltarver
  27. 27. Learning from LinkedIn @NelsonRodriguez
  28. 28. Why do people use it? What does it do well? Assessing a Channel @NelsonRodriguez
  29. 29. Goal: Acquire new contacts within existing clients Method: LinkedIn display ads and InMails (CPM based) Message: Your colleagues rely on us for great talent, you should too. (DR) Targeting: • Company names (top 40 companies) • Job titles + seniority (hiring managers and up) • Location (US, FR, UK, NL) Lead Acquisition Campaign @NelsonRodriguez
  30. 30. Results: • 1 lead • Cost per lead was 100X higher than goal Lead Acquisition Campaign @NelsonRodriguez
  31. 31. Lead Acquisition Campaign @NelsonRodriguez
  32. 32. Goal: Generate sign ups for our free online courses Method: LinkedIn display ads (CPM based) Message: The skills gap is real, and we can help. (Content) Targeting: • Relevant active professional groups Gymnasium Campaign @NelsonRodriguez
  33. 33. Results • Hundreds of leads • Our CPL is 30% lower than our average CPL from paid media. Gymnasium Campaign @NelsonRodriguez
  34. 34. Gymnasium Campaign @NelsonRodriguez
  35. 35. Goal: Micro-conversion (newsletter sign-ups, blog subscribers) Method: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates (CPC based) Message: Hiring is painful, but doesn’t have to be. (Content) Targeting: • Company names (top 40 companies) • Job titles + seniority (hiring managers and up) • Location (US, FR, UK, NL) • Relevant active professional groups Next: Content Campaign @NelsonRodriguez
  36. 36. Assessing a Channel Why do people use it? What does it do well? @NelsonRodriguez
  37. 37. Why do people use LinkedIn? • Researching a job/candidate • Researching a client/sales person • Spying on people • Career Advancement What does it do well? • Highly targeted by industry, employer, interest • Industry-related content Assessing a Channel @NelsonRodriguez
  38. 38. Questions Tweet questions to @dnongbri with #EDSHouston #EDSHouston @EDS_Houston @EDS_Houston