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Mobile Devices: Superpowers and Science Fiction



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Mobile Devices: Superpowers and Science Fiction

  1. 1. Superpowers and Sci-Fi How mobile devices can change the world Twitter: @davenoble Email:
  2. 2. Save lives Topple governments Get free beer
  3. 3. Mobile developers Entrepreneurs Early adopters Power users
  4. 4. Dave Noble mobile search backend Evryx Technologies LinkMe Mobile
  5. 5. Dave Noble James T. Kirk Bruce Wayne
  6. 6. Smartphone Basic phone, clock, sms, camera, mms Productivity calendar, todo, notes Geo maps, current location, directions Internet email, web, twitter, facebook Apps
  7. 7. Communicator Mobile Phone voice, location, coverage voice, location, wearable Tricorder SmartPhone + add-ons chemical, medical chemical, medical, imagery, sound Replicator Mobile Apps instantaneous, anything discover, deliver, portable Transporter Mobile Apps physical transportation, virtual or delayed, instantaneous, dangerous safe Holodeck Mobile Apps immersive requires some imagination Phaser Mobile Apps effective requires some imagination
  8. 8. Save lives Topple governments Get free beer
  9. 9. Disaster Response, Humanitarian Aid People Finding Coordinating Information Collecting Distributing Analyzing Carrying
  10. 10. Citizen Journalism “Sousveillance” Microblogs Photos Video Streaming
  11. 11. Citizen Journalism
  12. 12. Politics Activism Grassroots Coordination Engagement
  13. 13. Free Beer Attention economy Mutual benefit Plethora of apps
  14. 14. Superpowers Telepathy Walking encyclopedia Sense of direction Perfect pitch Long tail
  15. 15. Long Tail
  16. 16. Hype
  17. 17. Managing Complexity Execution Organization Aggregation Discovery Search Bundling Contextual
  18. 18. Familiar Path “Log in to our web page” “There's an app for that”
  19. 19. What superpowers do you want? Twitter: @davenoble Email: