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Cloud Computing - a conversation


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Slides from my presentation / discussion at Barcamp San Diego. Doesn't capture the conversation itself, much of which was focused on security. Someone in the group had implemented a HIPAA-compliant app on EC2, which was a great counterpoint to the concerns being expressed.

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Cloud Computing - a conversation

  1. 1. Cloud Computing a conversation David Noble May 31, 2009 @davenoble on twitter Barcamp San Diego
  2. 2. What it's not “apps on the internet” ASP redux (app server provider) panacea (fire the IT staff!)
  3. 3. What it is Provisioning doesn't that sound boring? Virtualization just like mainframes! Images remember ghost?
  4. 4. Wrinkles - ephemeral nature IP addresses, storage - bit rot - configuration chef, puppet, pool party - allocation InsufficientInstanceCapacity - security - SMTP
  5. 5. Buzzwords Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service
  6. 6. Interesting Uses testbeds crunching numbers disposable desktop scalable web apps
  7. 7. Cool Developments auto-scaling cluster configuration on-premise (Eucalyptus, JBoss Cloud) Cloud image: