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Salesforce and Google Calendar


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Steps to automatically synchronize Salesforce and Google calendars after an admin has installed Appirio Calendar Sync from AppExchange.

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Salesforce and Google Calendar

  1. 1. Synchronizing Salesforce and Google Calendar Using Appirio Calendar Sync David Noble
  2. 2. Prerequisites Salesforce account Unlimited, Enterprise, Professional, or Developer Google Apps account Custom domain, not Appirio Sync for Google Calendar Easy for Salesforce admin to install Setup > Google Apps
  3. 3. You may need to generate a personal security token if your admin has not whitelisted Appirio's server...
  4. 4. To generate a personal security token, go to “Reset My Security Token” in your personal setup.
  5. 5. You should receive an email with your security token immediately.
  6. 6. Now we are ready to start.
  7. 7. Here's an event scheduled in your Google Calendar account.