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Why Marketing Got Complicated


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Published in: Marketing, Technology

Why Marketing Got Complicated

  1. Why Marketing Got Complicated Marketing was simple. It's not any more.
  2. Once upon a time…
  3. Online marketing was about putting content on your website for the world to see.
  4. Then, these two guys decided to organize the world's information.
  5. You could call this a key moment in the history of content marketing. Now, to be discovered, you needed relevant and compelling content on your website.
  6. You also needed to spend some money, in the form of SEO consultants and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). A program called “AdWords” deducted dollars from your corporate credit card. And the Google co-founders thanked you for it. you
  7. But that wasn’t all. As you published more content, you built out a team of content contributors. So you needed a Content Management System (CMS) to help you coordinate that. You spent money with some of these vendors:
  8. Then, this guy starred in a movie called “The Social Network.” Just kidding! He believed that the world should become more social, so he built an online social network. Watch the movie to get the full scoop.
  9. Soon enough, you figured out that your website could stand to be more social, too. So you spent money with these vendors:
  10. Now, as if this wasn’t enough, these guys said, “We’ll help you automate and measure everything!”
  11. Today, thousands of vendors provide marketing solutions you might need to consider. Image from See the full graphic.
  12. you Not only are you spending a lot of money, but you’re managing a growing number of vendor relationships. content management marketing automation SEO SEM social media monitoring online community solution
  13. Today, a website with content management, marketing automation, community management (and more) can easily cost you: Content management system: $50,000 Marketing automation: $100,000 Online community platform: $150,000 SEO Consultant: $65,000 Search Engine Marketing: $90,000 Total = $455,000Disclaimer: costs are approximate. Like journalists, we can’t reveal our sources.
  14. Microsoft Adobe HP Oracle IBM Eloqua Sitecore HubSpot Lithium Jive Marketo Salesforce These CEO’s are happy. Telligent
  15. And these Fortune 500 companies don’t mind paying them.
  16. Are YOU happy? But your mid-sized company is not part of the Fortune 500.
  17. Download our research report. Learn what other marketers at mid-sized companies had to say.