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Marketing at Mid-Sized Companies:
More Complex Than Ever
Highlights from a 2014 DNN-sponsored survey of
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Why Marketing at Mid-Sized Companies is More Complex than Ever


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Marketers at mid-sized companies work in a world of constraints. They have less budget and smaller teams compared to marketers at large companies, where the budget for a single project can exceed a mid-sized marketer’s entire annual budget.

Marketers at mid-sized companies hold responsibility for a wide range of functions, from lead generation to analytics, from brand management to marketing strategy.

This infographic tells the story of how marketing at mid-sized companies is more complex than ever.

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Why Marketing at Mid-Sized Companies is More Complex than Ever

  1. 1. 04 05 02 Marketing at Mid-Sized Companies: More Complex Than Ever Highlights from a 2014 DNN-sponsored survey of marketers at mid-sized companies. 01 Marketers at Mid-Sized Companies MUST DELIVER THE GOODS 87%Prioritize acquiring NEWCUSTOMERS 86%Prioritize increasing CUSTOMER RETENTION Marketers at mid-sized companies have a clear focus on driving revenue in 2014 of mid-sized marketers functions MANAGE 5 OR MORE From CRM to marketing automation to social media marketing Marketers at Mid-Sized Companies PERFORM A JUGGLING ACT 03 Marketers at Mid-Sized Companies WEAR MANY HATS of marketers deploy five or more technology solutions. 56% of marketers manage five or more marketing technology vendors. 51% MANAGING MULTIPLE VENDORS Has Become a Challenge Marketers at mid-sized companies must manage campaigns, functions, teams and vendors. Managing multiple vendor relationships adds time and complexity to the marketer’s job. of marketers believe that despite all the technology solutions available, marketing has become more challenging. HIRE WISELY. Facing a wide range of expectations and functional needs, marketers at mid-sized companies are stretched thin. Few organizations or team members have the luxury of focusing all their efforts on a single technology or discipline. This makes it imperative for companies to hire versatile, adaptable, well-rounded team members, with a wide range of skills and a genuine passion for learning and adopting new technologies, disciplines, and practices. EMPHASIZE STRATEGY FIRST, EXECUTION SECOND. With the majority of mid-sized marketers managing five or more technology vendors, and 15% juggling 10 or more, it seems obvious that organizations are scrambling to catch up with online platforms by putting execution ahead of strategy. The impulse is understandable. But it’s a mistake. The time invested to map out a sound strategy map pays huge dividends, pointing the way to the most valuable market opportunities and the integrated technology solutions required to take full advantage of them. DEPLOY INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY SUITES. Mid-sized marketers identify integration of marketing technology solutions as a high priority. While no single vendor can provide 100% of an organization’s marketing technology, a suite of solutions lessens the need for integration. It might even mitigate the intense pressure many organizations feel to deploy a “mini-CIO” to make sense of their available technology resources. With multiple technologies, multiple vendors and a need for each system to talk to the other... marketers identify the need for a “mini CIO” to help them integrate the technology they’re using. 69% Because they’re responsible for numerous functions, marketers at mid-sized companies must also manage multiple marketing technology solutions and vendors. of marketers report that it’s CHALLENGING to manage the of marketing technology vendors GROWING NUMBER WANTED: A MINI-CIO 6 in 10 06 End of story. MARKETING IS COMPLEX. 70% In short, marketing is MORE COMPLEX THAN EVER. So Here’s What to Do About It