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How to Write a Great Blog Post


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You know it when you see it: a great blog post. What makes a blog post great, and how can you write great posts yourself? Dennis Shiao is somewhat obsessed with blogs.

He's published close to 1,000 posts and has read far more than that. While not all of his posts have been great, Dennis understands the elements and methodology behind creating great posts.

In this presentation, he details tactics, strategies and tips for writing a great blog post.

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How to Write a Great Blog Post

  1. 1. HOW TO WRITE A GREAT BLOG POST Dennis Shiao Director of Content Marketing, DNN Software
  3. 3. READ A LOT
  5. 5. "Sometimes the problem can’t be solved with our product and that’s fine too. As long as our customers are worried about a problem, we are too.“ -- Patrick Whatman (@mrwhatman)
  8. 8. 1) PLANNING 2) PRODUCTION 3) DISTRIBUTION 10% 80% 10%
  9. 9. 1) PLANNING 2) PRODUCTION 3) DISTRIBUTION 33% 33% 33% Use the final 1% to exhale ☺
  10. 10. PLANNING Have a clear understanding of whom you’re writing for.
  11. 11. PLANNING Identify the keywords you want your post to rank for.
  12. 12. PLANNING Don’t re-invent the wheel: search for existing posts on the topic.
  13. 13. PLANNING Generate the outline. I like to use pen and paper ☺
  14. 14. PRODUCTION I don’t write with a pen. I do write in Microsoft Word while disconnected from the web.
  15. 15. PRODUCTION I self-edit via the printed page. Then, I ask colleagues or connections to review and provide feedback.
  16. 16. PRODUCTION After editing, re-read the post and find key phrases to link to other pages on your site.
  17. 17. PRODUCTION Add images and break up long chunks of copy.
  18. 18. DISTRIBUTION Share across your social channels. On Twitter, I use a scheduling tool and vary the sharing text and times of day.
  19. 19. DISTRIBUTION Identify the top performing organic posts and use paid advertising to boost their reach.
  20. 20. DISTRIBUTION People are ready to spread the word: advocates, influencers, people mentioned in the post. Activate them!
  21. 21. EXPERT TIPS
  22. 22. “ SUSAN MOELLER Senior Marketing Manager at BuzzSumo “Original research is a great tool to drive engagement in competitive content landscapes. High production value = less competition.” Learn more about Buzzsumo.
  23. 23. “ GINI DIETRICH Founder and Author of Spin Sucks “Pay attention to what's going on around you—world events, convos with friends, even people-watching. That's where your best blog post ideas will come from. Every time.” Visit the Spin Sucks website.
  24. 24. “ AMBERLY DRESSLER Editorial Director, Website Magazine “Know who you are writing for, why you are writing for them, what problems they need solved, how to best present the information and where to distribute the blog to reach more of them.” Learn more about Website Magazine.
  25. 25. “ PAM NEELY Freelance Writer “Obsess over your post's headline. Write 25 before you publish. Use CoSchedule's headline analyzer to pick the winner. Consider testing your headlines after you publish. The right headline can get you 200-500% more traffic and shares.” Learn more about Pam.
  26. 26. “ ANA GOTTER Business Writer “Write posts to answer questions. Use stats to validate claims and actionable tips that don’t leave them wondering ‘but how do I do that?’” Learn more about Ana.
  27. 27. “ ANDY CRESTODINA Co-Founder, Orbit Media “If it’s visual, emotional or collaborative, it’ll work in social. If it answers questions or goes deep into details, optimize it for search!” Learn more about Orbit Media.
  28. 28. “ BRIAN HONIGMAN Content Marketing Consultant “When writing a guest blog post, link to published articles you've written in the past when relevant. Whether linking to posts on your site or articles published elsewhere, this approach can help you increase the SEO value of your work.” Learn more about Brian.