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A CMS for Sites, Apps, Chatbots and Internet of Things


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Five years ago, managing your digital presence was simple: have a great website and broaden your reach via social channels.

The world has shifted and digital channels are exploding.

Your target audience spends less time on your website and more time on apps, chatbots, digital assistants and Internet of Things (IoT). They’ll use voice commands while driving, an app in the supermarket checkout line and an Amazon Echo while cooking.

Reaching this new audience requires a different kind of Content Management System (CMS): a CMS that publishes to any website, social channel, app or device.

Meet Evoq: a CMS that’s ready for this new world. You’ll manage content in a central location, then make it available whenever and wherever it’s needed. When new technologies emerge in the future: a self-driving car or an autonomous pizza delivery robot, Evoq will be ready for them.

In this presentation, we show how Evoq can publish to not just websites and social channels, but also to devices such as Amazon Echo, and to applications such as Facebook Messenger.

Evoq captures analytics data for each channel, so you can assess content effectiveness across all the channels you’re reaching.

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A CMS for Sites, Apps, Chatbots and Internet of Things

  1. 1. OnlineHas Changed 2016 - Beyond Always online and deeply embedded in personal and professional lives. Web Browser Mobile Browser Mobile Apps Home, Echo, Nest 2006 - 2015 Frequency of use increased significantly over a wider range of channels. Web Browser Mobile Browser Mobile Apps 1995 - 2005 Frequency of use was a few times a day via desktop browser. Web Browser
  2. 2. TheConsumer IsChanging Rapidly Generation X • Born 1965 – 1979 • Open to technology: 1 Screen at one time • Communicated in long form and text • Content Consumers • Planners • Pragmatists • Hard-working and me- focused Millennials • Born 1980 – 1994 • Tech Savvy: 2 screens at once • Communicate with text • Curators and Sharers • Now-focused • Optimists • Want to be discovered Generation Z • Born 1995 – 2009 • Tech Innate: 5 screens at once • Communicate with images • Creators and Collaborators • Future - focused • Realists • Want to work for success and society focused
  3. 3. An Organization’s Content Repository
  4. 4. Here’s how content is managed and published today. Smart Home Assistants Mobile Browsers Mobile Apps Twitter LinkedIn CRM Chatbots Facebook Pages Website
  5. 5. TheProblem WithThatApproach • No easy accessibility across channels • No continuity in experience • No Messaging Consistency • No Deep Personalization
  6. 6. Company’s Content Repository DNN / Proprietary and Confidential. All Rights Reserved.10
  7. 7. LiquidContent –Here’s HowContent Can Be Distributed WithADNNSolution Mobile App Facebook Smart Devices Chat Bots Salesforce Website Twitter An Organization’s Content Repository Single Master Copy Assembly Engine
  8. 8. DNNSolution–Here IsHowYouCan Measure ‘ContentEffectiveness’ WithADNNSolution Mobile App Facebook Smart Devices Chat Bots Salesforce Website Twitter Data Points Collected in Cloud Request Type, Account Code, Pageview ID, Version Number, Session ID, VIsitor ID, Google Analytics USER ID, UTC Date TIme, URL, Client IP, User Agent, IS MObile Device, Page TItle, Host name, Referrer, Protocol, Language, Viewport Width, Viewport Height, Timezone offset, is logged in, Content Items, Event Processes ITC Time, Partion ID, Event Enqued, Request Type, Account Code, Pageview ID, Version Number, Session
  9. 9. Unified analytics enable tracking across users and content, not just silos Analyze user engagement across channels & content Track content engagement across users and channels Integration with GA for simple dashboards Export data to favorite BI tools for custom analysis & dashboards Integrate Export Track Users Track Content
  10. 10. The Evoq CMS helps you reach your target customers today, and into the future. Visit our website to learn more. Alternatively, email our Sales Team to request information.