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Digital Learning Projection - poster for #LAK17


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Poster presentation at LAK17

Published in: Education
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Digital Learning Projection - poster for #LAK17

  1. 1. Digital Learning Projection Learning state estimation from multimodal learning experiences. Daniele Di Mitri PHYSICAL SPACE 2) Learning State Estimation4) Manifestation DIGITAL SPACE INTANGIBLE 1) Digital Projection Open University of The Netherlands TANGIBLE 3) Cognitive Inference Observable events in the physical space Digital representation into data Determining learning performanceUnobservable cognitive processes PhD candidate: Daniele Di Mitri Supervisor: Dr. Hendrik Drachsler Promotor: Prof. Dr. Marcus Specht Materiality Space Pic on top-right: IXXI Van Gogh Zelfportret. ic bottom-left: Van Gogh coloring image from