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Cta demo gala_workbook_final_


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Cta demo gala_workbook_final_

  1. 1. D E M O G A L A M O B I L E A P PD E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 1VELOCITYOCTOBER 24-25, 2012S H E R A T O N D O W N T O W N D E N V E RY O U R E X P E R I E N C E G U I D EP R E S E N T I N G S P O N S O RapexawardsW I T H T H ECTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 1 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  2. 2. CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 2 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  3. 3. DEMOgala 2012 1C O M M U N I T YW E L C O M E T O T H E 2 0 1 2 A P E X A W A R D S A N D D E M O G A L AFor more than a decade, The Colorado Technology Association has hosted DEMOgalaand selected Apex Award winners to let the community in on what the most innovativetechnology entrepreneurs across the state are doing and to honor and celebrate theiraccomplishments.At DEMOgala, start-ups and established businesses of all sizes gain recognition frompeers and access to connections that catapult tremendous success stories and growth.New this year, DEMOgala is embedded in the inaugural Denver Startup Week,spurring established companies and startups to converge, collaborate and learnfrom each other, providing even more opportunities than ever before.We supported the creation of Denver Startup Week, whose mission is to enhancethe sense of community and highlight Denver as an entrepreneurial center, becauseit matches our mission to provide education, inspiration, and networking events forthe entrepreneurial community.CTA is helping to transform our technology community into a thriving environmentin which innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses are able to grow and succeed.This year’s theme is Velocity, because this has been a year of tremendous growth,and we believe our community is putting our feet on the accelerator of real change.Colorado is the most exciting state in the country…and others are taking notice.We encourage you to grab some java and your business cards. Dive into all of theevents around you. Watch the demos. Interact with the exhibitors. Meet your peers andexchange ideas so together we will continue to grow and thrive as a community.Sincerely,Gaining VelocityN A V I G A T I O NCOMMUNITYDenver Start Up Week. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2APEX 2012. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4DEMO GALAVelocity Activities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Agenda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Exhibitors & Floorplan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Exhibition Map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Scavenger Hunt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Sessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-21Demo Challenges. . . . . . . . . . . . 12, 17, 23Member Genius Schedule. . . . . . . . . . . 24CONNECTIONSInsightful People. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25State of The Industry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Views from The Top. . . . . . . . . . . . 29, 34Colorado Technology Association. . . . . 30CTA Signature Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32Sponsors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36O W N A M O B I L E D E V I C E ?TURN TO PAGE 6 AND EXPAND YOUR DEMO GALAEXPERIENCE WITH THE DEMO GALA MOBILE APPPOWERED BY ARTEMISIA TECHNOLOGIES.Steve FosterCEO & PresidentColorado TechnologyAssociationKristi GraningChair of the ApexAwardsPresident, GraningConsultingMatt TaylorChair of DEMOgalaSenior Managerof IT Strategy andTransformation,AccentureCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 1 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  4. 4. Denver Startup Weekdenverstartupweek.comOctober 22nd– 27thA week of events showcasing Denver’sentrepreneurial community in tech, design, business,and social entrepreneurship.60+ Events, including:Kick-Off Luncheon, feat. Gary VaynerchukEntrepreneur Film Night • Startup Job Fair • IGNITE DENVERDenver Startup Crawl • Celebration of StartupsDowntown DenverPartnership, Inc.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 2 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  5. 5. DEMOgala 2012 3D E N V E R S T A R T U P W E E KC O M M U N I T YWhy did you createDenver Startup Week?No single person created Denver StartupWeek. It’s a community thing and it is ledby entrepreneurs. It all got started whena number of passionate entrepreneursbased in Denver were discussing the factthat even though Denver had a ton of greatstartups, there really wasn’t the sense of‘startup community’ that other cities enjoy.Each startup was an island without acohesive startup ecosystem that providessupport, networking, and opportunities. Wedecided that we would just start buildingthe community bringing all of these existingcompanies together. The Denver StartupBash was the first step; Denver StartupWeek is the second. We wanted to startwhat is going to be an awesome annualevent to showcase Denver startups andencourage the growth and development ofthe startup community.What makes Colorado’s startupcommunity unique from otherstates?Colorado has a very youthful demographic.Most startups are started by 25–34 yearolds. Colorado attracts these demograph-ics en masse—thanks largely to our qualityof life. Colorado is simply a great place tolive. Colorado is consistently rated amongthe top healthiest and happiest states.Boulder/Denver is usually rated the bestplace for singles. Colorado is simply a greatplace to live and to work.How do you see the DenverStartup Week evolving overthe years?I’d love to see Denver Startup Week growin size and scope every year while main-tain quality. There should be somethingfor every stage of startup where the weekbecomes an educational event for thoselooking to be entrepreneurs, a great launch-ing point for new companies, and a placefor more established startups to networkand share.Why is Colorado TechnologyAssociation a partner in DenverStartup Week?One of the great strengths of Denver is thenumber of well-established successful techcompanies. There is potential for hugelymutually beneficial relationships betweenthese companies and startups. Establishedtech companies can provide mentorship,be potential customers or vendors, andprovide potential talent pools. Startups canintroduce innovation, leading edge technol-ogies, new markets, and attract high valuelabor pools to the area. CTA is a perfectlink between these two disparate groupsof businesses. CTA has been instrumentalin bringing a number of established Denvercompanies to Denver Startup Week assponsor event hosts.How can community leadershelp startups and why is thisimportant?Have a plan on how you can offer yourservices at a discount to local startups.That may be transportation, parking, rent,mentorship, or any service a new com-pany needs. It doesn’t need to be forever.Something that is just enough to convincethem to open their office in your community.Startups bring a young, highly educated,highly motivated workforce into the commu-nity and when one of those startups hits bigit can completely change a community.Creating Links for Growth and SuccessAn interview with Bart Lorang, CEO/Co-Founder, FullContactBart Lorang, CEO/Co-FounderFullContact“One of the great strengths of Denver is the number of well-established successful techcompanies. There is potential for hugely mutually beneficial relationships between thesecompanies and startups.”RD Denver is the THIRD bestAmerican city for startups.Source: Venturebeat, 2012CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 3 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  6. 6. coloradotechnology.org4 DEMOgala 2012A P E X A W A R D S 2 0 1 2C O M M U N I T YWhat makes the 12th Annual Apex Awards so special?It recognizes Colorado’s technology excellence, highlighting remarkable leadersand innovators. Since 2001, we have hosted this prestigious event with hundredsof deserving leaders in technology, honoring their success.Award CategoriesTechnology Teacher of the YearInspiring the next generation to pursue math and computer scienceis critical to ensuring that there are enough qualified IT professionalsready to fill the jobs of tomorrow. This award recognizes the efforts,passion and enormous impact a teacher has in expanding theirstudents’ knowledge and interest in technology.Technology Project of the YearThis award recognizes the IT department or company who hasimplemented a successful, innovative project with measurableresults, meeting the organizations strategic objectives.Technology Community Connector of the YearSignificant hurdles exist for new companies when it comes to securingtheir first reference customer. This award recognizes the companyor individual who has supported these early stage endeavors throughmentoring, or by being the first reference customer.Technology Entrepreneur of the YearThis award celebrates the risk taker. The founders and CEOs whoorganize, manage and assume risks early in the companies lifecycle. Entrepreneurs are innovative, determined and pursue manymeans to the end. Whether it’s raising capital, finding strategicpartners, differentiating their operations, or negotiating unconventional deals, this awardrecipient is not afraid to propose unique ideas and strategies to be successful.Technology Company of the YearThis award recognizes the Colorado-based company whose overallperformance sets it apart as a leader in its market segment and dem-onstrates this through the creation of innovative products, profitabilityand strong commitment to the community.Bob Newman Lifetime AchievementThis award, named in honor of Bob Newman, one of the founders ofColorado Technology Association, is given to a demonstrated com-munity leader who has contributed to furthering Colorado TechnologyAssociation’s initiatives as well as innovation in technology in Colorado.apexawardsWednesday, Oct 24, 20125:30 p.m.–9:00 p.m.Sheraton Downtown DenverOur emcee for the evening,Glo Neal, award-winning newsanchor with CBS – Denver, willkick-off the evening’s eventswith an Academy Award styleevening of entertainment,including keynote Mitra Bestand surprise entertainment.Enjoy a sit down dinner as wehonor the best leadershipof 2012.Keynote SpeakerMitra BestU.S. InnovationLeader, PwCEmceeGlo NealCBS – DenverCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 4 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  7. 7. DEMOgala 2012 5C O M M U N I T YA P E X A W A R D S 2 0 1 2Company Nominees3t SystemsAccuvant Inc.AjubeoAmadeus ConsultingBEW GlobalCliintelCoalfire Systems, Inc.Cologix, Inc.Comcast ColoradoConfio SoftwareDEADelta Dental of ColoradoDizzion, Inc.EarthvisionzECSTeamEnvysionFirst FunderFORTRUST Data CenterGoDaddy.comIHS IncInversoftIQNavigator, Inc.Leap Tech SolutionsMercuryMWH Global2012 Apex Award JudgesKeith Berets, Partner, CooleyJames Braun, Operations Director, GoogleMatthew Cavarra, Counsel, Holland & HartFrank Daidone, Director of IT, ChipotleJim Deters, CEO, GalvanizeTeresa Foster, CFO, Business ControlsMichael Gellman, CEO, SpireMediaLinda Gonzales, Executive Director IT Development, StarzAdam Haynes, Partner, St. Charles CapitalMary Cay Kosten, VP Global Customer Support, EMCRichard Liner, Executive Director, KidsTekRob Meilen, CIO, Hunter DouglasSteven Nichols, Mission Critical SystemsRobert Reich, Founder & CEO, OpenSpaceLaura Robinson, Lecturer & Program Chair, University of DenverLynn Sargent, Business Development Representative, Denver Office of Economic DevelopmentBill Soards, President, AT&T – ColoradonetFactorNewmont Mining CorporationNewsGator Technologies, Inc.Njevity Inc.Nuss Professional ServicesOpen Scan Technologies, Inc.PDC Energy, Inc.PixorialPrologis IncPush IOSDL InternationalSendGridSpectra LogicSSB Consulting Group, LLC.State of Colorado – Office of Information TechnologyStateraSwiftpageTelesphereThe Trizetto Group, Inc.TrackViaUnited States Olympic CommitteeViaWestWayinZayo GroupIndividual NomineesVic Ahmed, President TiE-Rockies & CEO Business GeneticsBobbie Bastian, Teacher at STEM Launch K-8Ted Battreall, President of Vertiba, Inc.Debbie Blair, Technology Teacher at Prairie Crossing ElementaryGregg Cannady, Teacher at STEM Magnet Lab SchoolGayle Dendinger, CEO, Founder & Publisher, CAP Logistics & CAP Worldwide/ICOSA Magazine & MediaTony Fiore, President of Fiore & Associates Inc.Amy Fowler, Managing Partner, Lewis & FowlerJim Franklin, CEO, SendGrid, Inc.Arif Gangji, President of Neon Rain InteractiveTerry Gold, Co-Founder & CEO Gold SystemsMark Goodwin, Instructor at New HorizonsPeter Hudson, M.D. CEO & Co-founder of iTriage, LLCMark Jeffryes, Technology Teacher at Coyote Creek ElementaryDavid Kline, Math Teacher at Westview Middle SchoolBart Lorang, CEO & Co-Founder of FullContactPat Maley - Past Chairman of KidsTEK, Partner – Wiegers Capital PartnersKristin McCord, Technology Teacher at Roxborough Primary and Intermediate SchoolTimothy McMahon, SJ , President, Arrupe Jesuit High SchoolDerrick McNeill, Teacher at George Washington High SchoolGordon Nuttall, CEO & President of Couragent, Inc.D. Miles Pimentel, Assistant Director, Department of Grants & Partnerships, Aurora Public School DistrictChuck Price, President & CEO of AjubeoDebbie Richards, Teacher Librarian at Prairie Crossing ElementaryKristin Russell, Secretary of Technology and CIO, State of ColoradoNancy Sauer, President, D2XchangeMichael Shallenberger, Engineering Teacher at STEM SchoolKirby Slunaker, President & Chief Executive Officer, MetroListDebbie Tawzer, Technology Teacher at Legend High SchoolScott Threlkeld, Information Systems Manager, Delta Dental of ColoradoErika Trautman, CEO of FlixMasterLeif Ullman, CEO of KidReports, LLCCinde Waller, CEO & Founder of TempOrthotics LLCCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 5 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  8. 8. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org6 DEMOgala 2012V E L O C I T Y A C T I V I T I E ST H I N K : Use this guide as a tool to capture notes, ideas, andone-minute brainstorms as you hear from leaders in the industry.Reflect on your experience after DEMOgala. You never know whatwill spark the next big idea!Immerse Yourself in All The SensesExperience everything DEMOgala has to offerT O U C H : Visit touch screensfor event schedule and activitiesS P E A K : Voice youropinion on speaker sessionsand DEMO Challenge can even create yourown question for attendees.E X P E R I E N C E : Download the mobile app in your AppStore for ultimate DEMOgala interactivity. Navigate and enhanceyour experience at DEMOgala with the features of this custom App.L I S T E N : Be entertained byThe Roustabouts Blues Bandwith Mile High MojoI N T E R A C T : Ask the UX crew about all the exhibitoractivities to get involved with on the floor.D R I N K : Win a freedrink ticket for ColoTechBuzz by participating in theScavenger Hunt, page 10.C O N N E C T :Meet up at theLaunchPads inthe Exhibit Hall—a place to gather,exchange ideas,and be entertained.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 6 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  9. 9. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 7ABCDBLUE ROOMABCDBLUE ROOMABCDBLUE ROOMA G E N D A : O C T O B E R 2 5Opening SessionBreak Out SessionsSelect one. Descriptionson page 14.Break Out SessionsSelect one. Descriptionson page 18.Break Out SessionsSelect one. Descriptionson page 20.Lunch SessionFor the Denver StartUp Schedule, go to www.denverstartupweek.comCHOOSE ONECHOOSE ONE7:00 a.m. Doors open, breakfast7:45 a.m. CTA Welcome8:00 a.m. The DEMO Challenge Round 18:30 a.m. Morning Keynote10:15 a.m. Fueling Transformation: The Shift from IT to BT Collaboration Apps View from the Trenches Unified Communication & Collaboration Member Genius See page 2411:00 a.m. Lunch Buffet11:30 a.m. Invest4Tech: Creating the Workforce for Tomorrow12:00 p.m. Fireside Chat “Unlikely Starts”12:40 p.m. The DEMO Challenge Round 21:15 p.m. Viral Growth NextGen Cloud IT Governance and Strategic Portfolio Alignment Cutting Edge Marketing Member Genius See page 242:10 p.m. Big Data Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) IT Cost Savings: Sexier than it sounds Gamification: How it will change the way we work Member Genius See page 243:10 p.m. The DEMO Challenge Round 34:00 p.m. ColoTech Buzz: Live music, win amazing prizes! The DEMO Challenge Winner will be announced. CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 7 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  11. 11. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 9E X H I B I T I O N M A PGeneralSessionsTransparencyLaunch PadSharing Launch PadCollaborationLaunch PadEmpowermentLaunch PadExhibiting CompaniesLaunch PadsA place to gather, meet up,and be entertainedL4L1K3H3E3G3D3A3B3C3I3F3J3K4H4E4G4D4A4B4C4I4F4J4K1H1E1G1D1A1B1C1I1F1J1K2W6W2W7W3W5W1W4H2E2G2D2A2B2C2I2F2Transparency >> BMC SoftwareCollaboration >> ICOSASharing >> Four Winds InteractiveEmpowerment >> o2 GroupCharging and App TrainingVisit the Empowerment Launch Pad for theAT&T charging station and Artemisia App training.RegistrationL A U N C H PA D S P O N S O R SCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 9 10/12/12 4:19 PM
  12. 12. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org10 DEMOgala 2012S C A V E N G E R H U N TGet to know the Exhibit Ignitors and win!Visit each exhibitor to discover the answers to these 14 questions. Circle the correct logo.PODAPMS COLORSPANTONE 541 CTMWhich company has a prod-uct name that is synonymouswith what you check for onperson’s heartbeat?PODCWhich company recentlycelebrated its 30 yearanniversary?PODDWhich company wasfounded as RefineMet?AREAW2Which company wasfounded in 1963?PODBWhich has a parent companywith the word Consolidated inthe name?AREAW1Where does the founder of Java,James Gosling, come from?PODEWhich company was named 16th on Forbes 2011list of America’s most promising companies?CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 10 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  13. 13. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 11S C A V E N G E R H U N THow to win: After you’ve visited each exhibitor, complete these pages and take them to aCTA volunteer at the Registration Desk. They will check your answers. if you have 11 or moreanswered correctly, you’ll receive a free drink ticket for ColoTech Buzz.PODFWhich company’s founderjust bought a Hawaiianisland?PODGWhich company has a slidein their front lobby?PODHWhich company wasfounded in 1877?PODJWhich company has offices in eightinternational locations?PODKWhich company has itsheadquarters inSan Francisco?PODIw w w.vir tual.comWhich company providesa sales compensationsolution?PODLWhich company’s name, derived from Latin,is defined as “Beginning with strong relationships,mastery and order?”CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 11 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  14. 14. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org12 DEMOgala 2012Otixowww.otixo.comD E M O S : R O U N D 18:00 DEMO ChallengeROUND1Gamma Two Roboticswww.gamma-two.comLegiNation, Inc.www.legination.comconcept3D, Inc.www.campusbird.comSimPlay Sportswww.SimPlaySports.comCruxlywww.cruxly.comPROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 12 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  15. 15. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 138:30O P E N I N G S E S S I O NColorado is the most exciting state in the country…and others are taking notice.Hear from our state’s innovative leaders Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper,U.S. Senator to Colorado, Michael Bennet, and keynote speaker Scott McNealy,former CEO of Sun Microsystems and current Chairman of Wayin.Why we are committed to ColoradoGovernor John Hickenlooper Senator Michael Bennet Scott McNealyInsights from Colorado’s leaders THOUGHTS ON SCOTT MCNEALY’S KEYNOTESpeakersn Gov. John Hickenloopern Sen. Michael Bennetn Keynote: Scott McNealyCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 13 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  16. 16. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org14 DEMOgala 2012B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S10:15 Remember we’re mobile! To locate the break out rooms, use the DEMOgala App or the map on page 8.What’s in a name? It’s time for organizations to rethink IT fromthe ground up. Today’s business executives are dependent ontechnology to achieve their organization’s strategic goals andobjectives. Yet too often, business executives possess littleIT knowledge.This session will look at how IT can drive business processtransformation centered around the customer. Gain insights intothe trends, strategic drivers and lessons learned based on othercompanies’ experience.Introduction by Mike Bearup, Partner, KPMGSpeakerConnie Moore, VP - Research Director, ForresterRoadkill. Blowups. Hyperinflated claims. Shameless abuse ofdata. Pivots. U-turns. And even a few success stories. Entertain-ment Weekly says, “A stomach churning ride. Bring a bag.”Introduction by Kristi Graning, Founder, Graning ConsultingSpeakerGeorge Eberstadt, Founder/CEO, TurnTo NetworksAs an evolving set of technologies that automates and unifieshuman and device communications in a common context andexperience, UCC has the power to optimize business processesand enhances human communications by reducing latency,managing flows, and eliminating device and media dependencies.Discover how UCC can make improved communication a realityfor you and your business.Moderated by Bryan Phillips, VP of Strategic Relations, computer-Talk TechnologiesPanelistsn Greg Weber, Strategic Architect, Avayan Kati Mowat, Director, North American Solutions Engineering, Mitel Networksn Frank Grillo, Vice President Product Operations, CenturyLinkAre you “searching” for ways to enable your employees to workmore effectively and for your teams to collaborate more efficiently?Learn about Apps that can help your workforce stay connectedfrom anywhere, enable teams to work better together, and getstuff done faster.Moderated by Adam Boushie, Enterprise Territory Manager,GooglePanelistsn Tim Brooks, Vice Chancellor-CTO, University of Denvern Aaron Hesse, Director IS Strategy, Sports Authorityn Tim Drouillard, VP, IT, RE/MAXROOMAROOMCROOMDROOMBFueling Transformation:The Shift from IT to BTA View from the Trenches:Social Commerce—past, present, and futureHow you can benefit from UnifiedCommunications and Collaboration (UCC)Collaboration AppsCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 14 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  17. 17. D E M O G A L ASecure Cloud Solutions...Secure Peace of Mind.From cloud design and migration support to disaster recovery and networkservices, HCS has the expertise and the experience to deliver the idealcloud strategy, tailored to the unique demands of your business.Come see our demonstrations at booth W3!S E S S I O N N O T E STake a minute to list ideassparked from the breakoutsession. Limit yourself to60 seconds. Review thesetomorrow and select thebest ones to implement.O N E - M I N U T E B R A I N S T O R M60SECONDSC o p i o u s N o t e sCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 15 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  18. 18. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org16 DEMOgala 2012L U N C H S E S S I O N11:3012:00What if you could change how children are inspired to learn about technology?According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in software development will jumpto 27.6% by 2020. There will be an estimated 143,800 jobs available to those that havethe skills needed to fill these roles. With a median annual salary of more than $87,000 forprogrammers and a net positive growth in employment during a time of deep recession;why isn’t the next generation getting into technology related fields?Introducing Colorado Technology Associations’ Invest4Tech, created by board member,Frank Daidone, Director of IT, Chipotle and Chair of CTA’s Education Committee. Invest-4Tech is an innovative mentoring program for high school students in partnership withColorado businesses and the Aurora Public schools.See how you and your company can help develop the technical talent pool of tomorrow.Invest4Tech: Creating the Workforceof Tomorrow—A DocumentarySpeakerFrank Daidone, Director of IT, Chipotleand special guestsIs it better to be lucky or good? Regardless, perseverance is a key entrepreneurial trait andso is being at the right place at the right time. Come hear stories of entrepreneurs whobecame successful from an unlikely starting point and how determination, a good idea anda little bit of luck helped them achieve success.Speakersn Michael Clark, Co-Founder, SafetyWeb, part of Experiann Steve Foster, President/CEO, Colorado Technology Associationn Jim Franklin, CEO, SendGridn Mike Stemple, Founder/CEO, MosoroFireside Chat “Unlikely Starts”CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 16 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  19. 19. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 17RGB: 243 / 107 / 120CMYK: 0 / 73 / 39 / 0HEX: #f36b78RGB: 95 / 73 / 66CMYK: 51 / 62 / 64 / 39HEX: #5f4942Ibottawww.Ibotta.comD E M O S : R O U N D 2Do you feel business has a role to play in helping education advance in technology education? Why?What can your company do to help mentor the next generation to get involved in technology?How will you get involved in 2013 to become a part of the education solution?12:40 DEMO ChallengeROUND2Dizzion, Inc.www.dizzion.comTugboatwww.tugboat.ioClosely Inc.www.closely.comPROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:SparksCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 17 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  20. 20. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org18 DEMOgala 2012B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S1:15Come hear Igor Shoifot, self-proclaimed “convicted serial entre-preneur” share his wealth of wisdom about growing companies.He is a teacher, daffy adviser, stuttering writer, loud speaker—CEO of many successful startups and investor in almost 20startups. He has taught viral growth and digital media at Berkeley,NYU and UCSF and lectured at Stanford.Once you hear Igor’s ideas, you will never think the same wayabout starting your own company again.Introduction by Four Winds InteractiveSpeakerIgor Shoifot, Convicted Serial EntrepreneurAligning the activities of the IT organization with the mission andstrategic initiatives of the overall organization requires effec-tive communication and collaboration. Maintaining a unified ITgovernance structure is one way to ensure the right people areinvolved in IT planning and decision making. Learn how to makeyour overall IT project portfolio strategically aligned.Introduction by Betty Arkell, Partner, Holland & HartSpeakerTim Brooks, Vice Chancellor-CTO, University of DenverLearn cutting edge tools in marketing and sales. Move leads fromthe top of the marketing funnel through to becoming sales-readyleads that are scored based on their activities. Nurture your pros-pects, but learn from automation to save time and money.Moderated by Julie Dunnington, CMO, Business ControlsPanelistsn Sam Decker, Co-founder & CEO, Mass Relevancen Susan Reynolds, Area Manager, Smart Boardn Mike McKinnon, Sr. Manager of Marketing Operations and Demand Generation, ReadyTalkFor years we have been hearing how The Cloud will transformIT within companies, reduce costs, and provide greater uptime.Now that we have watched Cloud Strategies in action, it is timeto talk about the Next Generation of Cloud solutions. Hear fromindustry experts about new cloud challenges, ways to future proofyour cloud solutions/partnerships, and some of the business rami-fications companies have dealt with as they moved to the cloud.Moderated by Matthew Taylor, Senior Manager, AccenturePanelistsn Mike Marcotte, President of Hughes Cloud Services and Global CIO for EchoStarn Chuck Price, President & CEO, Ajubeon Jason Carolan, CTO, ViaWestROOMAROOMCROOMDROOMBViral GrowthIT Governance and Strategic PortfolioAlignmentCutting Edge Marketing and in the CloudNextGen CloudTCERemember we’re mobile! To locate the break out rooms, use the DEMOgala App or the map on page 8.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 18 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  21. 21. D E M O G A L AS E S S I O N N O T E SInnovation. Creativity. Expertise.The Canadian TradeCommissioner ServiceEverywhere you do businessTake a minute to list ideassparked from the breakoutsession. Limit yourself to60 seconds. Review thesetomorrow and select thebest ones to implement.O N E - M I N U T E B R A I N S T O R M60SECONDSC o p i o u s N o t e sCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 19 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  22. 22. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org20 DEMOgala 2012B R E A K O U T S E S S I O N S2:10Learn how to handle complex database management tools andspot business trends.Moderated by Vindent Dell’Anno, Senior Executive, AccenturePanelistsn Mark Teter, CTO, Advanced Systems Groupn Richard Seger, Director of Industry Solutions, NetAppn Paul Unbehagen, Director – Product Line Management, Avayan Jason Schaffer, Senior Director – Storage Engineering, OracleMany companies have gold buried in their IT budgets, but it’snot found in large, easy-to-see nuggets. This presentation willintroduce you to the techniques used by high performance com-panies to reduce IT costs and divert the savings to the implemen-tation of Next Generation solutions without an overall IT budgetincrease. You can expect to learn key metrics which are used todetermine proper benchmarks within organizations and criticalstrategies for driving cost out of your environment.Introduction by Chris Wood, Publisher, BizWest MediaSpeakersn Dale Carson, Sr. Executive, Accenturen Matt Taylor, Senior Manager – IT Strategy and Transformation, AccentureMorgan Lynch, one of the early pioneers in crowdsourcing, willaddress how people working remotely are changing the definitionof traditional employer/employee relationships. His experiencewith both Logoworks (which was acquired by HP in 2007), andnow Needle will also help companies understand how to accesscrowdsourced workers’ intrinsic motivation through gamificationand forward-thinking reward systems. The new generation re-sponds to gamified work, not jobs. How will your company adapt?Introduction by Bob Ogdon, Chairman & Founder, SwiftpageSpeakerMorgan Lynch, CEO & Founder, NeedleWe have all been hearing about companies that are movingto a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology model. Manycompanies are looking at this as a way to cut cost while keepingtheir employees more engaged and happy with their technologysolutions. In a world where more and more workers are buyingpersonal high end devices, how can you provide the ability forthose workers to leverage their technology while still securingyour corporate assets?Moderated by Garett Doyle, Mobility Applications Consultant, AT&TPanelistsn Steve Prather, Co-Founder & CEO, Dizzionn Scott Threlkeld, Information Systems Director, Delta Dentaln Jim Farnsworth , Partner, VirtualwirksROOMAROOMCROOMDROOMBBig DataIT Cost Savings: Sexier than it soundsGamification: How it will change the waywe workBring Your Own Device (BYOD)Remember we’re mobile! To locate the break out rooms, use the DEMOgala App or the map on page 8.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 20 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  23. 23. D E M O G A L AS E S S I O N N O T E STake a minute to list ideassparked from the breakoutsession. Limit yourself to60 seconds. Review thesetomorrow and select thebest ones to implement.O N E - M I N U T E B R A I N S T O R M60SECONDSC o p i o u s N o t e sCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 21 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  24. 24. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org22 DEMOgala 2012SeeAward-WinningDigitalSignageatDEMOgala!Four Winds InteractiveInteractive Kiosks | Digital Signage SolutionsFour Winds Interactive (FWi)is proud to offer its award-winning wayfinding and digitalcommunications solutions atDEMOgala.Stop by our booth E1/E2 fora product tour and check outour custom DEMOgala signagesolution in the Twitter Café orLaunchpad area.Toll Free: 877 204 6679 www.fourwindsinteractive.comA F T E R N O O N S E S S I O N SEntrepreneurs are always thinking of ideas that they can bring to market. What ideas do you have?List them in the left column and jot down a first step to implementation in the right column.SparksCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 22 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  25. 25. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 23D E M O S : R O U N D 33:10 DEMO Challenge4:00 ColoTech BuzzROUND3EarthvisionZwww.earthvisionz.comShredded Steezewww.shreddedsteeze.comiGivefirstwww.igivefirst.comU Grok Itwww.ugrokit.comnuMVCwww.nuMVC.comSympSocial, LLCsympit.sympsocial.comKidReports, LLCwww.kidreports.comHiDef, Inc.www.hidef.coPROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:PROS:CONS:Stay for ColoTech Buzz and win free gizmos, such as an iPad andmore. Find out who won the Demo Challenge! Enjoy live music byThe Roustabouts Blues Band with Mile High Mojo. Win a free drinkticket by completing the Scavenger Hunt on page 10.CAST YOUR VOTEVote here for the best 23 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  26. 26. D E M O G A L Acoloradotechnology.org24 DEMOgala 2012M E M B E R G E N I U S S C H E D U L E10:15 a.m. Blue RoomDigital healthcare: oppor­tunitiesand challenges for technologyinnovators.Marion Jenkins, CEO,QSE Technologies, Inc.The Human Interface Manifesto:User Experience Best PracticesAnthony Franco, President and Founder,EffectiveUIReducing Project Expense WithHTML PrototypingRob Clark, UX Director, AspenwareLocation, 3D, and Search:The Way Your Brain Really WorksCarla Johnson, CEO, EarthvisionZ1:15 p.m. Blue RoomThe Power of WHO! How to createyour own personas and use cases todevelop client relationships.Brett Schklar, Marketer at large,Market Creation GroupHow Social is your CEO? A lookat Enterprise Social CollaborationRamin Vosough, Vice President, Products,NeudesicArtificial Intelligence is no longera “lab” technologyElliot Turner, CEO, AlchemyAPIMonitoring the BusinessElectronic Nervous Systemin the 21st CenturyRobert Eggrebrecht, President/CEO,BEW Global2:10 p.m. Blue RoomImpacts of robotics, artificialintelligence, disruptive technologyJim Gunderson, Chief Technology Officer,Gamma two RoboticsTrend Mapping:Finding opportunitiesMike Stemple, Founder/CEO, Mosoro IncThe Sprint and the Marathon:Product Strategy on aLean Budget Adam Roderick, CEO, AspenwarePredictions and Trends forOpen Source Adoption in 2012Steven Grandchamp, CEO, OpenLogicCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 24 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  27. 27. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 25I N S I G H T F U L P E O P L EConnections Are Our SpecialtyFrom the Keynote speaker to the Exhibit Ignitors, you’ll meet a lot of insightful peopleat DEMOgala 2012. Keep track of them here and start connecting today.FOLLOW UPSCHEDULEDATE:ACTION:DATE:ACTION:DATE:ACTION:DATE:ACTION:GREAT RESOURCESNEW CONNECTIONSPOTENTIAL PARTNERSMEMORABLE QUOTES & CHARACTERSCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 25 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  28. 28. coloradotechnology.org26 DEMOgala 2012S T A T E O F T H E I N D U S T R YC O N N E C T I O N SThe same pioneering spirit that attractedthe early settlers here years ago—powersthe persistence that fuels successful busi-nesses today. Whether inspired by thespectacular landscape or the culture ofrugged individualism that shaped it,the state’s technology leaders are findingnew opportunities to address consumer,business or even general societal needs.Colorado’s Entrepreneurial EdgeDespite the economic challenges that started more than 4 years ago, Colorado’s buddingentrepreneurs have identified niches and opportunities for launching new technologysolutions. As a result, Colorado’s entrepreneurial communities are leading in innovationand ingenuity driving the state’s economic recovery.What attracts technology entrepreneurs andbusinesses to Colorado? There isn’t justone reason for the vibrancy ofColorado’s technology community, but aconvergence of activities that are settingthis state apart, including:n Second most educated populationper capita of individuals with advanceddegreesn Diverse technology industries, including:hardware, software, digital arts, telecom-munications, aerospace, energyn Relatively stable geography from naturaldisasters creating an ideal location fordatacentersn Home to large research universitiesand federal research labsn Ranked second and third in SmallBusiness Loans and Private EquityFunding, respectively according toU.S. Small Business Administrationn Low taxes relative to other states thatcompete in technology innovation“Colorado offers opportunity for anyonewho seeks it and is extremely supportiveof its technology entrepreneurs, providingthem with numerous resources andnetworks that are hard to find outsideof the state. What is also unique aboutColorado is that our community invests inits next generation of innovators throughmentoring programs and collaborationsacross industries. But while we do manythings right as a state, we still need toinvest in STEM if we are to foster thegrowth of technology innovation wellinto the future.”—Steve Foster, CEO & President,Colorado Technology AssociationColorado’s EnvironmentAnother factor behind Colorado’s technol-ogy entrepreneurial success includes themobility of its workforce. Today manyemployers provide telecommuting as anoption for employees and a flexible workschedule. This culture of mobility workswell with Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle,helping to attract and keep highly skilledprofessionals here.Colorado’s environment attracts entrepre-neurs who work hard, but also play equallyas hard as illustrated by individuals suchas Mike Stemple, a Colorado native andsponsored athlete who started 14 technol-ogy companies.Like Mike, technology professionals areattracted to Colorado’s healthy, innovative,nurturing environment.“Colorado is an amazing state filled withpeople who have a focused mindset onbeing the best in their field. This ‘culture’attracts people who believe that theycan and will be the best at anythingthey pursue.”—Mike Stemple, Founder & CEO, Mosoro Inc.Colorado is ranked FIRST forgrowth in the startup job sectorSource: StartUpHire, 2012STND Colorado is ranked No. 2for high-tech businessSource: TechAmerica 201286 out of every1,000 privatesector workersin Colorado areemployed byhigh-tech firms—the thirdhighest ratein the nation.8.6% = 3rd Highest Rate in U.S.Source: U.S. Department of LaborCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 26 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  29. 29. The Foundation of InnovationBuilding successful entrepreneurs meansbuilding a business friendly environmentthat breeds innovation.Through collaboration and communication,Colorado Technology Association fostershealthy government relations across thetechnology community with policy makersby creating opportunities for dialogue andawareness on the impacts that policy andregulation have on the industry.S T A T E O F T H E I N D U S T R YC O N N E C T I O N SGo to or Call 866.429.2241FOR BANDWIDTH TO CATCH UP WITH INSPIRATION.Comcast Business Class is a new breed of speed. With Ethernet speeds from 1Mbps to 10Gbps gettingto the Cloud is faster than ever. It’s agile enough for businesses to quickly scale bandwidth as their needsgrow. And our secure, reliable fiber optic network means private data stays that way. Don’t wait. Switch toComcast Business Class today.Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Call for details. Comcast © 2012. All rights reserved.can’twaitBUSinESS“The Denver technology community playsan important role in our continued success.Denver has a history of fostering innova-tion and channeling it into spectaculargrowth. Entrepreneurs, startups, andindustry giants alike have found it to bea collaborative community with abundantopportunities for hiring technical talent,building networks, and growing business.”—Dan King, CEO, ReadyTalk“Business-friendly legislation is para-mount, and we need to support organiza-tions such as CTA working diligently asour advocates in this regard.”—Nancy Phillips, COO, ViaWestRD Colorado places THIRD ineconomic competitivenessSource: Beacon Hill Institute, 2012CommunityWhat sets Colorado apart from other statesin technology entrepreneurship and innova-tion is its open community of mentors alongwith government, business and non-profitassociations, like Colorado TechnologyAssociation (CTA).Colorado’s technology entrepreneursuccess today and in the future will hangon its continued leadership in buildingcoalitions of diverse groups. As we con-tinue to work together to tackle the statesgreatest challenges and celebrate itsamazing success, our single goal—ourcommitment to Colorado will guaranteeour leadership in technology innovationand a flourishing start-up community foryears to come.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 27 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  30. 30. coloradotechnology.org28 DEMOgala 2012S T A T E O F T H E I N D U S T R YC O N N E C T I O N SAt Colorado Technology Association (CTA),we believe the alignment of public and pri-vate sector resources on a statewide andregional basis in order to strengthen thetechnology industry is the means to expand­ing and creating jobs within Colorado.CTA serves technology companies andIT department professionals by integratingstrategic industry partners to foster vibrancyand growth.Advancing Colorado’s Technology Industry!Colorado’s technology industry consists of networks of related businesses and organiza-tions within an industry whose collective excellence, collaboration and knowledge-baseprovide a sustainable competitive advantage.CTA leads the Industry Roadmap,a portfolio of initiatives driving continualimprovement in these areas.n Build a business-friendly environmentn Retain, grow and recruit companiesn Increase access to capitaln Create and market a strongerColorado brandn Educate and train the workforceof the futuren Cultivate innovation and technologyThe Industry Roadmap guides this public-private collaboration. It is a result of topsdown and bottoms up strategic planningactivities. The Industry Roadmap is aportfolio of initiatives that address gaps andreflect opportunities to ensure long-termeconomic growth. Initiatives are organizedinto six core objectives in alignment withthe Governor’s economic business plan,the Colorado Blueprint. These objectivesserve as a powerful framework for discus-sion across state agencies, regional part-nerships and key industry stakeholders.CTA Initiatives are staffed and funded bycompany sponsorships and volunteers.TechnologyCompanies&IT DepartmentProfessionalsGovernmentAgenciesBusinessServices Policy MakersNational AssociationsEducationAcademia InvestorsInternationalSTRATEGIC INDUSTRY PARTNERSINDUSTRY ROADMAP—IT’S WHAT WE DOIndustryRoadmapManageportfolio ofinitiatives tocompletionLaunchinitiativesas they areresourcedNewinitiativesMeasureImpactStrategicPlanningSmall businesses are doing big things in Colorado:71% of tech companies have less than 10 people.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 28 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  31. 31. DEMOgala 2012 29S T A T E O F T H E I N D U S T R YC O N N E C T I O N SWhat trends do you see in thetechnology industry?I see mobile technology continuing to driveproductivity and collaboration in the work-place. As our workforce becomes moremobile, our devices will continue to evolveinto tools that allow us to work seamlesslyat any time and any place.What challenges do you see inthe technology community?One of the biggest challenges we facein our industry is finding high tech talent.Views From The TopWe asked Andrea Young, CIO and VP of Development for BI Incorporated, to give us herpoint of view on the trends and challenges in the technology industry today.Customers are demanding new, innova-tive technologies to keep up in a globalizedeconomy, but it can be difficult to find theright people with the technical skills weneed to meet this demand.We need to do a better job at inspiringthe next generation to get involved intechnology related careers and programslike Invest4Tech – Project Kick-off with theAurora Public Schools is a move in theright direction.What can policymakers inColorado do to assist thetech industry?I would like to see policymakers increasetheir focus on the technology industryby incentivizing more tech companies torelocate here.We also need incentives for academia tofocus more on science, math and tech­nology related fields, because we can’tattract new companies, unless we havethe workforce to fill these jobs.Sparking the ConversationEngage your audience any time, any where, any placewww.wayin.comProud Colorado companyfounded by Scott McNealyCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 29 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  32. 32. coloradotechnology.org30 DEMOgala 2012C O L O R A D O T E C H N O L O G Y A S S O C I A T I O NC O N N E C T I O N Sn Grow our commu-nity—show your lead-ership. Get involved inour efforts on eco-nomic development,acquiring top talentand public policy.n Gain new insights—stay on top of industrytrends within theColorado technologycommunity throughprofessional develop-ment programs.n Make connections—build lasting relation-ships with your peersand other profes-sionals to help growyour business at 40+events a year.n Support advocacy—help us work withpolicymakers on leg-islative and regulatoryinitiatives to removemarket barriers, im-prove STEM educationand ensure Coloradoremains a competitiveenvironment for tech-nology businesses.Fostering Growth and OpportunityThe Colorado Technology Association (CTA) represents Colorado’s technology industry,one of the fastest growing segments of Colorado’s economy.n Targeted marketingand brand visibilitywith your logo on ourwebsite with 50,000+unique views andat eventsn Advertising of yourevents, trainings,seminars andproduct launchesthat reach 9,000+in our communityn Recruitment opportu-nities of Colorado’s toptalent through ouronline career centern Increased businessdevelopment throughaccess to the robustCTA networkn Leadership opportuni-ties and networkingthrough participationin industry effortsn Network and strategizewith your peersn Deepen your industryknowledgen Enhance your businessn Build your professionalbrandLearn moren Visit us at coloradotechnology.orgor call us at 303.592.4070.n Volunteer to create connectionsand give backOur MissionTo foster growth and opportunity for the technology industry by:n Engaging and unifying stakeholders to build a strong collective voicen Driving influential leadership in critical areas: job creation, economic development, innovationn Sharing insights and trends to help businesses optimally perform in a global marketplacen Ensuring Colorado’s technology companies are recognized for their leadership and innovationat our annual signature eventsWe are here for you so you can invest to build and grow your business today!INVESTfor success inthe technologyindustryBUILDyour business tobe more profitableand competitiveGROWpersonally andprofessionallyColorado Technology Association is a not-for-profit 501C(6).CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 30 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  33. 33. D E M O G A L DEMOgala 2012 31C T A S T A F FC O N N E C T I O N SScan the QR codeand unlock ouramazing membersIndustry PartnersTech Companies &IT DepartmentsForbes ranked Denver No. 7 in 2010 on itslist of “Top 20 Most Wired American Cities,”ranking highly for access options and thenumber of high-speed Internet providers.Colorado outperforms many benchmark states in patents,issuing over 450 patents per million residents in 2011,and will opena new U.S.Patent Officein 2013. 450WIREDCTA StaffSteve Foster, President & CEOWendy Nkomo, Vice President of OperationsAimee Charlton, Event Program ManagerLiz Irachi, Director of Business DevelopmentCathy Lurie, Marketing ManagerMichelle Marek, Director of MembershipMaggie Reber-Wynn, Member and Event CoordinatorSandy Worley, Finance and Data Clerkcoloradotechnology.org303.592.4070Steve FosterCathy LurieWendy NkomoMichelle MarekAimee CharltonMaggie Reber-WynnLiz IrachiSandy WorleyWorking Hard For YouMeet the staff and volunteers who make events like DEMOgala and Apex Awards shine.We welcome your feedback, ideas and experiences.“We have partnered with the CTA from thevery beginning. Working with the CTA hasmade a dramatic impact on the technologybusiness on a local level, and our continuedrelationship will help Colorado keep grow-ing as one of the top technology states inthe nation.”—Pern Opland, VP of Client Services, CooleyCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 31 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  34. 34. coloradotechnology.org32 DEMOgala 2012C T A S I G N A T U R E E V E N T SC O N N E C T I O N SC-Level @ A Mile HighThis is a unique opportunity for yourbusiness to bid on spending time withmore than 60 C-Level decision makerswho have the key to unlocking yourbusiness potential. MarchWomen in TechThis annual full-day conference is focusedon professional development, mentoringand strengthening your personal brand withpresentations from some of the most influ-ential women in Colorado. Early SummerAnnual Wine TastingOne of the year’s most anticipated network-ing events, the CTA Annual Wine Tastingbrings together a host of organizationsfor a summer evening of great food andwonderful Colorado wines. It’s been held atsome of the most beautiful locations aroundDenver. Late SummerOur events bring together the Colorado technology community in the most funand unexpected ways. Be sure to attend these CTA signature events!Join CTA and Join a Dynamic GroupA lucky bidder celebrates his win at C•Level @ A Mile High.Former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Jean Dubofsky receives a standing ovation after presenting at the Women In Tech conference at the Botanic Gardens.Hundreds of people connected while sipping Colorado wines at the Governors Mansion.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 32 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  35. 35. DEMOgala 2012 33C T A S I G N A T U R E E V E N T SC O N N E C T I O N SIndustry Strategy and Awareness ProgramsA core part of our mission is to be a policy watchdog and advocatefor your business, so that you can continue to innovate and grow.As a 501 (c)(6), we carefully monitor legislative efforts that couldimpact the technology industry in Colorado and lobby on behalfof the industry—but we can’t do this without hearing from you.The Forum’s focus is on engaging and unifying stakeholders tobuild a strong collective voice to policy makers.Technology is one Colorado’s most thriving industries. Topics in theEcoDevo Forum include: retaining Colorado companies, growingColorado companies and job creation, developing communities,funding growth and more.Topics in the Education Forum include: the availability of qualifiedand high quality talent to grow the companies in the industry. Thedevelopment of the future talent pool and entrepreneurial trainingfocused on developing new ventures within the industry.Exclusive, Peer-to-Peer Dialog and Insight GroupsCTA hosts three C-Suite Forums: a CEO in Tech Forum,a CIO/CTO Forum and a CFO in Tech Forum. These exclusive,executive Forums create an opportunity for peers to develop andlearn from each other and to dive deep into issues, challenges andopportunities unique to their position. The Forums provide seniormanagement a venue to openly discuss challenges in order togain a deeper understanding from each other and apply thisto their business.The Women-In-Tech Forumis CTA’s longest runningpeer-to-peer group provid-ing a variety of events fromcontent-rich speakers tofun-casual networking. Thispeer-to-peer forum startedin the fall of 2007 as aonce-per-year networkingget together that has quicklygrown to a program withincredible speakers andmentoring.Informal dialog provided keen industry insight at the CIO Forum.The Women-In-Tech Forum offers content-richspeakers, casual networking, and mentoring.EcoDevo Forum builds a strong collective voice to policy makers.Our amazing volunteers make it all happen!CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 33 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  36. 36. coloradotechnology.org34 DEMOgala 2012C O N N E C T I O N SS T A T E O F T H E I N D U S T R YC T A L E A D E R S H I PExecutive Committee—OfficersNancy Phillips, Co-Founder, COO, and Director, ViaWest, Immediate Past ChairBill Soards, President, AT&T – Colorado, 2012 ChairAndrea Young, CIO and VP of Development, BI Incorporated, 2013 ChairBoard MembersDave Anderson, SVP and CIO, CH2M HILLBetty Arkell, Partner, Holland & HartDayle Ash, IBMKeith Berets, Partner, Cooley, LLPTim Brooks, Vice Chancellor & CTO, University of DenverKim Brown-Wilmsen, VP Applications & Systems, Arcadis U.S.Scott Burt, President, IntegroJames Cadwell, President, DeVry University ColoradoCody Daniels, Partner, Advisory Practice, KPMGJim Deters, Founder/Managing Director, GalvanizeFrank Diadone, Director of IT, ChipotleChristian Dwyer, MapQuestCarl Fitch, CEO, StateraKristi Graning, SVP, IT and eBusinessAdam Haynes, Managing Director, St. Charles CapitalTim Higgins, Founder and CEO, AkalystMike Johnston, SenatorMike Jones, CEO, Arrow HoldingsDarin Kreimeyer, Partner, Ernst & Young LLPJohn Leonard, Director, Fairfield and Woods, P.C.Michael Locatis III, CIO, United States Department of EnergyBart Lorang, Co-Founder and CEO, Full ContactMichael Marcotte, Global CIO, EchoStar CorporationErik Mitizek, Co-Founder, Next Great PlaceTom Melaragno, Founder and CEO, Compri ConsultingCatherine Merigold, General Partner, Vista VenturesWilliam Mueldener, CMI, Tax Principal, Hein & AssociatesKishore Nayak, CIO, Tompkins/GatesWhat trends do you seein the technology industry?I see that mobile devices are changing ourlives and lifestyles every day. The UnitedStates is currently at 105% saturationof wireless devices - greater than 100%because many people now carry morethan one mobile device. The items that weknow including our tablets, GPS systemsand portable gaming devices are beingaugmented with new applications includingdog collars that send automated remindersViews From The TopWe asked Bill Soards, President, AT&T – Colorado, 2012 CTA Board Chair, and Co-Chair ofPublic Policy, to give us his views on the trends and challenges facing the tech feed your dog and pill bottles that senda text message if the bottle hasn’t beenopened for a pre-set time. Some of theseare entertaining, and some are potentiallylife-saving.What challenges do you seein the technology community?We expect to be able to access technologyat all times, and this in turn changes howwe interact with each other, how we work,and how we play. I think that our society willcontinue to evolve our business and socialexpectations based on these availabilities.What can policymakers inColorado do to assist theTech industry?I think it is important that our policy makerskeep up to speed with changing technolo-gies to ensure that our state’s companiesare able to invent, create, release, market,and sell without excess cost and red tape.We also need to make sure that our corpo-rate tax structures are competitive and fairto entice investment and expansion fromoutside Colorado. Jon Nordmark, CEO, UsingMilesJohn Oechsle, President, SwiftpageBob Ogden, President and CEO, SwiftpageAnnette Quintana, CEO, IstonishMolly Rauzi, Director of Business Advisory Services Practice, Grant Thornton, LLPDave Roberts, CTO, Reed GroupJose Ruiz, VP and CIO, Raytheon Information and Intelligence Systems (IIS)Kristen Russell, Secretary of Technology and CIO, State of ColoradoKirby Slunaker, President & Chief Executive Officer, MetroListBill Soards, President, AT&T – ColoradoAmy Stephens, Majority Leader, HouseTeresa Taylor, COO, Co-Chair Economic DevelopmentMichael White, Managing Director, SPA Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopersBrent Wyman, AVP, CenturyLinkclCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 34 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  37. 37. DEMOgala 2012 35D E M O A N D A P E X V O L U N T E E R SC O N N E C T I O N SCommittee ChairsMatthew Taylor, AccentureKristi Graning, Graning & AssociatesSubCommittee LeadsEllis Blevins, AmadeusUB Ciminieri, Business ControlsTammy Fernandez, Solution PartnersJennifer Harding, SofTecLisa Helme, Spitfire GroupRachel Hymbaugh, ViaWestChris Magyar, Gunther DouglasAshley Ponte, MitelMichael Vaughn, ArtemisiaBrian Vickery, Mantis Technology GroupSteering Committee MembersAdam Boushie, GoogleBeverly Buchanan, UX CommectNickolaus Casares, CX.comEllen Caviglia, ImulusClint Dinnel, Razor Technical StaffingBob FloresMatthew Garland, NIMBLTim Higgins, AkalystNickolaus Hjort, ArtemisiaStorm Hostetter, Boulder County Business ReportJaenne Jo, VincentBenjaminMichael KochJason Lewis, LeasenoticeColin McCluskey, Specialty IncentivesJohn Meyer, Arrow PartnershipLisa Michaud, Actuate SocialJay Mills, ReadyTalkMagdalena Neagu, Experis ITJonathan Nelson, TelesphereAndrea Palumbo, Hosting.comTyler Pilgen, HUBInternationalwhere technologymeetsCommunicationsvideodatamobilitycontact centerunified communicationscloud servicesC O N N E C T . C O L L A B O R A T E . C O M P E T E .(888) 777.7280 www.spscom.comSkye Sant, The 1st MovementJoseph Schieffer, Uncommon SolutionsMichael Siepmann, Interaction Insight ConsultingSarah Skogen, QortexRachel Taylor, SemperaTanya Terrell, DeVry UniversityGeorge Tyler, 3rd EagleCary Ungvary, UPLevel CommunicationsPaul Vorreiter, ReflectiveSparkJimmy Wang, LatisysRyan Williams, Fulton CommunicationsAndrew Zeikowitz, NeudesicCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 35 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  38. 38. coloradotechnology.org36 DEMOgala 2012T H A N K Y O U T O O U R S P O N S O R SC O N N E C T I O N SC O - S P O N S O R SS U P P O R T I N GS P O N S O R STHX!THX!CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 36 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  39. 39. DEMOgala 2012 37T H A N K Y O U T O O U R S P O N S O R SC O N N E C T I O N SC O M M U N I C A T I O N SE V E N T P R O D U C T I O NGuide PrintingDigital SignageSocial MediaProduction & AVMediaGuide Design Website DesignMobile AppVideo ProductionM E D I ADEMOgala Even t Pa rtn ersCTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 37 10/12/12 4:20 PM
  40. 40. P R E S E N T I N G S P O N S O RT I T L E S P O N S O R SI N T E R N A T I O N A L P A V I L I O N S P O N S O RapexawardsW I T H T H EPrinted on recycled paper by Frederic Printing. Designed by EnZed Design. © 2012 Colorado Technology Association. All rights reserved.CTA_DemoGala_Workbook_vF9.indd 38 10/12/12 4:20 PM