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Instructional Design Document
ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate)

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ISD / ADDIE Design Document Template

  1. 1. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Instructional Design Document ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) Analysis High Level Items Objective Notes What would you like the official name for this course to be? Feel free to propose several options. From kick-off to project completion, describe the desired project timeline Please allow 10-12 weeks minimum per 60 minutes of eLearning Project Budget What is the proposed budget for this project? Estimated seat time What is the ideal course runtime for this project? How will we measure results of this training? For example, you currently track “workplace violence incident” reports and you wish to reduce this number by X%. This will be tracked the following way… Response (Organizational Evaluation) Instructional Design Document Begin drafting an IDD and project management plan. Return on Investment Perform an initial return on investment calculation. Will travel costs be saved via eLearning? Will employee performance/production be increased? Kickoff meeting: Gather and analyze data/content: Design the course: Develop the course: Course implementation: Course evaluation:
  2. 2. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Needs Analysis Objective Notes Response Why is training needed now? (Organizational Objectives) What challenges/issues is the organization facing now? How will training alleviate these challenges? The organization is currently experiencing the following challenges: Can you cite any specific incidents/trends that have revealed a training need? Are these incidents recorded or measured in some way? By training/educating our workforce, we will enjoy the following benefits: Describe any specific issues raised by executive leadership, managers, or employees that training will address. (Internal Requirements) Is training required by an underlying policy or government regulation? If yes, describe the regulation or policy and provide supporting documentation. (external requirements) Will there be any positive reinforcement or negative consequences tied to employee performance related to this training? (Learner Motivation) Are there and tangible rewards or punitive measures that may result from employee performance in the areas covered by this training? If training exists presently, describe what works well and any limitations you wish to overcome in the new program. Are their anecdotes, scenarios, other information that learners have liked or responded to positively? Is training complete or will new material need to be developed? Listing of related policies and regulations:
  3. 3. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Content Items Objective Notes Does training exist for this subject matter now (content conversion) or does new content need to be created? List any PowerPoint files, User Manuals, PDF or Word documents, or other materials that have been used to cover similar content. Can you recommend books, web articles, or other works that would make for good reference material? List any publically available books, articles, and other information that may be good reference material. If you were to break the course into logical sections, what would they be titled? Response List potential module titles/subject areas envision for this course. Can you further break those modules into discrete topics/concepts? (content grouping/sequence) What are the key tasks, “do’s and don’ts”, main takeaways, and other granular lessons you want learners to master? Describe the key learning objectives: (Learning Objectives) Describe what, on average, learners already know about the subject Draft a course description Begin by reviewing the course objectives. Draft a Table of Contents Is there an existing TOC for this course or does one need to be created? Draft a course outline 1st Draft outline By the end of this training, learners will…:
  4. 4. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document What kinds of test questions or activities should be created to measure learning? (Learning Objectives) Do you have an existing quiz or test bank related to this material? Will content be procedural (step-by-step), theoretical/lecture, both, other? Does this course require Instructor Guides? If this is an ILT, the course may require an instructor guide. See Course Assessment Form in Appendix Target Audience / Output Objective Notes Describe the audience and any special needs it may have Sound cards, mouse/keyboard manipulation, etc. Does a separate 508 or “lightweight” (non-audio) version of the course need to be built as well? Reading level and primary language(s) What languages and reading level are appropriate for the audience? Technical Aptitude What possible technical barriers to learning may exist and need to be overcome? Other considerations Any other demographics to consider? Cultural, generational, etc. Does training apply to all employees or specific job family(ies)? List any employee group(s) this training specifically targets (audience) What employee development area does training target? (audience) Development Areas: • • • • • Job-specific education general business acumen regulatory compliance professional development management & leadership Response
  5. 5. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Technology Items Objective Notes Target Resolution 1024 x 768 – 800 x 600 – other? Audio If the course will have audio narration, do all/most computers have speakers? Blended Will course make use of blogs, chats, forums, live/recorded web sessions, etc? Primary Authoring Tool Flash, Captivate, Articulate, ProForm, Dreamweaver, other? Response
  6. 6. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Design Design Items Objective Notes Map to Competency Model Reference existing (or create on) Competency Model and Job Skills Dictionary Task Inventory Map specific learning outcomes/tasks the training will cover to the competency model. Performance Objectives What are the performance evaluation items (if any) to which training will link? Interactivities Which content areas are ideally suited for interactivities, branching scenarios, etc.? Testing/Evaluations How will you measure learner performance? Map appropriate questions to content. Finalize instructional design document and project management plan. Instructional Design Document Course Description Finalize the course description. The final version should be detailed with key words which can be used by learners to search for the course from within the LMS. This will be referred to in the IDD. Table of Contents Finalize the TOC, which should map to the course outline. Course Outline Finalize the course outline. This can be referred to in the IDD. 1st Draft Storyboard Create rough-draft lecture/narration storyboards Response
  7. 7. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Development High Level Items for eLearning Item Notes ALPHA/BETA/GOLD QC Stakeholders should perform QC reviews of storyboards and media development to get course to “GOLD” status. Storyboards (eLearning) Complete the storyboards to the final stage. Should include lecture/narration content, as well as supporting media notes. These should be “signed-off” by project stakeholders before any media development begins. Organize all existing media Have all graphics, images, charts, videos, audio, and other media items stored in one place that is accessible to those who will be using them. Produce audio If course is narrated, create a separate script for voice talent and record the audio tracks for the course. The finished audio files should be placed in the media “bank” so the developers have access. Media assembly Developers will assemble all the various components for the course and produce the finished product. Response
  8. 8. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document eLearning Courseware Settings Item Notes Interactivity and Complexity Level Do you prefer highly interactive and visually impressive course or a rapid eLearning development approach? Underlying Technology Highly interactive = Flash Rapid = PowerPoint, HTML, etc. Will learners be required to pass a final assessment in order to complete the course? (Learner Evaluation) If yes, how many questions, what should the passing score be, and do you want one set of questions or pull randomly from a question pool? Should learners be required to view all pages in order to complete the course, or is passing score sufficient? You can require that users view all pages or just make passing a test required in order to receive course completion status. If learners are required to view all pages, do you want to run the course in compliance mode (forced linear progression with locked-down scrubber) Locks down the player so users cannot just fast forward through course pages. Response
  9. 9. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document ILT Curriculum Design Item Notes Will PowerPoint be used as the primary lecture tool? If yes, does a PowerPoint exit presently? To what degree will the Training Department support development of the presentation? How many instructors will deliver this training and over how many course sessions? Describe the number of instructors, any training they will require, and how many class sessions are estimated. Will synchronous instruction occur via online web meeting, physical classroom, both? Describe the various modalities in which this training may be delivered. Stand-alone or blended? Will this course be instructor-led only, or supported by self-study? Where will training be held? Plan for appropriate space and needed equipment. Response
  10. 10. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Implementation Implementation Items Item Notes LMS Upload Upload course to LMS or otherwise make available to learners Confirm tracking/reporting Test launch the course, confirm tracking, generate reports, and confirm technical functionality Test Group Have a group of learners pilot-test the course. Use completion data for testing reports, course evaluation, etc. Learner Awareness Distribute emails, flyers, and other internal communications to ensure learners are aware that course is available. Learner Registrations Register users for courses (if/as required) Response
  11. 11. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Evaluation Evaluation Items Item Notes Response Summative Evaluation Run reports and gather measurable/statistical data such as completion rates, average test performance (e.g. 60% pass rate on a question may indicate problems with that question or it’s related content), learner satisfaction with/impression of course, etc. *See Measurable Employee Performance Improvements table in Appendix Formative Evaluation Gather a group of learners for a post assessment. Evaluate individual and group performance in the course. Solicit general and specific feedback to help improve the course *See Training Evaluation Document in Appendix Change List Draft a series of proposed changes to the course based upon the above evaluations *See Training Design Process Review table in Appendix Implement Changes Perform a “mini ADDIE” cycle on the revisions requested whereby changes to the storyboards and media are treated with similar respect and consistency as full-course development. The process will be on a smaller, yet similar scale.
  12. 12. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Appendix Course Sequence Module Title Topic Title Lesson Title Terminal Objectives                                     Source Content Mapping Time
  13. 13. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Course Assessment Item Content/Text Item Answer/Solution/Feedback • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): • Correct Choice: • Feedback (incorrect): • Feedback (correct): Weight 1-4 Associated Topic
  14. 14. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document
  15. 15. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Training Evaluation Learner Satisfaction Survey (end of course survey) • • • Delivery of Instruction o The organization of the lessons was logical and easy to follow o There were sufficient examples to clarify instruction o The activities reinforced the material in a meaningful way o There were sufficient opportunities to practice and apply important concepts o The practice test (if applicable) reinforced important concepts and skills o Course activities and assignments facilitated my understanding of course content o I was able to skip over course content that was already familiar to me (if applicable) o Assignments were aligned with course objectives o I was able to complete assignments within the specified deadlines o The difficulty level of the course material was appropriate o Assessments were aligned with course objectives o I possessed the prerequisite knowledge and skills necessary for this course o Course requirements and expectations were made clear to me prior to taking the course o The interactivities allowed me to demonstrate my learning Technology o I needed technical support to complete this course. o Technical support was available to me when I needed it o When I accessed technical support, my problems were solved o The technology used in this course facilitated my learning o The technology in this course motivated me to learn o The technology in this course was fun to learn. Overall Impressions o The course content was applicable to my job o The course content supports my self-development. o I would consider taking another web-based course o I am satisfied with my learning for this course o Compared with other courses, this course was excellent
  16. 16. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document
  17. 17. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document SME Satisfaction Survey • Overall Impressions o The process was effective in allowing me to share my expertise relative to the subject matter. o The SME interview process was well organized and facilitated the knowledge transfer process o The material that was developed covered the key concepts in sufficient detail o I am proud of the contributions I made to this project. o I would like to participate as a SME again in future projects. Project Sponsor/Department Satisfaction Survey • Overall Impressions o The Training Department members with which we interacted appeared knowledgeable and effective with regard to developing this training program. o Based on this experience, I would gladly engage the Training Department again for future training initiatives. o The training that was developed sufficiently targeted the key learning objectives as outlined by this department o The audio/visual quality of the courseware developed was excellent o The course content/material (lecture, activities, etc.) was excellent o This course is likely to achieve the objectives for which it was developed Measurable Employee Performance Improvements (summative evaluation) Job Behavior Title Current Behavior/Situation Desired Behavior/Situation Training Design Process Review (formative evaluation) Issue Title Lesson Learned Resulting Behavior Post Training Proposed Change/Solution
  18. 18. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document
  19. 19. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Courseware/Media QC Checklist Page/File Name Location Change/Fix Request Description Initials Comments/Status
  20. 20. ADDIE – Design | Instructional Design Document Project Development Tracking Checklist Course Structure File Name TOC Title Storyboard Progress Narration Media Notes Graphics Alpha Beta Signoff Audio Media Progress Flash Alpha Beta Gold