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Blogging In Context


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Explores the relationship between blogs and other facets of social media including social networks, microblogs and others.

Published in: Technology
  • Thanks Dhananjay for presenting the subject matter related to blogs with an interesting perspective. I intend put some of it to use for my blog. And will be keeping an eye on your blog :)

    -Vivek Kakde
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Blogging In Context

  1. 1. Blogging in context of Social Media Dhananjay Nene Pune Blogcamp 2 June 27, 2009 (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  2. 2. Why social media ? We use social media for timepass, keeping in touch, increasing visibility, branding, promotion and monetisation. (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  3. 3. Coordination is helpful When your objective is visibility, branding and/or promotion, coordinated usage of media necessary We shall primarily be focusing on blogs (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  4. 4. Blogs as diaries are becoming less prominent (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  5. 5. A sufficiently strong focus is important to attract a good readership for a blog (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  6. 6. Twitter will generally beat blogs to fast moving / briefly expressible news / events / information (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  7. 7. The role of a blog in establishing new relationships is limited, but it can play a substantial role in providing the credibility for such relationships (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  8. 8. Twitter, Facebook et. al. have taken away the newspaper / phone call content away from blogs. Blogs retain the letter, magazine flavour (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  9. 9. Blogs for fast moving news  Provide your detailed perspective or insight into the topic. Some original contribution is essential  You will need to update the post regularly. Keep the placeholder ready for all the updates.  Needs rapid push to blog aggregators  Comment on related topics on other topical posts with a link back to drive traffic quickly  Timing is of essence. (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  10. 10. Twitter can't dance saala*  Reference to Context : Place an issue in context  Collation : Present multiple pieces of information  Analysis : Present insights or conclusions  Information : Press Releases  Do it yourself : Detailed how-tos  Reference : Comprehensive coverage of a topic  Reviews : Look back, paraphrase and represent  Insightful Defended Opinions. (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India *Phrase based on an Indian Song. Meanst twitter can be good at a lot of other stuff but not whats listed above.
  11. 11. Microblogs and Social networks have taken on some earlier functions of the blog. They however promote and support not threaten blogs (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  12. 12. Blogs, Microblogs, and Social Networks have a symbiotic relationship and feed off each other and support each other in terms of both eyeballs and discovering relationships Feeds still define the enduring relationships for blogs (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  13. 13. Symbiotic relationships  Use microblogs and social networks to engage with people and promote blog  It makes sense to cross thread all three so long as you don't litter.  Right messages to wrong audiences are SPAM  Encourage engagement at a lower level (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  14. 14. Beyond the top 3  There are more avenues to build a network and support your blog than microblogs and social networks.  Tumble logs eg. Tumblr − Provide brief commentary on articles you read. Link back to your posts only if relevant  Social bookmarking eg. Delicious − Find other people who've bookmarked your posts, or with whom you share bookmarks  Lifestreaming eg. friendfeed (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  15. 15. Weave without littering, your blog posts into microblogs and your social network content along with other social media such as tumble logs, bookmarks and lifestreams (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India
  16. 16. Thank You (c) 2009 Dhananjay Nene, Pune, India