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Helen keller


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Helen keller

  1. 1. By Davy
  2. 2. Helen keller By Davy
  3. 3. Early life
  4. 4. Early life• Born Tuscumbia, AL• Was not born blind and deaf• Became blind and deaf because of brain fever• Communicated by spelling words into her hand• The name of her teacher was Anne Sullivan
  5. 5. challenges
  6. 6. challenges• She was blind and deaf.• She did not have many friends• She could not talk well• It was hard to communicate
  7. 7. awards
  8. 8. awards• State quarter Alabama• There is a hospital named after her• There are streets named after her• There is a movie about her
  9. 9. accomplishments
  10. 10. accomplishments• Was able to ride a horse• She was in a movie• She was able to travel• Was able to tend her flowers by touch• She met famous people • She touched the people on their face to see what they looked like
  11. 11. education
  12. 12. education• Perkins Institute for the Blind • Young girl• The Wright-Humason School for the Deaf • Teenager• Radcliffe College (for girls) • Young woman • Graduated with honor
  13. 13. sources
  14. 14. sources• Helen Keller Her Life In Pictures By George Sullivan•