Social Media Audit


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Since over 50% of big companies jumped into social media without a strategy, many of these efforts floundered. Renegade developed this Social Media Audit to provide a solid strategic foundation and a road map for future activities. We recommend hiring professionals to implement an audit--just because you find scalpels, doesn't mean you're suddenly a surgeon!

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Social Media Audit

  1. 1. Social  Media  Audit  Client:  Date  of  Audit:  Purpose  of  Audit:    Assess  client’s  current  social  media  presence  relaKve  to  compeKKon  and  overall  best  pracKces  in  order  to  provide  a  clear  roadmap  for  a  measurably-­‐effecKve  social  media  program.    ©Renegade,  LLC  2010,    Adapted  from  the  Social  Media  Client  Benchmarking  Template  wri@en  by  Jonathan  Briggs  &  the  OTHER  media  2010,    Published  under  a  CreaKve  Commons  License  (Non-­‐commercial,  share  alike,  a@ribuKon)     1  
  2. 2. Introduc6on  Goals   Checklist  Assess  current  state  of  client’s  SM  acKvity  Assess  compeKKve  SM  acKviKes  and  relaKve  strength/weakness  IdenKfy  infrastructure  and  organizaKonal  changes  needed  to  support  tacKcal  opportuniKes  IdenKfy  cultural  changes  (if  any)  required  to  make  social  media  program  an  on-­‐going  success  Outline  SM  tacKcal  opportuniKes  Define  overall  SM  strategy  in  the  context  of  overall  business  goals   Social  Media  Audit   2  
  3. 3. Social  Media  Environment  Channel   Presence   Comments-­‐  The  purpose  here  is  to   establish  a  benchmark  for  the  work  done   thus  far  in  establishing  a  web  &  social   media  presence.    Website  Microsites   An  effecKve  site  should  be  supported  by   other  channels.  Blogs  Social  Networks   At  this  stage,  focus  only  on  the  major   players  Microblogs  Video  (YouTube  and  Vimeo)  Feedback  Search  (Google,  Ning,  YouTube,  etc.)     Do  your  social  media  efforts  enhance   organic  search  results?  Other  (mobile  app,  web  app,  wikis,  )   Social  Media  Audit   3  
  4. 4. Reac6ons  to  and  Goals  for  Social  Media  –  Planning  &  Compe66ve  Issues  Ques6ons   Reac6ons   Comments  Strengths  and  weaknesses  of  current  web   What  do  you  like?  What  are  you  unhappy  presence   with?  Social  media  goals   How  do  these  goals  support  the  overall   goals  of  the  organizaKon?    Strategic  role  of  each  social  media  element  in   Leads,  sales,  retenKon,  cost-­‐cudng,  context  of  overall  goals   loyalty,  customer  saKsfacKon,  customer   referral  What  companies  do  you  admire  for  their  social  media  success?   Social  Media  Audit   4  
  5. 5. Reac6ons  to  and  Goals  for  Social  Media  –  Infrastructure  &  Organiza6onal  Issues   Ques6ons   Reac6ons   Who  has  responsibility  for  social  media  in  the  organizaKon?   How  will  you  measure  the  impact  of  any  changes  you  make?   What  tools  are  in  place  to  help  with  this  measurement?   What  is  in  place  to  help  you  deal  with  adverse  comment  and   discussion  on  social  media  sites  now?   What  are  the  email  markeKng  processes  in  place?   Where  is  the  SM  strategy  being  aggregated  into  the  overall   markeKng  strategy?   Do  you  have  a  “hubsite”  for  all  of  your  social  media  content?   Who  in  Senior  Management  is  acKve  in  social  media?   Social  Media  Audit   5  
  6. 6. Reac6ons  to  and  Goals  for  Social  Media  –  Cultural  Issues   Ques6ons   Comments   Do  you  have  a  corporate  social  media  policy?    Is  this  policy   informed  by  regulatory  issues  in  your  industry?   Are  there  any  cultural  issues  (good  or  bad)  that  have  had  an   impact  on  your  social  media  acKviKes?     What  are  the  senior  mgmt  reacKons  to  tools  like  Twi@er  and   Commitment  from  Senior  staff  is  crucial  to  success     Facebook?   Do  you  encourage  your  employees  to  parKcipate  in  company   and/or  personal  social  media  acKviKes?     Is  there  a  culture  of  allowing  staff  to  access  social  media  during   the  work  day?   Are  there  any  internal  people  who  could  become  your  social   media  expert  or  the  voice  of  your  brand?     Social  Media  Audit   6  
  7. 7. List  Four  Major  Compe6tors  Compe6tors   Website   Microsite   Blog   Facebook   TwiMer   YouTube   Other  (feedback)  Comments  Establishing  compeKtors  web  and  social  media  performance  will  help  set  benchmarks  and  goals  for  the  company  and  the  brand.   Social  Media  Audit   7  
  8. 8. Facebook  Feature   Notes   Compe6tors   Comments  Assess  the  presence  of  the   Is  there  any  official  or  unofficial  company  or  brand  on  Facebook   presence?  Has  it  been  thought   through?  Look  for  staff  involvement  with   Many  companies  will  have  a  staff  Facebook   that  is  acKve  on  FB  Evaluate  Fan  page   Fan  Pages  provide  powerful  tools   for  developing  a  brand  presence  Links  to  company  or  brand  site   How  is  FB  being  used  to  drive     traffic  to  main  website?  Record  number  of  fans   Make  a  note  of  the  current   number  of  fans  Last  Kme  their  Facebook  presence   Make  a  note  of  the  date  when  was  updated   an  update  was  made  to  the  page   (by  the  company)  Specific  Facebook  apps  or   List  any  evidence  of  the  use  of  automaKon   apps  by  the  company  Like  Bu@on  throughout  web   Link  from  main  website  to  FB  are  presence   important.   Social  Media  Audit   8  
  9. 9. TwiMer  Use  twi@er  analyKcs  tools  to  measure  how  well  they  are  doing  with  their  compeKtors  Feature   Notes   Compe6tors   Comments  Bio  and  background   Does  this  help  set  up  the  goal  of   your  company?  Styles  of  tweets:  Publishing   Pushing  data  QuesKons   Asking  for  info  Customer  Service   Helping  followers  ConversaKon   Engaging  followers  Links  to  company  or  brand  site   How  are  you  driving  traffic  to   main  website?  #  followers   Record  as  baseline  Influence   How  influenKal  can  you  be?  Reach   How  many  people  can  you  reach   through  your  followers?  Recency   How  oqen  are  you  tweeKng?  Follow  us  bu@ons  on  site   Needed  to  drive  fans  Retweet  bu@ons  next  to  content  on  website   Social  Media  Audit   9  
  10. 10. Blogs  and  Comments  Feature   Notes   Compe6tors   Comments  How  are  you  monitoring   Blogs  are  some  of  the  most  reacKons  to  your  organizaKon   powerful  drivers  of  both  or  products  on  blogs  or   community  and  reputaKon.  posted  in  comments?  Are  you  parKcipaKng  in   Bloggers  are  likely  to  talk  about  a  responding  to  comments?   successful  company  or  its   products  and  the  client  will  want   to  be  involved  with  this  process.  Who  are  the  powerful   You  may  want  to  set  up  your  bloggers  in  your  industry?   own  blog  to  be  more  in  control.  Does  your  own  blog  or  presence  on  services  like  GetSaKsfacKon  help  provide  a  place  for  customer  discussion?   Social  Media  Audit   10  
  11. 11. Member-­‐only  Communi6es  &  Special  Interest  Social  Networks  Feature   Notes   Compe6tors   Comments  Is  there  a  relevant  member  only  community  /  special  interest  social  network?  Is  the  community  healthy?   Size,  frequency  of  visit,  duraKon  How  so?       of  visit,  content  sharing  Is  the  community  built  on  a  common  plasorm  like  Ning  or  is  it  custom  built?  Is  there  an  opportunity  to   What  is  the  group  commonality  create  a  new  community?   and  unmet  need?   Social  Media  Audit   11  
  12. 12. Search:  How  social  media  ac6vi6es  support  organic  search  Feature   Notes   Compe6tors  How  does  website  perform  on  an  organic  search  basis  for  wide  range  of  relevant  terms?  Do  current  blogs  enhance  organic  search  results?  Are  microblog  feeds  and  other  news  feeds  on  the  website?  Is  there  a  lot  of  Flash-­‐based  content?       Social  Media  Audit   12  
  13. 13. List  Key  Phrases  that  define  how  the  company  or  brand  would  expect  to  be  found  in  the  search  engines.  Keywords  or  phrases   Demand   Visibility   Comments   These  should  be  based  on  real   needs  as  likely  to  be  typed  into   search  engines.  While  brand   terms  are  important,  more  than   half  of  these  should  be  generic   market  or  industry  terms.   Use  one  of  the  soqware  tools   available  to  assess  demand,   How  visible  are  you  for  each  of   these  terms?  This  will  help  you   understand  more  about  your   terminology  and  how  far  you   have  to  go.   Check  that  compeKtors  really  are   their    compeKtors  in  terms  of   these  terms  Notes  on  compeKtors   Social  Media  Audit   13