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Evolution - Unlocking Chaos Through Innovation


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Published in: Business
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Evolution - Unlocking Chaos Through Innovation

  1. 1. evolutionUnlocking Innovation Through Chaos Derek Neighbors [ @dneighbors ]
  2. 2. IBM Study• 60% of CEO’s Rank Creativity most important leadership skill• “Creativity is everything”
  4. 4. FunExcellence
  5. 5. FunExcellence
  6. 6. Resources• What’s Mine is Yours by Rachel Botsman• Earning Serendipity by Glenn Llopis• Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh• The Great Reset by Richard Florida
  7. 7. Resources• Out of Our Minds & The Element by Sir Ken Robinson• Invention of Air & Where Good Ideas Come From by Stephen Johnson• The Starfish and the Spider by Rod Beckstrom