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Those Guys Intro


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Got a Marketing or media problem? We can fix it. Just call ... Those Guys.

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Those Guys Intro

  1. 1. We are . . .
  2. 2. What Situation has this created?• In the 1990’s a campaign could have an 8-week turnaround time. In the 2000’s, it sometimes becomes 48 hours!• This pressure has reduced the quality and the creative thought process behind many campaigns.• High mobility of marketing & advertising professionals leaves a lot of new inexperienced marketers left behind holding the buck!
  3. 3. So What’s The Problem?• Consumers and audiences often complain of ‘run- of-the-mill’ campaigns• Many companies end up tendering to the lowest bidder, not neccessarily the most qualified.• Due to increased job insecurity, many marketing and account managers fear making radical new decisions. ‘Don’t rock the boat’ mentality.• “Passion” in marketers has been replaced by “safety”
  4. 4. Insight: Everyone is Complaining!• CEO: My ad agency and my marketing team are just as bad as each other! Haven’t seen a “Wow” idea since 1995!• Agency Executive: The client gives us such stale briefs. I don’t know what to do with this!• Media House: All these briefs are the same! I’m supposed to be entertaining!• Experiential Agency: How can I deliver excitement when the brief is so boring? They’ve given me nothing!
  5. 5. So exactly, what IS the problem?Creativity. (Or lack of it)
  6. 6. What Can Creative Thinking Do?• It brings life to Marketing• Can make a low-budget campaign look like a million bucks.• Can sustain your audience and give talk-about factor• Assists in problem-solving• Gives you and your business a better edge.• Can save your business
  7. 7. Who Needs Creative Services?• Advertisers• Ad Agencies• PR Agencies• Experiential Agencies• Media Houses• Production Houses• Digital Marketers• Outdoor Advertisers
  8. 8. Other Insights:• Most clients are tied to long term contacts with their agencies.• Lack of leeway for strategic ‘guerilla’ campaigns• Shortage of ‘heavyweight’ creative talent in the industry.• There is no relevant training facility for Creative Thought.
  9. 9. Those Guys????Good question. Think of your answer to these questions:Q: Who sorted you on that great ad?A: Those Guys . . ..Q: Eh, how did you turn around your strategy?A: Um . ..Those GuysQ: That presentation rocked! How?A: Those Guys.
  10. 10. Who Are Those Guys?• It is comprised of Kenya’s ultimate creative talent.• 4 Creative Heavyweights with a combined 50 years industry experience.• 2 Creative Middleweights with a combined 15 years industry experience.• An amazing team of Fresh Creative Talent who are being trained as they work for you.• The only commercial outfit that works and trains.• We represent the rich past, present and future of the industry.
  11. 11. Our Creative Matrix Ad Clients Ad Agencies Creative Consultancy Creative Consultancy Client-specific pitches Client-specific pitches Staff C-Training Staff C-Training “Those Guys”Experiential Companies Media Houses Creative Consultancy Creative Consultancy Client-specific pitches Client-specific pitches Staff C-Training Staff C-Training
  12. 12. 2 of Those Guys . . . Edward ‘Teddy’ Muthusi Creative Warrior with numerous awards under his belt.Denis NdaviMarketing Guru with a stack of winningbroadcast campaigns.
  13. 13. So Who Are Those Guys?Bet you’d love to meet the rest of them. So get in touch.Before your competitors do!Denis Ndavi (That Guy)