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~ Gear up your Playstation 3: A quick view on the must-haves for any hardcore gamer!

~ Get twice the fun with your PS3 with multi-player games: See the most outstanding titles that make use of the feature!

~ See some limited edition games for the PS3!

~ See what's actually in the boxes of these special Playstation 3 games!

~ See a quick list of some the currently known uses of the Konami Codes on Your Playstation 3!

~ Live, play and get connected on the Playstation Network!

~ See the top 5 console defining exclusives for the Playstation 3!

~ How to tackle common Playstation 3 issues!

~ Sony’s PS3 verses Microsoft’s Xbox 360: Here is a more specialized look at comparing the two systems!

~ And much more!

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Playstation 3 - What You May Have Never Known

  1. 1. Playstation 3 - What You May Not KnowSee the top 3 gaming headsets reviewed on this page... Customer reviews revealabout everything you need to know! Get the best gaming headset at the best price!http://www.bestgamingheadsetps3.orgThe Top Five Console Defining Exclusives for the Playstation 3A gaming console’s most defining point is not the brand, price, maker, hardware or anyother feature –no matter how impressive any of these may be. The true way to understandand experience the value of a game console is through its exclusive games.In this day and age, exclusive titles are not as common as one would think. With literallyhundreds of game developers out there, having a game exclusively made for a singlesystem would mean having a game that is played best on that one specific console. Forthe Playstation 3, these are the top five exclusives that will truly show you the value ofSony’s latest generation hardware.Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsThis is the largest game in existence (sans downloadable content) and makes use of theDual Layer Blu-Ray disc to its full potential. Creator Hideo Kojima is rumored to havesaid that he had to cut down on content in order to fit the game into the limitations ofwhat is currently the largest read-only commercial media available. And once you see thegame, it is easy to understand what he meant; MGS4 is full of amazing content, richgraphics and fluid animations. With its immersive gameplay, deep storyline and epicmovie-like delivery, this game is a worthy medium for Solid Snake’s final chapter.Heavy RainDrama, intrigue, and suspense –these are a great mix of flavors for a movie, and for thefirst time, executed so well in a video game. Heavy Rain takes storytelling in the gamegenre to a whole new level, placing you in control of four completely different charactersas their lives all converge in a single storyline. Chase after the Origami Killer to save achild in a gameplay that is a combination of mild exploration with heavy focus on quicktime events. Heavy Rain features cinematic camerawork, emotionally moving voice-acting and a story pace that will keep you on the edge of your seat.Little Big Planet (Series) 1 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. UK game developer Media Molecule has made a great formula: an ever lovable mascot, acute platforming system and granting players the ability to create anything they want.Little Big Planet’s main game lets you take control of Sackboy as you jump and grabyour way through several pre-programmed levels. But the core of the game is with theability to create your own stages and share them with others. The sequel, LBP2, bringsback everything from the original game and further extends the amount of things you cancreate and expands the level of interactivity that players can have.Infamous (Series)If there is one thing that the seventh generation of consoles should be known for, it is incompletely redefining the concept of an open world. In Infamous, the level of freedom ingameplay and exploration is taken apart and rebuilt into something completely unreal.Players take control of Cole, who is granted with unique electricity based powers thataugments his physical abilities, aside from allowing players the ever-cool power ofshooting lightning bolts from their hands. You can run, climb and glide to almostanywhere in the game and getting players moving along is a powerful storyline thatmakes you feel like you are reading a comic (and the panel style delivery certainly helps).Uncharted (Series)3-D platformers are a dime a dozen on the video game world, but only a few trulymanage to stand out. For the Playstation 3, Naughty Dog’s “Uncharted” series is a trilogyyou would not want to miss. So far, two of the games have already been released andthere is plenty of excitement for the third. And that is not a surprise. Protagonist NathanDrake certainly knows how to play a crowd and the gameplay will keep playersconstantly on the move and in action. Be it jumping around cliffs or engaging ingunfights, Uncharted is a game series that knows how to keep a great pace -not tomention the fact that the graphics look amazingly good.Of course, to say that these five titles alone define the PS3 would be misleading. They aresimply the cream of the crop. There are plenty of other great titles that can bump this listinto a top ten or even a top twenty, including, but not limited to: Gran Turismo 5, DemonSouls, Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza, Killzone, Resistance and so much more. ThePlaystation 3 is truly an impressive console with an even more impressive game library,and all you need to do is to start exploring these amazing games. 2 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Gearing Up Your Playstation 3Sony and many third party developers are offering a full lineup of excellent gadgets andadd-ons for the Playstation 3 home console and we are here to give you a quick view onthe must-haves for any hardcore gamer.First up is the updated Six Axis controller, the Dualshock 3. Now, for those who havebought the later releases of the PS3, this controller would already have been packed intothe unit. For those who bought the early launches however, this force feedback controllerwill provide you with that extra level of immersive fun. A vast majority of the PS3’sgames support the rumble feature. Most provide the usual fare of light to heavy shakingsynched with onscreen explosions and vibrations, but some game provide an even deeperlevel of interactivity –providing tactile cues for players that is not provided visually.Metal Gear Solid 4 makes use of this feature by vibrating the controller lightly as a quickalert to players that there are enemies nearby.The Playstation Move is Sony’s foray into the motion control industry and for their firstdevice to use the technology, the Move is very promising. The main Move controller is awireless, camera and motion tracked device; its accompaniment, the navigationcontroller, is an optional tool that proves to be quite useful in many Move-compatiblegames. There are plenty of games that make use of the new technology: Resident Evil 5Gold gives the game a more action-oriented feel, puzzle-platformer Echochrome 2 makesuse of the Move as a flashlight to alter the shadows in-game and in Little Big Planet,Move allows players to have better control over content creation.Namco’s GunCon 3 is a top notch addition to the existing gun-controller lineup from theJapanese game developer. The GunCon itself feels pretty well balanced and weight justright when supported with two hands. While the Move does provide players withexcellent gun-play controls, nothing makes a shooter game more immersive than actuallyholding a device that feels like the real thing. Some players may be put off by the need toset up the infra-red nodes, but once you are done, you can hook up a second GunConwithout any problems. The only real problem with the controller is the fact that asidefrom Time Crisis 3, only a few other games support it.Music fans will certainly not want to pass up on the impressive Rock Band 3 controllerset. While this may seem to be quite a massive investment, any gamer would agree thatthe new wireless music controllers are well worth it. The guitar now supports a widevariety of features, and it looks quite grand –and the fact that Fender designed some ofthese Guitars certainly factors in. The drum pads are responsive and easy to use. Whilewe could have used a little more flexibility in terms of pad arrangement, the current setup(which players can add cymbals to) is not that hard to get used to. 3 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. While there are plenty more peripherals and add-ons for the PS3 that we would haveliked to add to this list, few are as surprisingly useful as this last entry: the PS3 remotecontrol. Aside from being an amazing video game system, the Sony HDMI powerhousealso acts as a Blu-Ray player (Playstation 3 games are hosted on Blu-Ray discs after all).While you can use the standard controller with the system, nothing completes the hometheater experience by having a device that has all the playback functions you would everneed.The Playstation 3 Really is EverythingNo hardcore gamer’s home setup will be complete without the powerful Playstation 3.Sporting a large library of amazing exclusive game titles, the most ergonomic andresponsive controllers, a powerful hardware setup that makes it a cost effectivealternative to computers and a multitude of side functions that can make it the central hubof your entertainment center.In size, the Playstation 3 is massive. It takes up plenty of shelf space. While a newslimmer version of the original has been launched, both will still require some ampleterritory. Fortunately, the console can be made to stand upright –which is a great bonus ofthose living in tight quarters.But all that size is not without purpose, beneath that shiny exterior (or cool matte finish ifyou’re using a slim), is hardware that brings plenty of high end computers to shame evenseveral years after its launch.The system makes use of Blu-Ray media –which is heavily supported by Sony. This newform of disc storage packs in a massive amount of data: up to 25 GB for standard, 50 GBfor dual layer and over a hundred GB for the BDXL types. So far, the largest game forthe PS3 is Kojima Production’s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which make useof the dual layer disc –which makes the game impossible to port to other consoles. Thismeans that games made specifically for the PS3 can be larger and bigger than ever beforeas developers now have more space to add content.And to read that content, the PS3 has the hardware to match; a high speed 3.2 GHz CPUruns the whole device –which is part of a more elaborate system that makes use of eightSynergistic Processing Elements which help out with the various load requirements.NVIDIA and SCEI have worked together for the graphics processor, the RSX realitySynthesizer which enables the PS3 to handle games for output in true 1080p HD video.Of course, only developers truly get to enjoy these stats. 4 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Numbers and specs aside, what makes the Playstation 3 shine for players is not theexcellent hardware, but the features and games. First off, the PS3’s Six Axis controller isso well made that no other controller fits the grip of the hand so well. Making use of adirectional pad, two shoulder buttons, two shoulder triggers, 4 buttons and two analogsticks, the device looks like it will take a contortionist to manipulate. But once you try ityourself, you will realize how natural it feels and how intuitive the manipulation of thecontrols can be.Using the PS3 is a breeze thanks to the cross media browser, better known as the XMB.This custom UI has been designed by Sony to make content a lot easier to access –and itcomplements the use of the controller. This OS may seem simple, but it has a lot of manyuseful features from media playback to web browsing to system data and save-filemanagement. Periodic updates to the OS allow Sony to add more features and fix anysecurity issues that may arise.The PS3 also makes use of the Playstation Network, a free online service that allowsSony to provide system updates, mini-social networking, online games, multiplayersessions and various downloadable content (such as game add-ons and media). Recently,SCE has launched the Playstation Network Plus program, a paid subscription service thatprovides PSN+ users with exclusive content, freebies and discounted rates for paidcontent. A supplement to the PSN network is the Playstation Home. This is a free andoptional game that allows a player to create a character and interact with other playersusing the software and also to obtain various Playstation Home exclusives.Overall, the PS3 is a system designed primarily with gamers in mind. Many of its gamesconcentrate on single player modes and focus more on delivering deep storylines asopposed to catering to those who prefer multi-player gaming sessions. While there areplenty of PS3 titles that offer offline and online multiplayer features, the system’s gamelineup is a testament to its value for real gamers. If you have a passion for gaming andprefer high quality games that deliver in story, graphics and gameplay, then thePlaystation 3 is your best bet.Tackling Common Playstation 3 IssuesThe Sony Playstation 3 is a powerful home console, and its hardware it still among thebest that technology can offer despite the fact that it has been out for at least two years.And as one would expect from a system this powerful and complicated, issues andproblems are bound to happen. 5 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. While some are easy to figure out, some will require you to do a little more researchingand tweaking. At worst, you might have to send the unit to an authorized repair center.But before you hit the panic button when things are not working as they should be, hereare a few things you might want to try out.If HDMI feed does not work and the video is reset to standard definition, simply holddown the power button until it shuts off. Then, turn it on by holding down the powerbutton for about 5 seconds (a beep will be heard). The great thing about this is that itallows the device to auto-detect the HDMI cable once it boots up again –just be sure thatthe cables are connected snugly.For games that freeze and hang up, there is no need to panic or worry. While this isdefinitely a symptom of something else entirely, the freezing itself with either self-restore(the console will sometimes automatically reboot) or you can do a manual reset. To knowthe difference, try pressing the PS button on your controller. If the system does notrespond and all you see is the frozen game screen, then it is likely that the console willshut itself off. If the XMB appears, it is unlikely that the system will reboot and you willhave to hold down the power button until the console shuts off.Playing your PS2 games; this is not really a problem and is more of a hardware issuesince backwards compatibility is not present in all Playstation 3 units. As such, yousimply have to check the hardware specs on your device. Also, remember that even if youhave backwards compatibility, PS2 games have region coding. Unlike the Blu-Ray PS3titles (which can be played on any region PS3), you will not be able to play UK PS2games on your US console –which means that hardcore players will still need to import aPS2 to play OZ.One major issue that the PS3 currently has is with the system updates. While Sony doesbring in plenty of new features with every update, there are many reports of systems thatare locking up or freezing due to the OS changes. The problems are more common forusers who have swapped out their hard drives for higher capacity ones, which means thatif your unit has not been changed at all, you are less likely to have any problems.Naturally, users who have tried to hack their PS3 are most likely to be affected by thenew updates. In most cases, this will require users to bring their console to a nearby SonyCenter -at which point, it is likely that all files and savegames may be lost.Of course, it is highly recommended that players back up their data periodically(especially before making a software update). Use the “entire system backup” function toget everything in one sweep. Trophy data cannot be stored on an external drive so be sureto always update your PSN account. If you are a Playstation Plus member and have the3.60 version update, the cloud storage feature will allow you to individually store lockedsave files. 6 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Rare Finds: A Look at Limited Edition Games for the PS3There are games, and there are ‘the’ games. While most video game fans would be morethan happy to get a regular copy of their favorite titles, die-hard collectors will certainlywant to get their hands on some of the more impressive and proportionally pricier limitededitions.These special versions are named in a wide variety: limited editions, collector’s edition,director’s cut, gold edition, game of the year edition. Each release has its own extras andfreebies –uniquely chosen by the publisher and developer of the game. To get a betterunderstanding of what these freebies are and what the terms mean, here’s a quickreference guide that will get you started.Game of the Year: now this is a label that you will see pretty often. These are not limitedversions of the game. Instead, they are special re-release versions of an existing game thatoften includes plenty of valuable extras. DLC such as expansions, in-game items, extracharacters, are often packed into the GotY versions of a game. But be wary, someversions are better than others. By default, games with the extra content included withinthe Blu-Ray disc (such as the Fallout 3 GotY) are more valuable than a GotY edition thatcomes with a special voucher for downloads (such as the Borderlands GotY edition). Donote that not all games use the GotY tag, some games use their own unique names; suchas Dragon Age which uses the term Ultimate Edition.Collector’s Edition, Limited Edition, Special Edition - now these are all used by variouspublishers, but they usually mean only one thing: it comes with plenty of extras. Thesespecials usually include a bonus disc which contains an in-game soundtrack or additionalmedia (such as a behind-the-scenes or developer interviews), an art book, posters, cards,and in many instances, very special items. These items can range from vinyl discs(Bioshock 2), to digital Pip-Boy clocks (Fallout 3: Special Edition Amazon bonus), tospiffy looking USB flash drives (Force Unleashed 2).Speaking of which, there are “DLCs” and “Pre-Order Bonuses”. Now these are notalways made part of special editions, but they do add some collectible extras for real fans.As in the example mentioned, ordering from Amazon (and many other stores, such asGamestop) will often net players some exclusive freebies –and yes, there are somegamers who would order from various stores just to get the exclusive extras. Somerequire more than just ordering from a specific store, some extras will need you to pre-order (to sign up and pay for a game before it is launched). 7 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. The most common form of store-exclusive extras would be DLC or downloadablecontent. These are software add-ons to games that provide players with additional in-game content as opposed to something you can display on your shelf. For the most part,store exclusives that are physical objects are given more value since some DLC contentare only timed exclusives (they may become available for everyone, at a price, much lateron), and there is a very active online community for the sale and trading of pre-orderbonus PSN redemption codes.Steelbook editions are games that come in special cases. These metallic cases aremanufactured by the Steelbook Company (which also creates special editions for movies,and other disc based media). These cases have a very solid feel and look quite impressiveon a display shelf. However, PS3 owners should be aware that the inside clip that holdsthe manual on some games may be a little brittle, and Steelbook’s two-disc holder makesit hard for people to take the Blu-Ray discs out of the tray (so be wary when a specialedition has multiple discs like Capcom’s Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition). Still, it ishard to deny that Steelbook editions of games are visually superior to regular releases.As one might expect, these editions are often priced higher than regular versions of thegame, after all, you are going to be paying for so much extra content. The real questionis: do you want it? The answer to this question differs a lot from person to person. Someextras are quite practical while some are simply eye-candy for hard core fans. Gettingthem also means having to line up early in a store or making sure to get a pre-order slot.A good rule of thumb for an average gamer would be to stick only to special versions ofyour own favorite games, this makes all the effort, time and resources spent acquiring thegame will be well spent.Playstation 3 Specials: What’s in the Box?Special games come in all shapes and sizes. If you have been to a game store, it would beeasy to spot these games. They come in big boxes with specially designed game art. Theyare a marked with tons of text and descriptions of the freebies they contain. The pricetags are higher and just holding the box tells you that there is much, much more than asimple game inside. For many casual players, these editions do not really matter (sincethey really cost a whole lot more). But for those for whom gaming is a passion, these arerare treasures. Join us as we take a quick journey and open some of these curiouslycovetous boxes. 8 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Grand Theft Auto IV comes with a very impressive limited edition of the game: you getyour own metallic, locked cash box. Right off the bat, this set is heavy; the tall boxdeceptively hides how much stuff has been crammed within.The cash-box (or mini-safe) is metallic, brush-painted black (as opposed to using a darkmetal) and comes with two keys for opening the lock. The case itself has a bevel of theGTAIV logo. Aside from the slick looking mini-safe, the set also comes with a blackduffel bag that sports Rockstar’s signature logo, a hardbound art book and a music CD(stored in a specially marked slip case).Killzone 3 has a special Helghast Edition box and this is definite must-have for fans ofthe Move-compatible shooter game. The bonus includes a large replica of a HelghastHelmet (the same one seen on the Box art), a posable figure of a Cloaking Marksman, ahardbound art book, and special DLC content. The DLC content for this game includesthe in-game music, a dynamic theme for the XMB, as well as map-packs and limitedspecial XP rates for the multiplayer mode. Sadly, this is one of those extras that oftenclash with the design of your indoor furnishings (unless you have got some dystopian-military-future theme going on that is).Little Big Planet 2 from Media Molecule gets its own special edition of the game. Whilethe box is quite massive, the contents are actually a lot less than we had envisioned.Basically, the box contains four things: the game, a pair of book ends, a plush doll and aDLC voucher. While this may seem a little underwhelming, we are thoroughlyimpressive with the quality of design and detail for the Sackboy plush and the woodenbookends.Sackboy stands at a pretty nice 6 inches, though he really does not stand up on his own,you will have to prop him up on a display stand or simply have him sit down. Thebookends are pretty amazing. They will support almost any kind of game storage (Blu-Ray, Steelbook, PS2 Amaray cases), and of course, works well as regular book ends. Youmight want to have them displayed close to each other to get the full effect of the design.Now these are just three of the many limited editions of games that have been releasedfor the Sony Playstation 3, there are a whole lot more and many of these are made veryspecial because of the extra content they contain. Metal Gear Solid 4 comes with aspecial making-of Blu-Ray disc that contains hours of special footage, interviews and arare behind the scenes look at Kojima Productions. 9 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Batman Arkham Asylum comes with a massive wooden replica of the Batarang (no, wehave not tried to throw it). The set comes with a special stand for the projectile andeverything is housed in an impressive Batman-logo shaped case. Fallout 3 comes with aspecially designed tin lunch box, a bobble head and a digital clock made to look like thePip Boy gadget. Indeed, there have been so many released and there are so many morecoming, the only thing you should take note of is: which one would you want?Local Coop: Twice the Fun with Your PS3We all know how fun it is to play a video game, and thanks to the wonderful power ofwireless communications and faster internet connections, we can play with many of ourfriends and even complete strangers online. But what about the times when friends comeover? It is hardly fun to be one sitting down doing nothing aside from watching yourfriend play. This is where local multi-player games come in, while not that common inmany games, there are some pretty outstanding titles that make use of the feature.While it is not much used, the Playstation 3 supports multiple players (up to 7). And sofar, only one game can use the feature: the PSN-only X-Men: Arcade by Capcom. Thisold school side scrolling beat them up will feature the iconic Marvel Mutants in theirearly 80’s iterations as they take on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It is a simple gameand is good for about two hours of button mashing action and laughable old-schoolantics. While it is easy enough to finish with a single player alone, it certainly makes fora decent activity small get-togethers.Resident Evil 5 is a game that tells you right off the bat that you are not alone.Protagonists Chris and Sheva accompany each other as they take on the Tricell’s Majiniand more of Umbrella’s BOWs. On cooperative mode, the game uses a split screen setupthat allows you and a friend to strategically take down hordes of zombies (in essence, asthey are technically not zombies). You can pass ammunition, heal your partner or evenhelp out when your ally gets tackled by an enemy. Our favorite part is how the twoplayers can link their melee attacks for some devastating damage against certain bosscharacters. On the highest difficulty of this game, we certainly recommend going at itwith a human partner.Sadly, as much as we loved Capcom’s RE5 system, the same cannot be said about LostPlanet 2. The game beautiful, the gameplay is excellent and the story is quite wellwritten. As much as we would love to enjoy this game with a friend, local coop splits thescreen into two very small parts. The result is a screen so small that you would have tosquint just to see the details. So unless you’ve got a massive 60 inch HDMI screen, don’tbother with the local coop here. But if you do, prepare for a massively epic adventure. 10 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Gearbox’s Borderlands is certainly ranking high on our multiplayer games list thanks tothe fact that popping in and out of multiplayer mode is so easy. Also, the Diablo inspiredrandom-drops system allows players to work together to hunt and trade for betterweapons and equipment. While the game itself has a few bugs (particularly with the DLCcontent), it is a highly enjoyable system that is best experienced when working togetherwith a friend. Besides, once you both get to ride in your own missile-launching desertrovers and start raining explosive death, you’ll be glad to have someone to high-five.There are plenty of other great FPS titles that support local coop such as Kane and Lynch,Army of Two (and their respective sequels), Lord of the Rings Conquest, Resistance (justthe first, the sequel has no story coop), and many others. But split screen is not the onlyway to play in coop games locally. There are plenty of titles such as Trine, Sacred 2,Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Little Big Planet and others that use single screen multiplayermodes. All you really need a good partner who loves to game as much as your do!Live, Play and Get Connected on PSNSony’s Playstation Network has been running for quite some time now and if you are aPlaystation 3 or Playstation Portable owner who has yet to sign up –now is the time to doso. The Playstation Network, or PSN, hosts a wide array of features and services thatmany gamers should not be without. Of course, a decent internet connection will beneeded. Seeing as the PS3 supports both LAN and WiFi connectivity (the PSP makes useof WiFi exclusively), this should not be much of an issue for a typical household. Asidefrom being accessible, it is also completely free.The first big feature of PSN is the Trophies. While many gamers may not admit it, thereis a great and guilty pleasure about achieving your first trophy; then later, your firstplatinum; much later, competing with all of your friends for getting the highest trophyscore in the group. So compulsively addicting is the hunt for more trophies that playersare encouraged to go out of their comfort zone in genres to try out new ones –just to earnmore trophies. It is a win-win situation: developers make more sales, and players learn toplay new games.While we did mention the trophies first, simply summing the use of PSN simply for thatwould be misleading. PSN is the complete and comprehensive online service for anyPlaystation owner. First off, the site offers the latest news and information hosted on theofficial Sony Playstation Blog. Since PSN allows users to create accounts for each localnetwork (US, UK, Japan and Asia), players are able to access unique content to eachregion. 11 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Downloadable content (also known as DLC) is another major reason why players shouldaccess the PS Network. Simple content for the console such as themes, wallpapers, andmusic are readily available. Game add-ons on the other hand provide an expansion formany existing games. Some will provide users with a new character costume or anadditional weapon or in-game item.Other DLC will completely enrich the game to a whole new level –some by literallyadding a new level or stage and others by adding so much content that it is practically agame in itself. Not all DLC however, is free. Some of this content will require players tomake an online purchase. While the additional cost may be a bother, most of the contentoffered is well worth the investment.Of course, social networking is a key feature for PSN users. Players can get connected toother PSN users through a friends list which allows them to send and receive messages toother players. This also helps facilitate online multiplayer game sessions among users.Once added to the friends list, a player may also check and compare their current trophiesand latest games played.For those who have already started using the Playstation Network, this is one extrafeature that Sony has recently enabled: the PSN Plus. This is a subscription based servicethat allows users to get more content from PSN. Paid users will be able to accessexclusive PSN+ content and also, discounted rates for all paid DLC –some of thedownloadable content are given out for free for Plus subscribers as well.Our recommendation to any PS3 owner is to make full use of PSN’s services. Evenwithout subscribing to Plus, you will get plenty of important features and additionalcontent. Also, connecting online is the only way to back up those hard earned trophies(choose the sync to server option). The recently opened cloud storage on the other hand isthe only way to back up locked save games. With service access already built into theconsole, there really is no excuse to not sign up.Konami Codes on Your Playstation 3Any hardcore gamer knows the ever-famous “Konami Code.” This series of buttonpresses, when entered in the right sequence at a certain point in a game will unlock amyriad of freebies. Originally used in the first Gradius game in Japan and later, madefamous in the US version of Contra. This button sequence has made its appearance on awide variety of platforms, including HTML, and the next generation Playstation 3 is noexception. Here’s a quick list of some the currently known uses of it. 12 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Also, for those not familiar with the code: it is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right,triangle, circle.For Castlevania - Lords of Shadow: Kojima Productions has made it a point to insert thecode in the game. Do the sequence in any loading screen and players get to unlock acomplete cheats menu. However, doing this will prevent you from saving the game orearning trophies, so only use it if you want to goof around without fear or dying; morepractical players will use this to explore a little more, then reload an uncheated save.If you are a little tired and weary of the announcers in MLB 10: the Show, then youmight want to try out these three code variations. Enter the sequence mentioned above,but replace the triangle-circle with either Up, Right or Left. Doing so will mute out thevoice of Dave Campbell (up), Mat Vasgersian (right) or Rex Hudler (left).For those of you seeking out a slightly more powerful weapon in Mercenaries 2, bring outthe PDA and type in the button sequence. Doing so will unlock the slightly imbalancedNuclear Bunker Buster. This is particularly useful early on in the game.US users of the PS3 will discover that the Netflix application on the console will requireplayers to use the code as part of the service deactivation sequence. In Lucha Libre AAA:Heroes of the Ring, will enable players to enter the minis sub-game mode of the game.The code should be entered at the player selection screen (this will also unlock a trophyas well!).In order to get the Old School trophy in the Saw II: Flesh and Blood, players will have toenter the Konami code (which will have to be done while holding down a trigger button).This can be done as early in the game as the start screen.Silent Hill: Homecoming will allow players to unlock a younger version of Alex in thegame (this is the same character model that appears in the game’s flashback sequences).While it does not change the story in any way, it certainly feels a little scarier when he’s alot younger.The Beastie Boys are actually unlockable characters in the new NBA Jam 2010 game. Doget them, enter the Konami code at the start screen, also, note that the code here will usecircle-cross instead of triangle-circle. Players needing a quick health refill in Orange Box(for Half-Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two), enter the code and a 25 point healthrestoring medkit will spawn right in front of you. 13 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. Last on our list, a quick additional costume for Resonance of Fate; at any point during orafter the fifth chapter, go to Leanne’s closet. While browsing the closet (while the textshows), enter the Konami code. This unlocks an additional shirt called the 8-Bit Girl.Aside from these, there are plenty more uses of the Konami code. We can certainlyexpect to see this iconic button sequence popping up in more Playstation 3 games andconsole features in the near future.Gaming Throwdown: Sony’s PS3 takes on Microsoft’s Xbox 360There are already plenty of arguments and theories all over the web comparing the PS3with the 360 and each viewpoint and idea has its own merits. This however, is a morespecialized look at comparing the two systems: from the point of view of a player togame relationship. And we’ll throw in the spoiler here as well: the PS3 wins this matchhands down. As for how and why, here is a quick breakdown of top three categoriesconsidered.There are many ways to define hardcore gaming –particularly for many who are quitecompetitive. But that is where the differentiation begins. For the sake of this argument, ahardcore gamer is not a player that focuses on competing with other players. It is theplayer that focuses entirely on the game.Indeed, the Xbox 360 is not short of single player titles such as JRPGs and the like, but inthis regard, the 360 has very few exclusives and the releases of the multi-console oneswould always have a superior PS3 version in terms of having more content or betterperformance. Heavy Rain has been lauded as a more cinematic game than Alan Wake.Meanwhile, the Uncharted series and Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 4 have no equivalentson the Microsoft system.The 360 costs a lot more to run than the PS3; sure, in terms of price, Sony’s console has aheftier tag. But the 360’s online service is subscription based and the controller requiresbatteries. In the long run, you will spend more on the 360. Now, this may not seem like agaming concern, but in truth, it is.The more money you spend on maintaining a system, the less you spend buying moregames. Also, the 360’s history with freezing up and getting corrupted is a major turn-offfor single players. The threat of possibly losing all your save files (which is basicallyseveral hundred hours of effort) due to the Red Ring of Death, or Red Dot of Death forthe new slim 360, will keep you on your toes each time you boot up the device. Microsoftwill offer to help fix your system –or offer you a refurbished console. 14 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. Neither of these solutions will restore your files, and both will still require you to shellout some cash. Sony’s PS3 may have had its fair share of problems, but never on thesame level as the RRoD. Having a more stable system to play in provides that pricelessfeeling of security for any hard core gamer.Developers are discovering the power of Blu-Ray. The two systems use different mediafor games; PS3 titles are stored in Blu-Ray discs which have higher capacities than theHD-DVD that Microsoft uses. This means that as games get bigger and bigger,developers are able to store more content on the PS3 disc, and eventually, they will fill itto the brim. At which point, Xbox games will have to resort to using multiple discs.This may not be an issue for some titles, but in certain genres, such as open world games,this will mean that the gameplay experience will no longer be seamless (if the earlierareas are in the first disc, going back to them later in the game might require players toexchange discs). At the moment, this is not yet the status quo and only one gamecurrently falls under this category: the abovementioned MGS4. And somehow, that onesingle exclusive is more than enough proof for this point.Of course, there is no such thing as a better system overall. While we do appreciate manyof the positive features of the PS3, there is no console that will manage to satisfy theneeds of every single unique gamer out there. In the end, the choice of selecting a consoledepends heavily on the needs of the player; and ultimately, all video game fans wouldsimply want to have both.See the top 3 gaming headsets reviewed on this page... Customer reviews revealabout everything you need to know! Get the best gaming headset at the best price! 15 Review the best gaming headsets © All Rights Reserved