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Biological Domains - The Internet of Human Beings as the New Big Data

Describes how patient genetic data will cause health records to evolve into biological domains. Suggests genomes could disrupt current information flows on the web - with human beings moving from user accounts to nodes on the network with real time consent.

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Biological Domains - The Internet of Human Beings as the New Big Data

  1. 1. The Internet of Human Beings July 30, 2013 | California Biological Domains & Big Data Alice Rathjen, CEO, Founder DNA Guide Alice Rathjen © 2013 - How Genetic Data Will Force Health Records To Evolve
  2. 2. 20232013 Research Institutes Government IDs / Passports Electronic Health Records Biometric Access/ E-Commerce Ancestry Online Identity Services Citizen Science Patient Advocacy Sites Non-Govt. Health Organizations Disaster Response / Epidemics Gaming (DNA avatars) 2 Billion Genomes in 10 Years Will Transform Information Flows of the Web Estimates by Alice Rathjen © 2013 - Potential Sources for Biological Domain Registrars
  3. 3. The Current Web The Future Web Mobile Internet of Things Search E Commerce Social Biological Network - Internet of Human Beings The Old Web Solving Health Care IT for the Future Web Health Records Evolve Into Biological Domains Exponential Growth in Data from the Body Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  4. 4. What Happens Once Genetic Data is Added to a Health Record? Health Record Genetic Dataset “Sticky” Universal Health Record Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  5. 5. Health Data Becomes Identifiable Big Data = Big Liability Health Record Genetic Dataset De- identified Data De-Identified Data Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  6. 6. Solution : Health IT Network = Biological Domain Registrar Health Record Genetic Dataset Portable Patient Health Record (patient picks trusted registrar) Alice Rathjen © 2013 - Real Time Consent
  7. 7. Future Health Record Human = Node On The Network Biometric Map of the Body Map of the Genome Lifestyle, Environment Patient Centric Bi-Directional Information Flow Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  8. 8. Mobile/Visual Maps of Body & Genome  Information Organized by Location & Time  Patient Raw Data Stored Separately  Dynamic Interpretation & Reports  Easy Adoption  Needs to be able to Scale Indefinitely Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  9. 9. Dynamic Health Information Quality Rating Quality of Science Medical Utility Viewing Risk (Graded) A,B,C,D,F W = Withdrawn , I = Incomplete(by Scientific Community) (by Health Care Providers/ Payers) E = Everyone PG = Physician Guidance R = Restricted (Medical Ethics, Counselor) Category Rating (Five Star Rating) (i.e.Movie Rating) Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  10. 10. Exponential Growth Patient Data • Imaging • Remote Sensors • Cancer Tumor Analysis • Drug Response • Disease Risk • Carrier Testing • Life Style • Environment Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  11. 11. User Accounts Biological Domains Old Big Data vs. New Big Data just data JUST DATA Alice Rathjen © 2013 -
  12. 12. The Internet of Human Beings July 30, 2013 | Sebastopol, California Biological Domains & Big Data Alice Rathjen, CEO, Founder DNA Guide Patient Health Information with Real Time Consent Alice Rathjen © 2013 -