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DNA Guide - Full Genome Molecular Diagnostics Platform


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Presentation given at Beyond the Genome in San Francisco, CA June 2011.

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DNA Guide - Full Genome Molecular Diagnostics Platform

  1. 1. Navigating Genetic Data Privacy, Regulation and Ease of Use Presentation @ Beyond the Genome, San Francisco, CA June 2011 DNA Guide, Inc. All rights reserved 2011 Alice Rathjen, President, Founder
  2. 2. The Problem.. No Path to Market Genetic Data Explosion Huge investment in Sequencing Technologies and Molecular Diagnostics Personalized Medicine R&D Pharma / Clinical Trials Consumers/ Patients INSURANCE Regulation, Privacy, Ease of Use Health Services
  3. 3. Privacy Biometric based security allow written consent to evolve into “real time” consent • Use values in DNA sample to uniquely identify each dataset • Store and retrieve genetic data anonymously • Perform audits, merge data • Re-associate information throughout a person’s lifetime • Have variations for different uses Raw DNA Values DNA Security Token
  4. 4. Regulation
  5. 5. Solution is to Manage Interpretation and Access Down to the Base Pair Level
  6. 6. DNA Guide Enables Dynamic Regulation & Compliance Quality of Science Medical Utility Viewing Risk (Graded) A,B,C,D,F W = Withdrawn I = Incomplete (by Scientific Community) (by Health Care Providers/ Payers) E = Everyone, PG = Physician Guidance R = Restricted (Genetic Counselors, Ethics) Category Rating (Five Star Rating) (Movie Rating)
  7. 7. Ease of Use (Mitochondria)
  8. 8. Making the Complex - Simple Highest Risk Slightly Higher Risk Normal Lower Risk Low Magnitude High Magnitude
  9. 9. Quick Risk Assessment
  10. 10. Converting the $1,000 Genome into the Two Minute Genome
  11. 11. Removing the Genetic Education Barrier Simple Graphic’s to explain genetic variation Color code for Drug Response Information Stop! (check details) Warning (check details) Go (normal dose)
  12. 12. • Traditional model of laboratory services, proprietary algorithms, legacy single chromosome browsers, no dynamic mechanism for patient engagement. • DNA Guide Advantages – Patient engagement/empowerment focused mobile tools – Leverage static nature of raw genome data vs public domain, changing patent landscape, with ability to open up platform to third party molecular diagnostics – Provides foundation for patient centric health record Competition
  13. 13. DNA Guide Product Modules DNA Security Token DNA Compass DNA Body Use values within the DNA sample to uniquely identify every dataset. Token serves as a dynamic or static IP address - allowing every person to become a node on the network. DNA Guide provides mobile dynamic maps of entire genomes and can perform spatial analysis across multiple layers of different types of genetic data. DNA Guide’s DNA Body will provide expression data, medical records, and images to be linked to a map of the human body and to genomic location.
  14. 14. Human Body Linked to Gene Expression Electronic Health Record Grand SLAM Long term plans - expression data and medical records linked to a map of persons body with electronic health record user account derived from their DNA. Note: Image of body is from Google body browser but reflects DNA Plans to incorporate map of body as part of EMR solution.
  15. 15. Go to Market Strategy Follow the Data into the Marketplace Large Scale Enterprise Software Deployments Cloud Services Research Consumers/ Patients Payors,Welness $120 average per user per year plus transaction fees Health Services, Government Entities Pharma, Clinical Trials, Molecular Diagnosticss
  16. 16. HEALTH SERVICE PROVIDER Assess Patient Interact with payer to determine eligibility Prescribe test Collect patient DNA sample Submit DNA sample to lab View lab information and interpret results Provide analysis and recommendation to patient Prescribe course of action. Interface with pharma regarding personalized medicine Interact with pharma with clinical trial information $120 avg per user/year subscription PATIENT Seeks Health Services Submits DNA Sample Views interpretation of results from physician Interact with payer regarding reimbursement Participation in Clinical Trials Receives Drugs and Info from Pharma INSURANCE and PAYER ENTITIES Require DNA tests for reimbursement of Rx and determine which genetic tests qualify for reimbursement LAB Process sample and results Provide raw DNA data to database storage for interpretation PHARMA/BIOTECH/R&D INDUSTRY Provide sample collection kits and information regarding personalized medicine Interface with physician and patients in clinical trials Provide lab with new products and services Provide patient with retail info DNA Guide Genome Management Software Information Flow
  17. 17. $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 FY1 FY2 FY3 FY4 FY5 Millions US Wellness Revenue Revenue Cost of Goods/Sale G&A Operating Profit/(Loss) Financials Capital Efficient – Multiple Revenue Streams
  18. 18. Alice Rathjen President, Founder William Kimmerly, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer Product Dev. Team Xavier Thomas Saw Yu Wai Jeff Protentis (Sales) ADVISOR Mark S. Boguski, M.D., Ph.D. Center for Biomedical Informatics Harvard Medical School Team AWARD
  19. 19. Funding/Milestones Milestones Completed Human Genome Map deployed and tested on all major mobile platforms (iPAD, iPhone, Android, Blackberry) Pilot Customer Projects ( Secured Mark Boguski, MD, Ph.D., Harvard as advisor. Discussion on Strategic partnerships underway with industry leaders (ESRI, Microsoft) Winner Kaufman Women in Science & Engineering Business Idea Competition 2011 World DNA Day Personalized Medicine Panel – Dalian, China 2011 Selected as “technology breakthrough” for Consumer Genetics Conference, Harvard Personalized Medicine Lab Symposium, Personalized Medicine World Conference Selected for Health 2.0 San Francisco “Launch” Seed investment Finalize agreements with initial customer Formalize strategic partnerships Apply for government grants Build out additional features Secure Series A Funding Series A Top-tier management team recruited Secure Major Enterprise Software Customers
  20. 20. • Industry Transforming Technology • Multiple Revenue Streams & Capital Efficient • Visionary Team Summary of DNA Guide Opportunity Navigating Genetic Data Regulation, Privacy and Ease of Use T G C A Contact: Alice Rathjen