Thinkbeyondplastic go green


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Thinkbeyondplastic go green

  1. 1. Go GreenEcofriendlyDirector: Dina Nagodra (MSc PTH,MBBS)Khartoum, Sudan We generate CommunityDirected Intervention Projects forpreserving green Environment inthe developing countries.
  2. 2. Changing cultural beliefs and customs In developing countries, there is still no recycling programme and all the trash goes to the landfill. We convince people to change their customs and habits and promote recycling or refusing of plastics whichever feasible. Our main aim is to promote Community Directed Intervention to decrease the use of plastics worldwide.
  3. 3. Community Directed Intervention Changing the entrenched beliefs, customs and habits of billions of people worldwide, we target the root causes, their (behaviors) to have long- lasting green planet. Community Directed Intervention is the innovative community approach first adopted by African Programme for Onchocerciasis targeting unmanageable, arduous issues. Measurable indicators are reduction in use of plastic bags, plastic water, Coca Cola and Pepsi bottles and plastic disposable utensils.
  4. 4. Go Green Concept We work in partnership with the communities, community leaders, policy makers, journalists and celebrities and let the community identify community members from within to be in charge of measuring their daily plastic usage of bottles / bags and grade them accordingly. Our customers are Non Governmental Developmental Organizations (NGDOs) with whom we work in partnership to have long lasting, sustainable Impact with minimum cost- effective strategies.
  5. 5. CDI promoting habits of refusal of “use and throw” plasticsKAP Survey / Habits /Cost/ Conveniences/ Journalists and Advertisement andCommunity problems and suggested News focus Movie (Celebrities) solutions Partnerships with Heavy taxation onCommunity, NGDOs, Monthly reporting “use and throw” Policy makers, and analysis, sort of plastic Journalists, Monitoring and Celebrities, Plastic manufacturers Evaluationbottles manufacturers (Policy Makers) Training/responsibilities of Annual Community CDMs  educate Impact Measurement ofDirected Members of “use and throw” plastic on health, environment, Indicators (CDMs) selected implementation of 4 Rs, visualizing impact from among the alternatives to plastic, observing, recording & (bags, bottles, community reporting utensils)
  6. 6. Channels and Strategies
  7. 7. Competitors CDI is an innovative strategy and it is the most suitable approach solution for challenging problems like beliefs, customs and habits. Everyone working for Community directed approach for plastic bottles / bags refusal are partners rather than competitors as it is a united mission. However, major Competitors are the manufacturers of plastic bottles, bags and disposable utensils because we develop sustainable communities who says “NO to use and throw plastic”.
  8. 8. Go Green Missionaries Go green has been established by the  “Be the young innovative emerging scientists, change you who work voluntarily for preserving green want to see ecosystem & fight against health impacts in the world." due to environment pollution. - Mahatma It is totally not-for-(personal)profit Gandhi organization collaborating joint efforts of public health consultants, social  Why do we scientists, chemical & environmental have to wait scientists & anthropologists to achieve for same goals. governmentsMD: Dina Nagodra to make lawsTel: +249917678900 and compelEmail: us to do theKhartoum, Sudan right things as citizens?
  9. 9. FinancialsCDI Forecast 2013 2015 2018CDI covers Major cities in Sudan with NGDO XpartnershipsCDI adopted in whole Country XCDI expanded to include 10 African countries XRound 1: Krenny Round 2: Think Beyond Plastic 50KTrading InvestmentInvestment/Jan 2013 Human Resources $ 5,000KAP Household $ 2,000 Advertisement / Celebrities $5,000Survey Movie / Top Celebrities $20,000Travelling and $ 1,000Partnerships Social Media $ 5,000 Researches / Projects $10,000Initial CDI Concept $ 10,000 Travelling / Developing NGDO $2,000Implementation partnerships Monitoring and Evaluation $ 3,000Total Investment $ 13,000 Total Investment $ 50,000
  10. 10. CDI focus on changing of cultureof “use & throw” plastic NB: Sudan and US Statistics used
  11. 11. Current plus Future Forecast If we win the competition, we hope to use the price in:  CDI Projects expansion in Africa  Heart touching Movie  Human Resources for Monitoring and Evaluation