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If you want to survive in Marketing, it's time to know Agile.


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For over a decade, Agile has brought transparency, collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness to the world of software development, and now it is starting to make inroads in other parts of the organization. Marketing, sales, HR and operations can all start small and begin to see the HUGE upside of the Agile mindset. No longer do projects need to be risky, nerve-racking, scary initiatives.

You’ll learn how the VersionOne marketing team is successfully using Agile to deliver products that customers love. This isn’t a one-off phenomenon, but an organizational transformation that can build stronger employees and teams.

Three takeaways from this “Agile” exercise:

1. Understanding Agile principles to stay relevant in today’s economy

2. How to make your marketing team a ‘learning team’ — every day, every project, every quarter

3. Tactics for finding connections both outside and inside your organization to help you stay strong and focused

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If you want to survive in Marketing, it's time to know Agile.

  1. 1. If you want to survive in Marketing, it’s time to know Agile. Dan Naden VersionOne Community Manager
  2. 2. Let’s get to know you.
  3. 3. Manage your life or it will manage you.
  4. 4. My life is agile.
  5. 5. Agile? Huh?
  6. 6. So why agile for marketing? 294 Billion emails are sent. 2 Million blog posts are written. 172 Million different people on F’book. 532 Million status updates. 844,000 hours of video sent to YouTube. 40 Million different people on Twitter. 22 Million different people on LinkedIn Source: MBA Online The amount of change happening daily is astounding.
  7. 7. Marketing teams today are not nimble & quick. • Heavy planning process • Customer feedback is scattered, confused • Hard work, but are we delivering value? • Meetings, meetings, and more meetings.
  8. 8. Nordstrom: Developing product on the fly
  9. 9. How can we make our teams more adaptive to change?
  10. 10. The Daily Standup brings accountability and transparency.
  11. 11. Sprint Planning: What will we get done in the next 2 wks? Sprint Review: Show and tell time
  12. 12. Retrospective: Inspect and Adapt • What things did we do well? • What did we do that we should avoid doing in the future? Do this at the end of every sprint.
  13. 13. User stories: Focus on outcomes, not features.
  14. 14. What will agile bring your marketing team? • A ‘test and learn’ DNA • A close connection to the customer voice • Transparency, accountability • A tight-knit, focused, collaborative team
  15. 15. We’ve had our share of challenges. • Co-located Distributed • Understanding gap • How do we know what’s working? • Team roles (Scrummaster, Product Owner)
  16. 16. Expect pushback.
  17. 17. So how can you get started with agile? • Leverage the experts; harness their passion. • What does success mean? Themes and metrics. • Start small and grow. Whiteboard. • Experiment quickly and be transparent on what’s working.
  18. 18. There’s plenty to learn.
  19. 19. Thank you. Dan Naden VersionOne Community Manager New eBook: How Do Brands Win Business: