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On Factors Affecting the Usage and Adoption of a Nation-wide TV Streaming Service


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Using nine months of access logs comprising 1.9
Billion sessions to BBC iPlayer, we survey the UK ISP ecosystem to understand the factors affecting adoption and usage of a high bandwidth TV streaming application across different providers. We find evidence that connection speeds are important and that external events can have a huge impact for live TV usage. Then, through a temporal analysis of the access logs, we demonstrate that data usage caps imposed by mobile ISPs significantly affect usage patterns, and look for solutions. We show that product bundle discounts with a related fixed-line ISP, a strategy already employed by some mobile providers, can better support user needs and capture a bigger share of accesses. We observe that users regularly split their sessions between mobile and fixed-line connections, suggesting a straightforward strategy for offloading by speculatively pre-fetching content from a fixed-line ISP before access on mobile devices.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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On Factors Affecting the Usage and Adoption of a Nation-wide TV Streaming Service

  1. 1. On Factors Affecting the Usage and Adoption of a Nation-wide TV Streaming Service Dmytro Karamshuk1, Nishanth Sastry1, Jigna Chandaria2, Andy Secker2 1King's College London, 2BBC R&D CD-GAIN: EPSRC project in collaboration with BBC R&D,
  2. 2. CISCO Visual Networking Index Video usage is exploding… • Video traffic is predicted to reach 79% by 2018 • Three-fourths of mobile traffic will be video by 2019
  3. 3. Users have a lot of choice in Video Access Devices Pricing models Operators • Different networks 3G/4G and WiFi often both together • Different Pricing (unlimited and limited data plans) • Different devices (phones, tablets, PCs, Game Consoles, TVs, etc.) We need to study the whole ecosystem to understand user choices
  4. 4. Users - 32 M/month IP address – 20 M/month Sessions - 1.9 Billion May 2013 – Jan 2014 ≈ 50% of population First-mile View of the UK’s IP-ecosystem UK Population – 64M Only available in UK [ISPs are comparable] [
  5. 5. Different perspectives on IP ecosystem very large scale cross ISPs view DISCHINGER et al. [IMC’ 2007] SUNDARESAN et al. [ACM CCR‘2011] KREIBICH et al. [IMC’ 2010] SÁNCHEZ et al. [NSDI’2013] XU et al. [ACM CCR’2005] KARAGIANNIS et al. [ACM CCR’2005] MAIER et al. [IMC ‘2009] MOORE et al. [ACNM‘2005] Last-mile: End-user Middle Mile: Internet Service Provider First Mile: Popular Website small scale, highly sampled single ISP single app
  6. 6. Longitudinal View across ISPs Fixed-line Internet market (5 representative providers) Mobile market is more dynamic than the fixed-line Internet market Mobile Internet market (5 representative providers)
  7. 7. Data caps decrease market share All-you-can-eat data (M1, M5) Limited-cap data packages (M2 – M4) All-you-can-eat plans boost user consumption
  8. 8. Temporal Patterns in different ISPs Fixed-line accesses (F1-F5) peaks in the evening Mobile users watch more during commutes FixedLinedISPsMobile,limiteddatacaps
  9. 9. Mobile Data Pricing and Behavior + = Unlimited data plans (M1, M5) is a superposition of both FixedLinedISPsMobile,limiteddatacaps Mobile,unlimiteddata
  10. 10. More on Behavior: How Users Navigate across Content Mobile users navigate more Per user activity levels Per user completion ratio … but complete less
  11. 11. Completing Watching across ISPs Users complete watching across different sessions and networks Fixed-line ISPs Mobile ISPs Per user completion ratio
  12. 12. Speculative Content Pre-fetching Pre-fetch at home Watch during commutes Speculative pre-fetching can save up to 50% of mobile traffic
  13. 13. Prefetching does not work for Live Content Ok, because live is low volume We can provision for sport events in advance … except for special sport events
  14. 14. We need to provide Infrastructural Support DevicesPricing modelsOperators Infrastructural Support
  15. 15. Impact of Infrastructural Support Average per-user # sessions Infrastructural support is important Correlation with Ofcom statistics
  16. 16. Conclusion • mobile market is dynamic and all-you-can-eat boosts user consumption • mobile consumption peaks during commutes • mobile content pre-fetching can save up to 50% of mobile data except for special events • infrastructural support is important to boost user consumption
  17. 17. Dmytro Karamshuk King's College London follow me on Twitter: @karamshuk Check out our another INFOCOM’2015 paper: ISP-friendly Peer-assisted On-demand Streaming of Long Duration Content in BBC iPlayer