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Complete Iphone & Android Apps & API Development
Complete Website Development -Joomla & WordPress
Complete Hybrid & Native Apps with Social ,Proximity , Geo-Fancing Apps.

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Dynamic Methods -Portfolio & Services

  1. 1. Palm Pre Apps Mobile/Web Application Development http://www.acu.edu/technology/team55/ima ges/blackberry.jpg
  2. 2. Dynamic Methods is one of the development company specializing in customized Web and Mobile application development. & Software Development. We have exclusive Research and Development center for Mobile Technology. We have already proven our expertise in providing services on multiple mobile platforms like Win CE/ Pocket PC,, Blackberry, Symbian OS and Palm OS We have provided various services in iPhone Mobile technology like Health Care and application development, porting service, testing service and game engine development.
  3. 3. Business Engagement Models
  4. 4. Agile Development Process
  5. 5. How it’s Work?  An initial scope is identified to define the project duration and team size. This scoping and sizing phase is intentionally short, and the details of the application will be gathered as the project progresses and user feedback is received  Once the project is started, the team starts working immediately in the implementation of the solution’s main backbone. After 2-3 weeks, a first working version of the application is demonstrated to the business users to gather the first set of feedback is incorporated into the project’s plan.
  6. 6.  Features and feedback are re-prioritized every two weeks, to ensure full alignment with the actual business needs. Business users have full-fledged, working versions of the application, dramatically enhancing the quality of their feedback. Every two weeks a new version is demonstrated to users, for additional feedback gathering.  The final application is delivered after several iterations, with typical projects having a duration of 8-12 weeks. There is never a compromise of extending the project duration, thus ensuring that every application is delivered on the agreed time.  When the application is rolled out to the whole user base, a wealth of new user feedback is available, which can be incorporated during the tuning phase of the project. This further ensures that the final application is adopted by all users.
  7. 7. We are also providing development services for iPhone. We have experienced in developing applications on iPhone Platform. We are also on verge to develop iPhone based games. Our team of professionals has competency in iPhone SDK including Xcode IDE, iPhone Simulator, Interface builder, instruments, frameworks, complier. We deliver porting services for an existing applications or development from the scratch on iPhone. We also provide Testing services for iPhone applications and games.
  8. 8. Customer Feedbacks •List of Car from Central Server (XML Feed) •Booking Reservation of Car •Notification to Email
  9. 9. Customer Feedbacks = •List of Car from Central Server (XML Feed) •Booking Reservation of Car •Notification to Email
  10. 10. Customer Feedbacks = •List of Car from Central Server (XML Feed) •Booking Reservation of Car •Notification to Email
  11. 11. = •List of Car from Central Server (XML Feed) •Booking Reservation of Car •Notification to Email
  12. 12. Our Services offerings • Web /Custom Software Development • Php , .Net . ASP,. Ruby • Portal Development • Report Development • Cloud Application Development • Server Configuration & Support • Digital Pen & Paper Solution • Dynamic Paper Form Integration • iPhone/ipad Application Development • iPhone/ipad Social Application Development • iPhone/ipad Audio /Video Application • iPhone/ipad GPS application • iPhone/ipad Business Application with CMS Integrated • iPhone/ipad Game Development • iPhone/ipad Porting service • iPhone/ipad Ecommerce App Development • Porting of any standard application to iPhone platform • Porting of any standard game to iPhone platform • iPhone/ipad Testing Service • Functional testing, Environment Testing, Performance Testing and OTA Testing
  13. 13. Apps Developed By Us.
  14. 14. Apps Developed By Us.
  15. 15. DiabetesEDC – Education App DiabetesEDC –App Discover what you missed With over 700,000 diabetes videos on YouTube… How can you keep up? Now, discover what you’ve missed with the Diabetes EDC app. Easy categories and curated content of the best in Diabetes information. A perfect score in each POP Quiz will enter you into sponsored giveaway contests available exclusively on this website. Select the sample icon to subscribe to boxofcare.com and receive diabetic sample items delivered to y our door… every month! Watch more, learn more, sample more with Diabetes EDC
  16. 16. DiabetesEDC – Education App
  17. 17. DiabetesEDC – Education App Portal Development
  18. 18. DiabetesEDC – Education App Portal Development
  19. 19. Smart -Care Smart –Care - Pharmacy App on Cloud 1.Pharmacy Software on Cloud 3.Highly Customized Reporting Service 4.Fully Integrated with Smart –eRx – Tablet Software Hosted at SmartRxCloud.ca Coming soon … - August 2014
  20. 20. Smart -eRx Smart -eRx • • • • • • • • • Patient Order Management Patient Rx –Refill /Discontinue/ Hold Patient Admission Patient –Smart-TMR (Physician Review) Patient –Smart –Notes Patient – Smart –Followup Patient – Smart –Prescription-Archive. Patient –Smart-Mar* - Dec 2013 Patient – Med-Check* – Nov 2013 Why Smart * - highly complex prediction artificial intelligent integrated apps using latest nearest field detection alogrithm.
  21. 21. Smart -eRx Smart –eRx offers 1.New Admission 2.New Order 3.Re Order 4.Discontinue 5.Hold 6.Drug Record Book 7.Med-Check 8.Physician Medication Review
  22. 22. Smart -eAlert Smart –eAlert - for Patient Care Advance Patient Care with Latest Gadgets. Coming soon – April 2014
  23. 23. Web Development DreamMaster – complete wordpress website
  24. 24. Web Development Itlinkspot.com– complete wordpress website
  25. 25. Portal Development Pets911 – complete website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  26. 26. v Portal Development Pawpins – complete website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  27. 27. Portal Development Description Pets Security App with QR Code tag integration Pets Owners - Chat Service Pets Owner - Lost & Found Notification Pets911 - IVR - Five9 Call Center Setup. Pets911 Adaptation Third Party API Integration Pets911 – complete website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  28. 28. Portal Development Pets911 – complete website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  29. 29. Portal Development Pets911 – complete website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  30. 30. Portal Development Description GetLuvGivLuv - GetLuvGivLuv –Iphone and Android APPS.
  31. 31. Portal Development GetLuvGivLuv –Iphone and Android APPS.
  32. 32. Portal Development Description Lean Audit - LeanAudit –Iphone and Android APPS.
  33. 33. Portal Development LeanAudit –Iphone and Android APPS.
  34. 34. Portal Development LeanAudit –Iphone and Android APPS.
  35. 35. Portal Development Hong Kong Primary School - Hong Kong Primary Schhol –Iphone APPS.
  36. 36. Portal Development Hong Kong Primary Schhol –Iphone APPS.
  37. 37. Portal Development Hong Kong Primary Schhol –Iphone APPS.
  38. 38. Portal Development CycleRides - CycleRides –Complete Website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  39. 39. Portal Development CycleRides –Complete Website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  40. 40. Portal Development CycleRides –Complete Website with Iphone and Android APPS.
  41. 41. Real Estate App on Anroid Application
  42. 42. http://www.mobilehurricanecenter.com/ima ges/iphone-img.png
  43. 43. http://www.mobilehurricanecenter.com/ima ges/iphone-img.png
  44. 44. http://www.mobilehurricanecenter.com/ima ges/iphone-img.png
  45. 45. http://www.mobilehurricanecenter.com/ima ges/iphone-img.png
  46. 46. Applications iRec Application  This application is used to record voice.  Recording can be done in good, better and best quality according to sound frequency..  User can share recorded audio via email, box.net, facebook and twitter  Audio can be used as a voice mail from spinvox.com  User can synchronize audio to Mac PC from iPhone  Support trim audio recording functionality itune-irec
  47. 47. Salient Features :  Voice Recording.  Share Recording via Email, box.net, facebook and twitter.  Audio used as a Voice mail.  Voice Synchronization from iPhone to Mac PC.  Audio Trimming.
  48. 48. Salient Features : • Menu /Content Central Manageable using Custom CMS App. • GPS base navigation of Hurricane evacuation route •RSS Feed from various sites and customization RSS Feed •Yahoo pipe integration for various weather graphic rendering
  49. 49. Applications HSR/Rail  This is the application for Railway System.  In this various routes for the train in East, West, South & North direction are visible.  User can select the departure and arrival stations with the convenient time at a particular day he wants to go, and he can get the list of trains.  He can directly book the tickets for the particular train.
  50. 50. Salient Features : • Portal For Rail System –Timetable with Multiple language support
  51. 51. GO ARMY Content Management System For All Content Automatically update on Iphone side using Web Service
  52. 52. Applications iCoptic • Meditate on the daily liturgical readings of the Coptic Orthodox Church from the Katamerous (lectionary), Synexarium (lives of the saints), pray from the Agpeya (book of hours) and read the Holy Bible. • No internet connection is necessary as all the readings are on your device!!
  53. 53. Salient Features : • ‘Today’ : liturgical readings of the day including Vespers, Matins, Pauline, Catholic, Acts, & Gospel. • ‘Katamerous’ : pick any day of the year (Coptic or Gregorian calendars) and it will view the readings for that specific day. • ‘Synexarium’ : read the lives of the Saints for that day. A search feature is also available in this section. • ‘Agpeya’ : view the entire book of hours. You may view the complete hour at once or choose a specific pslam to pray. • ‘Bible’ : read any book in the Bible!
  54. 54. About Us • Dynamic-Methods is a leading and globally accepted IT solution provider and currently at the forefront of software technologies to serve the people across the world looking to their interest and demand. We spread our wings in the business of Application Development, Web Designing & Multimedia, Custom Internet Solutions / e - Commerce, Product Development & Support, Technical and Data Helpdesk, Consulting and Support Services, Legacy Applications Re-engineering, Mobile Application Development, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). We also provide Hardware, Networking and System Integration services in India. • We are constantly in the process of updating our software skills and adopting new technologies that can perform better functions. We believe in integrating our skills with our clients' inputs to achieve desirable results. We have developed our own performance measurement systems that virtually support our clients into the routine of software developing and over- viewing the performance of our skilled manpower. • If you need a solution, come to us. We deliver any application that is web based and further our solutions are designed to adapt your business rather than your business adapting the software. Our solutions are 100% fruitful and empower you to take control of your business online and in real time!
  55. 55. Contact Us Canada Office: Dynamic-Methods Enterprise Solution Scarborough Ontario M1H-2E9 CANADA. Email Us At : info@dynamic-methods.com Call Us At : +1 647 400 5250 India Development Centre : 214, Shreeji Complex,2nd Floor, Nr Pradesh Congress Samiti Nr V.S Hospital, Ellis bridge Ahmedabad,Gujarat. INDIA. :+9179 30524723(India)