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Danny Mukendi

  1. 1. Female African Artists The past and present
  2. 2. The past• Art form: rock art, metal sculptures and carvings , textiles and weights, masks…• Purpose: used for spiritual purposes
  3. 3. Women in art?• Limited information or non existent; record keeping is only a recent enterprise in Africa as traditionally stories were told from generations to generations• Contrast to European art where the notion of art for beauty as well as story telling was evident in early years
  4. 4. TodayArt is viewed differently today;although art is still created fortraditional spiritual beliefs, lots ofprogress had been made towardsusing art for storytelling, decoration, politicalagendas, raising awareness and themany other use of arts as is done inthe western world…
  5. 5. Still today…Despite the changes, the number offemale African artists in sub-SaharaAfrica is still insignificant; only aselected few have the opportunityto present their work to largeaudiences at home or abroad.
  6. 6. The few…• Suzanne Ouedraogo: from Burkinafaso in west Africa.
  7. 7. Suzanne O• Mutilation: Through her work she presents social issues oppressing the population. Suzanne presents the subject of female mutilation.
  8. 8. Art by Suzanne• Vibrant colors; a naked woman hiding her privates, running away• A male lower extremities portrayed as a monster in pursuit
  9. 9. Mutilation continue…• A kitchen scene where a chicken looses its head• A naked female crying at the loss but cannot do a thing to change the situation
  10. 10. Gone…• Lost of hope, the circumcision has been done.
  11. 11. Frances AdemolaFor over 40 years, Frances has been anadvocate for African artists, she hasbeen striving to give them a greaterexposure. Mostly focused in Ghanawhere she is from and where she hopesto set up a museum, Frances still workswith various artists to put them it thespotlight.
  12. 12. Frances, continue…• A combination of vibrant colors and happier subjects clearly sets a welcoming tone.• Her work depicts various daily life activities
  13. 13. African art influence in Modern art and architecture• Modern artists such as Picasso, Derain, M atisse, Moligliani became enthralled by African art at the start of the 20th C.
  14. 14. The future• Art in Africa is taking on a new meaning; people are starting to recognize its importance and the power of the message that can be delivered through art.• With more acceptance of women artists, a few are starting to make their presence known; however there is still a large pool of untapped talent that can only be discovered if further encouraged and if the opportunity is given for exposure.