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Wsd message isi president to delhi participants


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Wsd message isi president to delhi participants

  1. 1. To the Delhi participants of Convergence 2010, On behalf of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) we would like to convey our warmest congratulations to the participants of the Convergence 2010 event on the occasion of World Statistics Day. At this first World Statistics Day, statisticians worldwide, working in all kinds of statistical disciplines, contribute to the celebrations by organizing a wide variety of activities. We congratulate the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Ramjas College of the University of Delhi with organising this event. We wish the speakers and the participants an informative and pleasant conference. ISI contributes to the celebration with launching today the revised ISI Declaration on Professional Ethics. The Declaration contains a coherent set of shared values and principles to be used by statisticians working in diverse organization around the world. ISI Director Ada van Krimpen will officially launch the revised Declaration at a special session on World Statistics Day during the Conference of ISI Section IAOS (International Association of Official Statistics) in Santiago de Chile. We encourage the use of the new Declaration statisticians worldwide and recommend paying attention to the new Declaration in your important work. Please accept our appreciation for your work and wishing all of you a successful meeting and happy World Statistics Day! Yours Sincerely, Jef Teugels Ada van Krimpen President Director International Statitical Institute International Statitical Institute More information about the Declaration on Professional Ethics can be found on the ISI website: