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What do your listeners think about you when they're NOT listening to the radio? And attendees were taught why that question is perhaps more critical than what they think about you when they ARE listening. Tripp illustrated how the 31 times consumers turn on the radio each week are "Moments Of Truth" for your brand, and indicated what you can do to strengthen their loyalty.

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  • And just as we did with Loyalty, we can split the panel right down the middle. The middle point for Times spent with radio is about 90 minutes per day. That means that Half of the panel has a spends less than 90 minutes a day listening to radio. We labeled them as LIGHT Intensity. The other half spends MORE than 90 minutes per day listening to radio. They are HEAVY Intensity radio users.
  • The amazing thing about the heavy radio users is the amount they contribute to the total amount of radio. Even though they represent just have of the panel, they contriubute nearly 90% of the total minutes to radio! The whole other half of the panel. The light users, only 12 % So, along with P1 station, we can now have a better insightn into the quality and value of the listener. Since everyone is a P1, it’s critical we know more about these consumers
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  • dmr's Moments Of Truth Conclave Webinar

    1. 2. #Conclave
    2. 3. A $5 donation will be made in your name in thanks for your time invested today and in support of the Conclave Scholarship Fund .
    3. 4. The moment just before a consumer choice of MOMENTS TRUTH
    4. 5. The moment just before a consumer choice of MOMENTS TRUTH
    5. 6. Radio Listening Occasion of MOMENTS TRUTH
    6. 8. 31 Each Week of MOMENTS TRUTH
    7. 10. half half Midpoint: 60 minutes/day <60 min/day LIGHT >60 min/day HEAVY Time Spent with Radio
    8. 11. half half <60 min/day LIGHT >60 min/day HEAVY 88% 12% Time Spent with Radio
    9. 12. 94% of consumers consistently use the same amount of radio each week Time Spent with Radio
    10. 13. 31 7 Each Week of MOMENTS TRUTH
    11. 14. dmr Win First & Most of MOMENTS TRUTH
    12. 15. Loyalty: A consistent preference for and consumption of the same brand. - Journal of Consumer Behavior
    13. 16. Heavy Radio: 15 hours/week, 31 occasions You win 16 occasions (+50%) P1
    14. 17. 7.5 hours/week
    15. 18. #1 What do they think when they’re listening?
    16. 19. #2 What do they think about my station when they’re NOT listening?
    17. 20. 31 Awareness Attitude/Perception Motivation Choose My Brand First & Most Brand Relationship Market Share Mind Share of MOMENTS TRUTH
    18. 21. Mind Share = Relationships Deeply Knowing & Understanding Contact Communication Interaction
    19. 23. WTMX: 13% of cume  60% AQH
    20. 25. Build Your Brand Relationship Prime P1s Prime Prospects of MOMENTS TRUTH
    21. 26. Core wants to engage across multiple touchpoints
    22. 30. Build Your Brand Relationship Deeply understand WHO Where they are What they care about What else do they do of MOMENTS TRUTH
    23. 31. Questions & Thoughts
    24. 32. We’ll donate $5 to the Conclave Scholarship Fund . To ensure we make yours:
    25. 33. Questions & Thoughts #Conclave
    26. 34. We’ll donate $5 to the Conclave Scholarship Fund . To ensure we make yours:
    27. 35. For more information Tripp Eldredge, President [email_address] (859) 957-1590 dmr dmr dmr interactive