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This session covers the ins and outs of advertising: writing, researching, demographics, copy platforms

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Writefor media ucsd_ext_spring12_7

  1. 1. Writing for Media Session #7 “Writing Advertising Copy” UCSD Extension Spring 2012
  2. 2. Advertising Industry• $100 billion industry• Proctor & Gamble spends $4.9 billion• AT&T spends $3.3 billion• Super Bowl ad costs $2.6 million (30 secs)• Name other companies that spend $$$ on ads
  3. 3. Purpose• Inform• Persuade• Entertain• Motivate• Ultimately -- to Sell!
  4. 4. Power to Change• Thinking• Beliefs• Behavior
  5. 5. Process• Research• Prioritize• Best fit product, media, and purpose• Create• Results
  6. 6. Love/Hate Ads• Tivo, flip the page, or ignore banner ads• Degrading, pollutes minds, false facts• Vital link to economy• Provides vital info• 1,600 ad messages a day• Do you remember any ads today? (Work?)
  7. 7. Field of Advertising• Fun• Creative• Challenging
  8. 8. Needs and Desires• Food and drink• Shelter, security, and comfort• Sex, intimacy, and social content• Independence, privacy, fulfillment, power• Stimulation• Acquisition
  9. 9. Audience• Current users (reinforce behavior)• Prospective users (create behavior)
  10. 10. Audience Info• Surveys (mail, phone, online, etc.)• Focus groups• Interviews• Consumer product testing• Social media channels
  11. 11. Demo & Psychographics• Age• Gender• Income• Education• Marital status• Residence
  12. 12. Other Demographics• Race• Home ownership/rent• Number of children/adults in household• Type of housing• What people believe?• Anything else?
  13. 13. The Product• Item (vacuum cleaner)• Business (insurance company)• Idea (quitting smoking)• Any other examples of each?
  14. 14. The Product (cont.)• What the product does• Physical characteristics of product• History of product• Who makes the product (brand)• Price• Competition
  15. 15. Ad Keys• Market share (50% of sales in market)• Audience (few people know about it)• Product (new or updates)
  16. 16. Ad Solves Problem• Product’s market share is down• Product has a bad reputation• Product costs too much• Other problems?
  17. 17. The Ad Objective• Make people aware of product• Change people’s attitudes of product• Tell consumers of product’s improvements• Encourage people to shift from buying another product to buying this product
  18. 18. Copy Platform• Subject• Problem• Product characteristics• Objective• Target market
  19. 19. Copy Platform (cont.)• Competition• Statement of benefit or appeal • safer, save money, more comfortable, etc.• Creative theme• Supportive selling points
  20. 20. AIDA• Attract Attention• Hold Interest• Create a Desire for product• Stimulate Action (call to action)
  21. 21. Effective Copy Guide• Use clear, simple language• Active verbs• Be specific but overload w/ details• Precise language• Personal pronouns (you)• Contractions are Ok (don’t, can’t, hasn’t)
  22. 22. Print Ad Elements• Graphic• Headline• Subhead• Body copy• Call to action• Contact info
  23. 23. Copy Rules• Avoid grammar mistakes• Avoid exaggerations• Have a simple message in mind• Tell the consumer what to do• Make copy compelling
  24. 24. Broadcast Ads• Voices• Sound effects• Music• Pictures• Visual effects
  25. 25. Commercial Formats• Problem resolution (example)• Slice of life (example)• Documentary/demonstration (example)• Fantasy (example)• Using: spokesperson, testimonial, announcer
  26. 26. Web Ads• Banners• Buttons• Pop ups• Sold on “cost per impression” basis
  27. 27. Best Web Ads...• Deliver info w/ fewest words possible• Describe persuasively product benefits• Call to action w/ great clarity
  28. 28. Other Ad Types• Point-of-purchase (grocery stores)• Outdoor ads (billboards)• Direct mail (newsletters, catalogs, brochures, etc.)
  29. 29. Questions...