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Junior Jets Information

  1. 1. Junior Jets Building early foundations for college and career readiness• Welcoming grades 6, 7, and 8• A small, community-oriented middle school experience• A strong focus on the social & emotional needs of middle school students• Access to higher level courses & necessary interventions• Access to high school resources (electives, academics, athletics)• Explicit preparation for advanced level courses (content and study skills)• Students guided to develop and fulfill post-secondary goals starting in grade 6
  2. 2. Upcoming Information Nights• Wednesday, November 14• Wednesday, November 28• Wednesday, December 5All information nights held from 6:30-8:00PM inthe Encinal Library Media Center
  3. 3. HOME Junior JetsEncinal Mission and Vision StatementMission Control:• Encinal is an inclusive learning community engaging and empowering all students to actively take ownership of their education and future.Flight Plan:• Our vision is to be an extraordinary school—in the eyes of our students, educators, staff, and community. At Encinal, all students will become college and career ready in our dynamic, engaging, and cutting-edge environment.
  4. 4. HOME CommunitySocial & Emotional Needs of Students• Opening-year maximum of 192 students• Every student seen and known• Reduces the middle to high school transition• Students learn early how to “be a Jet” Project Cornerstone Peer-to-Peer Support Teacher Support
  5. 5. HOME COMMUNITY Project Cornerstone• Helps schools work toward creating positive and caring school climates that support academic achievement and the social/emotional needs of adolescents• Will provide training and consulting on building strength and resiliency in our students• Asset-building curriculum will be implemented in Junior Jet’s Advisory course
  6. 6. HOME COMMUNITY Peer-to-Peer SupportLink Crew• Existing high school orientation and mentoring program will expand to middle grades• Jets share the responsibility of welcoming and supporting the Junior Jets• Tie-in to both high school and middle school Leadership classesMentoring and Tutoring• At-risk Junior Jets paired with successful Jets• Academic and social-emotional needs addressed• Monitoring and training of 9th--12th grade mentors ensures appropriate, guided relationships between older and younger students
  7. 7. HOME COMMUNITY Adult SupportAdvisory• All students grades 6-8 part of an Advisory class• Forges close, meaningful relationships between students and a key adult• Students and teachers loop from 6th-8th gradeInterventions• Teachers and staff approach intervention as a team• Enables existing 9th grade Intervention Team to begin earlier
  8. 8. HOME AthleticsPhysical Education• P classes will include the use of the track, tennis and volleyball .E. courts, swimming pool, baseball field, football field• P teachers will collaborate 6-12 to better implement the P scope .E. .E. and sequence• Junior Jets will have the option to participate in the Alameda Education Foundation’s enrichment athletics program
  9. 9. HOME AcademicsCommon Core State Standards• Required beginning 2014-2015• Selecting or developing curriculum that is already aligned with the CCSS• Critical thinking and problem-solving skills emphasized• Literacy and technology skills embedded across disciplines
  10. 10. HOME AcademicsCommon-Core Aligned CurriculumMath• Implementation of district initiatives and collaboration with District Math Coach about best practices• Math Support classes tailored to the needs of students• Accelerated math classes (including access to high school math classes and college course A-G requirements)
  11. 11. HOME AcademicsCommon-Core Aligned CurriculumIBD (Inquiry By Design)• Implemented in all Junior Jets English classes• All 9th—12th grade English teachers trained• Procedures transferable to other disciplines• Emphasis on reading, writing, analysis and synthesis of non-fiction textTCI/History Alive• Project-based, hands-on curriculum• Art History emphasis• Also used in some classes 9-12
  12. 12. HOME AcademicsIntegrated Study Skills & StrategiesSIM (Strategic Instructional Model) Routines and Strategies• Series of strategies with over 30 years of research-based practices• All staff 6-12 trained and implementing• In-house trainers/coaches
  13. 13. HOME AcademicsDifferentiation: meeting the needs of all studentsJet Setters• Connected to the school day• Offers tutoring and assistance, as well as enrichment coursesAccess to high school courses• Accelerated learners (8th grade) have access to high school courses• Particularly in math, electives, foreign language• Middle school students may meet some UC course requirements by 8th grade , leaving room for more electives in high school
  14. 14. HOME AcademicsInformation Literacy Standards• Standards integrated within curriculum• Crosswalk –California State Model School Library Standards connected to the Common Core Standards• Rubric of skills – scope and sequence for 6-8 & 9-12 grades
  15. 15. HOME PATHWAYS• Electives Pathways starting in grade 8• Electives Pathways in grades 6 and 7 through a rotating wheel of choices aligned with 9-12 electives• Options for 8th graders to participate in high school electives (Ex. Art, World Languages)• Junior Jets can take advantage of high school electives’ resources• Some high school A-G requirements met in 8th grade Possible Junior Jet choices Media & Technology Existing resources Entrepreneurship
  16. 16. HOME PATHWAYS Possible Junior Jets Electives• Visual Arts – Ceramics – 3D Design – Art History – Painting and Drawing• Performing Arts – Band – Orchestra – Chorus – Drama• World Languages – Spanish – French – ASL (American Sign Language)
  17. 17. HOME PATHWAYS Media & Technology ElectivesFilm-making and Editing : Storytelling through the lensDigital Literacy : Including keyboarding, word processingDigital Citizenship : Understanding the digital world and the social media thatdrive modern societyComputer Science : 2 courses : A-G introductory course followed by an APcourse within Berkeley UC Computer science departmentMultimedia Art : Digital Illustration & PhotographyMultimedia 1 : Foundation in graphic design, web design, filmmaking and aftereffectsDigital Animation 2D & 3D : Introduction to the animation industry utilizingindustry standard softwareVideo Game Design : Follows the production path of game design fromconcept through the creation of a game level in Snap & unity 3D
  18. 18. HOME PATHWAYS Business & Marketing ElectivesIntroduction to Business and Entrepreneurship : Foundation class –Introduction of Junior DECAMarketing 1 : Marketing PrinciplesMarketing 2 : Marketing StrategiesSports Marketing : Specialized Marketing course
  19. 19. HOME PATHWAYS Existing ResourcesJetSetters• Nationally-recognized after-school enrichment program offering classes such as Culinary Arts, Fashion, Creative Writing, Robotics and APP development, Art, tutoring• Submitting $50,000 grant to expand to Junior JetsMAD Academy (Media, Animation and Game Design)• Expand existing pathway which teaches multimedia skills and technology tied to the Common Core State StandardsDECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)• DECAJunior DECA club added to our existing DECA Club• DECA is embedded into Business , Marketing and Entrepreneurship course offerings• DECA store