Dealing with thousands of rana plaza


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Bangladesh was overwhelmed by the collapse of Rana Plaza at the outskirts of it capital Dhaka on April 24, 2013. Nearly 2,500 victims were rescued while thousands have died or remain unaccounted for. Rescue operation of this worst accident in the country’s history was equally heroic and haphazard. It demonstrated the lack of readiness in terms of conducting disaster recovery operations. The incident signals the magnitude of devastation once the country is hit by earthquake. I have tried to capture the role of mobile phone industry in this respect.

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Dealing with thousands of rana plaza

  1. 1. Dealing with thousands of Rana Plaza:Post-quake communication in BangladeshAbu Saeed Khan ( Policy FellowLIRNEasia
  2. 2. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victims
  3. 3. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victims
  4. 4. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victims
  5. 5. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victims
  6. 6. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victims
  7. 7. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victims
  8. 8. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victims
  9. 9. Fire Fighters, Police, volunteers and Armyrushed and rescued the victimsHe is as lucky as we have been for years
  10. 10. We are living in a hell in waitingIt means 78,323 Rana Plaza!
  11. 11. Comprehensive Disaster ManagementProgramme (CDMP) predicted in 2010• Some 78,323 buildings will be destroyed completely if a 6-magnitude earthquake shakes Dhaka.– US $ 650 million economic loss.• If a 7.5-magnitude earthquake strikes, some 72,316 buildingsin the city will be damaged totally while 53,166 partially.– US $ 1,112 million economic loss.• If an 8.5-magnitude of tremor from the plate boundary ofFault-2 hits the region, some 238,164 buildings will bedestroyed completely across the country.– US $ 1,075 million economic loss.
  12. 12. More scary numbers from CDMP• Some 30 million tonnes of debris, equal to 2,880,000truckloads (25 tonnes for per truck), will be generated if a 6-magnitude earthquake jolts the city from beneath of it.• A 7.5-magnitude earthquake from the Madhupur Fault willgenerate a total of 30 million tonnes of debris, killing some131,029 people instantly and injuring 32,948 others.• According to the study, at least 10 major hospitals, 90schools in the capital will be destroyed completely andanother 241 hospitals and clinics, 30 police stations and fourfire stations partially in case of a 7.5 magnitude quake.
  13. 13. Dr. ASM Maksud Kamal, an earthquakeand tsunami expert of the CDMP• "As a number of moderate to heavy earthquakesare overdue for some parts of the country, includingthe capital, it is important to get ready for thepossible disasters by raising safety awareness ofpeople."• "Gas leakage management, power supplycontrol, firefighting, alternative powergeneration, wireless communication system, heavyequipments for removing debris and emergencyclinical facilities are the top priority areas forattention.”
  14. 14. People calls a lot while in distressWoman cries as she talks on a telephone following the eight-storey RanaPlaza building collapse at Savar in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Picture: EPA
  15. 15. Impact on mobile networks• RAN installations along with PDH and SDH backhaulsare collapsed.• Nationwide and metro OFC transmission networks arepartially or fully damaged.• Distribution and transmission grids of power are badlydamaged.• Storage and supply system of gasoline is compromised.• Maintenance and operational staffs are victims too!
  16. 16. Challenges for vendors• Fast assessment of damages– Customers will help• Mobilizing equipment and crew– Quite challenging, especially keeping the power on• Restoring the network using makeshift facilities– RAN at elevated positions. Using VSAT for backhaul.• Planning and implementation of full restoration– It will be similar to ‘Green Field’ in many cases.Requires SOP and extensive practice withcustomers and regulators (BTRC & NBR)
  17. 17. Invaluable lessons from ChinaApril 20, 2013. YAAN, China. The 6.6-magnitude quake hit a remotemountainous area of southwestern Sichuan province at 8:02 a.m.
  18. 18. "The first 72 hours is the golden period for rescue. Wecannot delay by a minute.,” Premier Li Keqiang.Telecommunication became vital to thecoordination of relief operations.
  19. 19. Resulted from a comprehensive plan• Within six hours of thequake, Internet and phoneconnections were partiallyrestored in Baoxing county.• By late afternoon China’sbig three carriers saidphone calls, text messagingand roaming services wouldbe free in quake-strickenareas.• They advised people to usetext messaging instead ofmaking calls, as it requiresless bandwidth.Zhang Bin, a Chinese Peoples Liberation Armysoldier, carries a 60-year-old survivor as he runsdown a stretch of the road to Lingguan townshipwhich was recently cleared of debris from landslidescaused by Saturdays earthquake, in Baoxing countyin Yaan, Sichuan province April 22, 2013.REUTERS/Jason Lee
  20. 20. Weibo: An Encouraging step forward• With more than 500 million users, Weibo - the Internet equivalent ofTwitter. Information about how people could themselves rescuefriends and neighbors hit by the quake was also quickly spreadthrough forums like Weibo.• There were other ideas about what should be done; tolls forhighways to the affected areas should be suspended and clinicsshould treat the injured for free and public buildings should, wherenecessary, be opened up for the needy.• Where these appeals were not heeded, those involved wereimmediately pilloried via Weibo.• Users are by and large agreed that the influence of social networkshas grown significantly since the 2008 quake. As one Weibo userwrote: "Is this not an encouraging step forward?"
  21. 21. Children salute passing vehicles carrying rescuers and volunteers as they holdcardboards with messages of gratitude, after Saturdays earthquake, in Lushancounty, Sichuan province April 23, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer