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Friday Mash


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A presentation I did at UK Museums on the Web 2007, Leicester on 22nd June 2007 See for more

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Friday Mash

  1. 1. mash with that? mike ellis, head of web, NMSI please use tag "ukmw07" for any blogging, pics, etc...
  2. 2. so...what’s all this about mashups? a mashup... > combines 2 or more data sources (?) > uses the power of the distributed web > tends to create innovation in unexpected ways > is usually easy(ish) to build > "the web as platform"
  3. 3. why should we care? > distributed data / services is the way to go > this approach has access to a pool of creativity unlike anything you've seen before.. > the outcomes are mostly interesting, sometimes useful but almost always innovative
  4. 4. : youtube + flickr + + amazon
  5. 5. : google maps
  6. 6. / tap water quality : google maps
  7. 7. : map24 + traffic data " A quick mashup that plots traffic problems in South Yorkshire, UK. It might seem a bit specific, but it was written to help me get home from Hull, avoiding any traffic problems."
  8. 8. : flickr + poly9 free earth
  9. 9. Carl Hogsden
  10. 10. Michael Twidale "a driving directions site which shows you public radio stations that exist within broadcast range of your route."
  11. 11. mashed museum: 21/06/07 > we spent a day doing - tried to avoid talking too much or spending time thinking about constraints > aim was to get some ideas down on paper, and if possible on-screen
  12. 13. in 7 hours, we... > built "find museums near..." functionality using Yahoo Pipes > came up with a concept for looking at aggregated collections data > built a REST api for converting dirty dates (!) > plotted UK museums on Google Earth > put expedition data on an interactive timeline > built a "phone to comment on this object" demo
  13. 15. what problems can there be? > stability isn't always guaranteed > standards are only partially defined > you're reliant on other people's data > if you're a provider, you don't know what they're doing with your content... > dirty data
  14. 16. conclusions > you can achieve a lot with some thinking time > need to get used to the concept of "disposability", both for applications and for data > debate about standards and interoperability will go on but we can still get things done > this is only the beginning...
  15. 17. thanks to.. > everyone who participated > ross and uni of leicester for providing facilities > eduserv for refreshments > you, for listening