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don’t think websites: think data
[ the surprising conclusions of someone
who prefers content to technology ]

actually, the
  real title is this:

ten reasons why you should pay attention to the geeks
(you wouldn’t have come along if I’d said that before)
first, the geek snigger test
hardcore geek
amateur geek
what will you come away from this talk with?
I want to:

1. Convince you that good content is
content that has been set free

2. Demonstrate 10 reasons why
...simple, really.
consider the value of locked-in content

locked in = single purpose
single purpose = waste
why are we here?

“..[to decide] the next steps
that need to be taken to
ensure the sustained
integration of digitised
Catherine Grout, jdcc09:

       “content needs to
       be made available
       quickly, easily, and
       in a way t...
and the answer is...?
API            RDF
              actually, it’s these: m...
(i.e. stuff that a computer can
get at when it comes to your site)
“machine readable” is a bit of a mouthful, so how about..

   “machine readable data”
purists might argue with this
but we're going to ignore them
browsers (therefore people) read html

       <td colspan="2">
            <div class="mxb">
non-browsers read non-html

       <rss version="2.0">
           <title> John Simpson: Secret
API           RDF
              these things are the non-html b...
geeks are signed up to MRD
the importance of this isn’t immediately clear
and certainly hasn’t been well communicated
now is the time to convince the non-geeks
that they should invest* in these approaches

* attention, not necessarily mo...
ten reasons to stop thinking websites

            ...and start thinking data
1: content is still king, and always will be
MRD is a content concern, not a technical one
2: re-use is not just good, it's essential
3: life is easier when you (everyone) can get at your data

                            "wouldn't it

run a report?

            make it pretty?
 re-purpose?            make it more searchable?

4: content development is cheaper
5: things get more visual
seattle public library:
6: taking content to users, not users to content
your content on other sites
7: it doesn’t have to be very hard
8: you can't hide your content
Thanks to Tony Hirst:
9: we really is bigger and better than me
positive externality

next up are the Network Effects.

here’s a classic example: the more
people who own telephones, ...
10: traffic
but how?

if you love it, set it free
(you lost control anyway)
don’t ever stop thinking users
API           RDF
                              start small

always think: “what if...?”

never, ever procure technology again
without asking: “where is the [API]?”...
the takeaway thought

At some point in the future, you’ll
want to do “something else” with
your content. Right now, you h...
thanks for listening


thanks to these people, too

2: re-use is not just
2: re-use is not just
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2: re-use is not just good, it's essential

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