Causes of WW1


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Causes of WW1

  1. 1. • Militarism• Alliances• Imperialism• Nationalism• Significant Individuals
  2. 2. Militarism, was a cause of theWW1 because it took a lot ofyears for a country to developall that you have to prepearefor a war.
  3. 3. 1. Germany was competing with theUK to build battleships.2. The British feared an attack ontheir Empire.3. Germany was competing withRussia and France to expand theirarmies
  4. 4. The alliances were a cause of the WW1 becauseit took a lot of years to established an alliancebetween some countries.
  5. 5. The central powers: Italy – Germany – Austria Hungary.The triple entente: Britain – France – Russia.
  6. 6. Imperialism was a cause of theWW1due to the fact that somecountries had colonies that werecalled as the empires. In thatmoment, Britain and France hadcolonies so Germany and Italydecided to have some too.
  7. 7. Nationalism was a cause of the WW1 becauseeach country wanted to be the best and alsobecause it was hard for each goberment orleader of the country had to convince thecommunity to "love" their country. Peoplearen´t born, loving the country.This was an age when all nations wanted to assert theirpower and independence.
  8. 8. Kaiser Wilhelm IIBuilt up German army and navyAggressive foreign policyDetermined to make Germany atop nation.Distrusted by other powers“Germany must haveits place in thesun”“The worldbelongs to thestrong.”
  9. 9. The morrocan crisis was situated in the 20thcentury, in Morroco. Germany wanted toappropiate of Morocco but France wanted too.The kaiser Wilhelm II (from Germany) saidthat he want independence for Morocco sothen when France gives up he wouldapoderate. But France, joined with Britain andget a relationship established. They humiliatethe kaiser and won the crisis.
  10. 10. Firstly, Britain get involved because inthe Morocco crisis, she established a veryimportant relationship with France.Secondly, because she felt threatened by thepower growing of Germany.Thirdly because she felt threatened by theSchlieffen plan.
  11. 11. The Schlieffen plan consists in destroyingRussia and France.Germany thought that Britain won´t getinvolved.