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Design Thinking for Visitor Engagement: Tackling One Museum's Big Challenge through Human-Centered Design


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Slides from a paper presented by Dana Mitroff Silvers, Molly Wilson, and Maryanna Rogers at Museums and the Web 2013. Read the full paper at

Published in: Design, Education, Technology

Design Thinking for Visitor Engagement: Tackling One Museum's Big Challenge through Human-Centered Design

  1. Design Thinking for Visitor EngagementTackling One Museum’s Big Challengethrough Human-centered DesignMuseums and the Web 2013www.designthinkingformuseums.netDana Mitroff Silvers, Molly Clare Wilson, Maryanna Rogers1
  2. Who we are@dmitroff@maryannarogers@mollyclare2
  3. Todays presentationSFMOMAs big challengeBringing in design thinkingHow you can use these methods3
  4. SFMOMA’s big challengeSnøhetta, SFMOMA Expansion Aerial View Southeast; rendering: courtesy Snøhetta and MIR4
  5. Photo by anotoniufurno usual approach5
  6. Photo by Duke Energy usual approach6
  7. A design thinking approachPhoto by the d.school
  8. What is design thinking?8
  9. The Stanford d.schoolPhoto by Instagram user Nick Law9
  10. 10
  11. 11
  12. The Bootcamp challengeHow might we engagevisitors – without amuseum?12
  13. 13
  14. EmpathizeDefine PrototypeTestIdeate14
  15. Talk to real people15
  16. EmpathizeDefine PrototypeTestIdeate16
  17. Analyze and synthesize17
  18. Organize your observations18
  19. User needs statementBurned-out professionalscount on SFMOMA for abreak and an oasis in themiddle of a busy day.19
  20. EmpathizeDefine PrototypeTestIdeate20
  21. Generate ideas, defer judgement21
  22. Aim for potential, not perfection22
  23. EmpathizeDefine PrototypeTestIdeate23
  24. 24
  25. 25
  26. Make something to learn from26
  27. 27
  28. EmpathizeDefine PrototypeTestIdeate28
  29. 29
  30. You can do it, too30
  31. get out on the museum floor!Get on the museum floor31
  32. Define real user groups32
  33. Be an ethnographer33
  34. INSERT IMAGESsaturating space with images ofusersSaturate your space34
  35. Test with real visitors35
  36. Five strategiesGet on the museum floorDefine real user groupsBe an ethnographerSaturate your spaceTest with real visitors36
  37. Rapid, iterative, optimistic37
  38. Resources + Contactwww.designthinkingformuseums.netdana@dmitroff.commolly@dschool.stanford.edumaryanna@dschool.stanford.edu38