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The book industry is going through a period of massive experimentation. Content creators are at the crossroads of several digital megatrends: 1) the acceleration of worldwide Internet adoption 2) the maturation of eBook platforms and marketplaces in the US 3) The tablet boom that makes eReader devices ubiquitous 4) the rise of the Digital Self-Publisher.

The eBook revolution creates new opportunities to reach global readers. Authors can build their relationships with audiences by leveraging several related content management disciplines:

Digital book creation and distribution
Content management and translation workflows
Social media, SEO and other online channels
This session will provide a survey of emerging trends in the global eBook landscape.

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Dmitri ragano global ebook opportunity

  1. 1. The Global Ebook Opportunity Dmitri Ragano
  2. 2. About the Speaker• Technology Journalist• Author• Enterprise Content Management• Internet Product Management
  3. 3. Ebooks – A new opportunity to deliver your message• I have a story to tell – and there’s a global audience for it• Hitting the reset button on 500 years of book publishing• At the cross-roads of several digital megatrends: – Internet adoption growing fastest in emerging nations – The maturation of eBooks as a mass-market platform – The tablet boom – every device is an eReader – The rise of the self-publisher and non-traditional distribution online• Creating the right e-Book strategy for my content
  4. 4. Growth of online audiences outside UScontinues to accelerate Internet growth Social Media Top Web sites
  5. 5. Ebook surge in US has already transformed distribution and consumption• Ebooks sales grow exponentially in flat/declining US book market• In adult fiction, digital sales now beat individual print formats (hardback and paperback)• Publishers direct-to- consumer sales nearly doubled last year, aided by online sales
  6. 6. The Kobo Epiphany• Michael Tamblin, Kobo CEO:• Content Acquisition and Distribution – two step assessment and execution for each country• English sales in non-English is a huge market, growing 300 % a year• This is the obvious starting point for your global e-book strategy – there’s probably already an untapped audience for your existing English content that you haven’t been able to access previously
  7. 7. The tablet boom creates a profileration of device optionsFour companies creating infrastructure and partnership for worldwidedigital book downloads: Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google.A fifth, Barnes and Noble, playing catch-up with a recent investment fromMicrosoft.The boom in the tablet market makes a proprietary e-reader device, (i.e. theKindle) less important during the next phase or growth.
  8. 8. The Rise of the Global Self-Publisher• Bowker Research – Self Publishing Fueling Growth in US Market. (Book sales would be Publisher ISBNs flat without it). Rising sectors include: BiblioBazaar 773,857 • Education – 20 percent General Books LLC 249,871 • Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Young Adult, Business, Biography, Fiction – VDM Verlag Dr. 68,509 10-15 percent Mueller e.K. CreateSpace 57,512• Michael Tamblin, Kobo CEO: International Business 14,294• Self-publishing accounts for 7 percent of unit Publications, USA sales, as big as McGraw Hill or Wiley Kessinger • 7 % in US, 8 % in Asia, 9% in South America, 13,395 10% in Europe, 14% in Africa Publishing, LLC AuthorHouse 10,644• “Content coming in from local markets writing for local markets then getting Literary Licensing, 9,721 distributed through North America” LLC• Ebook has huge potential in emerging world, Xlibris Corporation 8,152 offering affordable price points and distribution in countries with little physical Source: Bowker book infrastructure
  9. 9. Creating new channels for local and international readersFinding the audience for your global e-book content• Local book event in Los • Scribd downloads in • Amazon reviews from UK, Angeles Rwanda, South Africa Italy
  10. 10. Ebook surge in US transforms distribution and consumptionBastei Lubbe•German mass market trade publisher re-organizes for globale-book opportunity•New digital business units for cross-media marketing,translation and international licensing•Genre thriller “Apocalypsis” debuts online in German –initial release in 12 weekly episode downloads includingmultimedia extras. Ultimately sold 60,000 German copies inpaperback•German publication parallel effort to translation anddistribution for global e-book market (English translation anddistribution done in-house, Chinese an Spanish done withlocal partnerships)Source: Sebastian Posth, Publishing Perspectives
  11. 11. Defining my Global e-Book strategy – who are my readers?• English-language markets, Australia, UK, US, India, lead with other countries gaining market share• In online survey, fifty percent surveyed in Brazil and India plan to buy e-book in next six months Source: Bowker
  12. 12. What’s my content type – is there a proven e-Book audience yet in my target markets?• Buyers in 25-34 age range dominate• Categories vary by country – Fiction dominates UK, Australia, US – Education, business titles lead in South Korea, India – Regardless of overall trends, your content may serve niche audience in many countries Source: Bowker
  13. 13. What is my eBook authoring workflow?How does it intersect with existing content processes? •Title •Distribution channel •ISBN, LCCN, ASIN •Physical proof •Interior spec •Ebook conversion Source: CreateSpace •Cover design •Ebook proof •Proof Editing
  14. 14. What are the eBook standards that will reach my target reader?•ePub•Online readers•Kindle .Mobi•PDF•Please text Source: Smashwords
  15. 15. Forming your global eBook distribution strategy Distribution PlatformContent Creation eBook Publishing My website SEO Smash Words eBook Stores Social Media Podcast