Creating a Global Content Value Chain - Dmitri Ragano, LavaCon Keynote address


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  • Great presentation because it is specific, provides a detailed 'inside a company' view of content management.
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Creating a Global Content Value Chain - Dmitri Ragano, LavaCon Keynote address

  1. Creating a Global Content Value Chain Dmitri Ragano Senior Manager of Content Management, Herbalife
  2. Background on HerbalifeA Leading Global Nutrition Company•  Herbalife protein shakes and snacks, vitamins and nutritional supplements, sports, energy and fitness drinks, skin and hair care products, combined with healthy eating and exercise, can help you live a healthy, active life.•  Publicly Traded on NYSE since December 2004•  78 Countries•  2.5 million independent Distributors•  4500 employees•  Part of a $118 billion direct sales industry (worldwide)•  $4.3 billion in retail sales in 2010; net sales $2.7 billion 2
  3. Herbalife is at the intersection of three global megatrends Global Mega Trends Aging Obesity Population Under Employment 3
  4. Herbalife web properties – a global channel for our mission toprovide nutritional products and business opportunity iChange Herbalife Sports 4
  5. My Background•  Senior Manager of Content Management and Interactive Technologies at Herbalife•  Previously Director at Razorfish, leading Web Projects for multi-national clients such as Sony, Charles Schwab, Nissan and Vodafone•  Five years working in Japan as translator, reporter and technology consultant•  Screenwriter, journalist and author. Employee of the Year , a mystery novel, published in September and available on 5
  6. Defining the Global Content Value Chain•  A strategy, organization and ongoing operational process to ensure your content supports your goals reaching global audiences•  An understanding across the various business functions (Finance, Sales, IT, etc.) that content is a key part of the company s brand equity and intangible assets•  A recognition that we re all media companies now. Being a media company means taking a disciplined approach to the creation, distribution and cost- benefit analysis of global content operations•  A realization that everyone s a potential publisher (employees, stakeholders, customers), so there better be a plan to train, partner and support them around the creation and use of company content•  A culture and infrastructure that can communicate central business and brand objectives globally, while at the same time incubating and evangelizing content innovations that start at the local and regional level 6
  7. Creating a Global Content Value Chain – where do we start? •  Why – Establishing the business drivers behind Global Content ROI •  Who – Defining the Global Content Organization •  What – Architecting the Systems and Technology for Global Reach 7
  8. A threat and opportunity: Content audiences are growingfastest in the developing world – ignore them at your own peril Internet growth Social Media Key emerging markets are adding users faster than US in Internet, search and social media. Top We re opening an office in Mongolia… make Web sure the web sites are live with well-optimized sites Mongolian content. Source: Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins 8
  9. Global content unleashed:the genie has officially left the bottle site on CMS-driven platform went live in first market in 2009. By early 2011, there were more than 60 Herbalife country sites managing local content. United States Sweden Romania Italy Greece South Africa Korea Russia Mongolia Argentina Vietnam Brazil 9
  10. Responding to the surge in global content consumption –will you be ready when they come?In our top ten markets alone, we ve seen a net increase of over 1 million monthlyvisitors since last yearHL Country Sales Leaders MyHerbalife monthly Vs Prior Year monthly visits Vs Prior Year visits US 1.4M 55% 492K 24% Mexico 174K 102% 72K 38% Korea 242K 83% 158K 70% Brazil 222K 34% 186K 34% Taiwan 69K 31% NA NA India 44K 305% NA NA Italy 109K 48% NA NA Russia 54K 231% 54K 20% Malaysia 38K 378% NA NA Venezuela 79K 39% 24K 443% 10
  11. 600,000+ monthly Google searches for our companyname – what information are they looking for? Analytics, site search and other patternanalysis to optimize global and local content ROI Understand our users to provide only useful content 11
  12. Communicating to an audience spread across 70+ countries is asignificant investment – how will you know if your content is relevant? Business Intelligence, Web Analytics and Content Management now exist in the same division… once content goes global the stakes are too high to proceed without a plan for comprehensive metrics. Online Behavioral Analysis Correlating Site Use to Performance Productivity Metrics Customer Demographics 12
  13. Ensuring Usability is part of the Content strategy “ … spending 10% of your development budget on usability should improve your conversion rate by an average of 83%.” Jacob Nielsen Usability “The cost of fixing application bugs after provides a Development, is on average 100 times more huge ROI by Than before development” means of Human Factors International conversion, retention and brand engagementUsability InitiativesPersonas Surveys and Analytics User TestingPersonas help everyone Constantly listening to the Though currently Focusinvolved in a project to act end users is the only way to Groups and User Testingwith the end user in mind, provide the tools and are not part of the standardby providing a simple way content our Distributors project life cycle, we areto understand different need to grow their promoting the incorporationuser’s motivations and business. of testing on the earlyneeds. We are in the stages of all projects.process of creatingPersonas for all majorgroups at Herbalife. 13
  14. Content ROI – Clarity has never been more criticalConsiderations for establishing a Content Value Chain - What are your business objectives and KPIs for global content efforts? -  What are the universal drivers? -  What variations exist at regional/local level? -  What tools will you use to measure success? -  Surveys -  Analytics -  Site search -  SEO tools -  Order/Lead funnel conversion -  Social Media -  How will you know your content resources productive and focused on the right priorities? -  Creation -  Editorial, review and approvals -  Publishing -  Technical 14
  15. Creating a Global Content Value Chain – where do we start? •  Why – Establishing the business drivers behind Global Content ROI -  Who – Defining the Global Content Organization •  What – Architecting the Systems and Technology for Global Reach 15
  16. Global online publishing – the sun never sets 100,000 publishing jobs in our Enterprise Content System during first 6 months of 2011. Online content sites in over 40 languages Publishing demand doubling every 3-6 months Peak publishing time is 2 – 4 am PST. CMS Technical Teams: US, Mexico, India for continuous publisher support Content Planning/Creation/Publishing: Corporate, Regional, Country level 16
  17. Wake up call at 3 a.m. – Moscow must be launching a new homepage promotion• Herbalife digital content activities –publishing to site happens 24-7 worldwide: –  Overall publishing by region: • 23% North America • 44% Europe, Middle East, Africa • 25 % Asia Pacific • 8% Latin America• Publishing calendars combine globalmessaging with local/regional factors• Centralization versus decentralization – Ongoing experiments with a hybrid approach• Providing consultation for the world – What s our SEO strategy in Mongolia? 17
  18. In a Web 2.0 world, everyone s a potential online publisher – so you better have a plan to support them•  Wide range of partners in global content means wide range of skillsets/experience that require training resources for the content tools•  August Training Sessions (Live, Web): •  Trainings conducted: 18 •  Invited: 200 •  Attended: 75 •  Countries represented: 28•  Video Training Library •  7 Videos (Hours of online instruction) •  New videos monthly •  Intranet Wikis, User Surveys•  Detailed PDF Manuals for all ECM modules•  Web-based system for distributing key brand assets to Distributors 18
  19. Decentralized Model for Content Creation and Publishing Video Corp Video Online Video Video Content Publishers Production Platform Distribution Network Regional VideoRequests,approvals – Publishersshoots edits Creates streaming link,video within metadata for video linkingHBN servers on web properties Brand Asset Management Corp Technical Support Marketing for Publishing MediaBin Regional Marketing Business units Global publish content to web properties (text, Content PDF, image, Flash Publishers and links to video streaming) Regional Content Publishers Content Management System 19
  20. Centralized Model for Content Creation and Publishing Global/Regional Web PropertiesOnline Content Central DSX Publishing Hub for Content/Video Regional Content Creators Content Coordinator Corporate Content Creators Global/Regional Video Players Content CoordinatorOnline Video Request video creation Central DSX Publishing Hub for Content/Video Corporate Executive Requestor Video ProductionRegional VideoRequestor 20
  21. Editorial calendar: We re all media companies now, and everymedia company has a calendar for planned and ad hoc content •  Corralling your global team into a high-level content calendar is challenging, but not impossible. In the long run it will make publishing support easier and yield higher returns for your content strategy. 1.  Enhance brand awareness (EB) 2.  Protect brand reputation (PB) 3.  Drive leads and sales (DL) 4.  Enhance service to distributors (ES) 5.  Build community (BC) 6.  Enhance public relations (EP) 21
  22. Building the Right Glocal Content TeamConsiderations for your Global – Local Organizational Model- What roles should have central global, regional, staffing? -  Editorial strategy/planning -  Content creation -  Review/approvals -  Publishing -  Technical support- Is there a global/regional/local division by type of content? -  Brand, corporate messaging -  Promotions campaigns -  Product launches-  Is there a global/regional calendar for publishing? – if not start one, even if it s high level- Do marketing, creative and technical components of content management exist in an integrated group or separateteams?- There is no one size fits all. The right model depends on your business, culture and organization. You ll probably haveto experiment to find the best balance. 22
  23. Creating a Global Content Value Chain – where do we start? •  Why – Establishing the business drivers behind Global Content ROI •  Who – Defining the Global Content Organization •  What – Architecting the Systems and Technology for Global Reach 23
  24. Global Content is a multi-channel experience (Video, Text, BrandAssets). Integration becomes a strategic imperative. Video Production DAM CDN (Digital Asset Management OVP (Online Video Platform) (Video Content Distribution Video Production Servers) Network) Brand Asset ManagementImages, PDF, Style Guides, other Digital Assets Online CMS Enterprise Content Management system 24
  25. Core Categories and business drivers are the foundation for taxonomy and metadata strategy• Product (Supporting the Purchase Experience and Product Marketing campaigns)• Events (Promote Qualification and Attendance)• Business Methods – Nutrition Club, WLC, Recipes, Sports Sponsorships (Resources to promotespecific DMO Adoption)• Education (Videos, Flyers, etc) (Providing various Educational materials on Ethics, Product,Science, etc.)• Brand and Global Messaging (Have you had your shake today? Seed to Feed, Reputationprotection) etc. Nutrition Club Search Registration Procedure Good Bad Samples 25
  26. A Service-Oriented Architecture was a nice to have in the past.With the proliferation of platforms (smart phones, tablets) andchannels (social media, third party syndication) it is now essential. Display  Services  Content  Management   A  single  display  engine  for  all  apps   Content  Services       Content  +  Rules   Events     Content  -­‐  Event   Catalogs     Join  US     Event!     MyHL     HL   DWS   Minisites   26
  27. Is your content ready for a multi-device world?Content  CollecCons   Products SM Health Articles Video Recipes DS Success Stories Sports Articles My HL Mobile 27
  28. What s getting published out there across the world?Ongoing surveys and reports to find the categories that aredriving publishing activity 28
  29. Are the same categories driving your video content? 29
  30. Preparing your Content Systems for a Global Value ChainConsiderations for your Global – Local Content Systems- What are your key systems (Content Management, Brand Assets, Video)? How will you integrate them tomaximize benefit for global audiences?- What are the key types of content that resonate globally? Have you gone through the process of mappingyour content types to the key business objectives they serve? This is the heart of your strategy for taxonomyand metadata.- What will it take to move to a service-oriented architecture for your content?- How ready is your content infrastructure for the demands of new platforms and devices? What types ofcontent and channels will you prioritize moving to this new post-PC world?- How are you getting information (surveys/reporting) to understand any new trends or patterns in your contenttaxonomy (including video)? How will you know if certain entities are becoming more or less dominant? Howwill you know whether demand for a categories is emerging?- What are realistic ways to take your organization where it needs to go to prepare for the future? Is thereappetite for a Big Bang approach? Or will it come incrementally, project by project, focused on the highestvalue content and moving on from there? 30
  31. Why It s Worth It: Because you have a brand and amessage – and the world deserves to know about it 31