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Information architecture


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Some basic ideas to think about when planning/editing a website

Published in: Education, Technology
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Information architecture

  1. 1. What is information architectureanyway?And Why Should I Care?
  2. 2. Hmm.. How to Get in?
  3. 3. Ahh… Now it is clear.
  4. 4. Doors to What or Where?
  5. 5. Still not sure?
  6. 6. Now a little clearer.
  7. 7. Information ArchitectureFrom Wikipedia:Information architecture (IA) is theart and scienceof organizing and labelingwebsites, intranets, online communities andsoftware tosupport usability.
  8. 8. Three circles ofinformation architectureAn image that appears in the polar bear book - "Information Architecture forthe World Wide Web" by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville. Their Venndiagram places IA at the intersection of content, users and context of use.
  9. 9. Things to think about for IA -Ease of Use and Findability• Good, clear, consistent navigation• Headings that make pages easy to scan• Proper linking• Structure that suits the purpose and flowseasily
  10. 10. Things to think about for IA -Continued• Different ways to search the site• Taxonomies that make it easy to find like items• Call to Action
  11. 11. Good Sites• Give Users what they want– That they can find without much thought• Balance the needs of Users against the Goalsof the business