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Student power point presentation


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This is the Power point show we made in our class.

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Student power point presentation

  1. 1. Frog Homes By: Mrs. Mickle’s Kindergarten Class By: Rebecca, Ehren, James, Aaliyah and Cooper
  2. 2. Our Class Frog Project 1. We grew frog eggs in an big fish tank so we could see how they grow. 1. We are trying to make it just like their real home so they can grow-up! 2. We watch them every day and write what we see in our journals and in Daily News.
  3. 3. What Makes a GoodHome? • Tadpoles need: 1. water 2. right temperature 3. algae and moss 4. a little bit of sun and shade Frogsneed: 1. water 2. right temperature 3. bugs to eat 4. rocks so they can climb 5. Somesunshine and some shade
  4. 4. Making Our Classroom Habitat 1. We got an fish tank and put some water from the pond in it. 2. We put the frog eggs in the water. 3. We put the fish tank where it could get some shade and some sun. 4. We watched the eggs everyday and wrote what was happening to them in our journals.
  5. 5. 1. Theeggs hatchedandwe sawlittle tadpoles.They looked like babyfish with tails. 2. Wegavethemboiled lettuce to eat. 3. Weaddedsomerocksso whenthey got legs they couldclimbout 1. The tadpoles grew some legs. 2. We gave them some flies. 3. They lost their tails and looked like real frogs! 4. Now we had totake them tothe pond! What We Saw
  6. 6. Classroom Habitats 1. Good water 2. Little sun 3. Little shade 4. Small fish tank 5. Some rocks 6. Some moss 7. Some algae 8. A few bugs Pond Habitats 1. Good Water 2. Sunshine 3. Shade 4. A lot of room to grow 5. Rocks 6. Moss 7. Algae 8. Bugs 9. Other animals
  7. 7. Home Sweet Home 1. We had a lot of fun watching our eggs hatch and get to be frogs 2. The frogs liked their home in the fish tank, but when they got big there wasn’t enough room and we had to take them back to the pond! 3. They really liked being in the pond where they had lots of room to play and jump around!
  8. 8. Thanks for reading our story! Have a “HOPPY” day!!!