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This is Ashley's final for Project 1.

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    2. 2. WHO ARE WE?Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm was aboutto go under, like many Americanbusinesses. When owner, TomPinchbeck, spoke with an oldcollege buddy, they came up with anew business plan. Pinchbeckreopened the farm with Jim Lymanand employed a new adeptworkforce built from individuals onthe autism spectrum. The roses aregrown, trimmed, arranged, andpackaged by these employees.
    3. 3. ABOUT AUTISM A developmental disorder that affects social and communicational skills Autism is part of ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are many different varying degrees which fall under:  Autistic disorder  Aspergers  Rett syndrome  Childhood disintegrative disorder  Pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified The symbol for autism is a puzzle piece(that is why we put it on our rose stem as our logo).
    4. 4. OUR MISSION We strive to developmeaningful employment modelsfor adults on the autismspectrum. We push ouremployees to persevere throughthe difficulties of the “I can’t”attitude, and turn them in to“doers”. We try to createvaluable members of society,who are able to contribute tosociety. We teach ouremployees to be courageous.We let our employees solveproblems by analyzing theirprojects assigned, hope ofcreating critical thinkers.
    5. 5. WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS We hope to expand ourcompany to dissipate theopportunity of independenceto other autistic adults in otherstates. We would love tonetwork with businessesabroad and propagate ourvalues and our goals of equalopportunity for individuals onthe autism spectrum.
    6. 6. INPUTSWe need funding to put this project in motion. We need land. We need to acquire all the necessary building supplies to build a farm and start growing roses. We need employees to hire and guide the autistic staff.
    7. 7. PROCESS
    8. 8. OUTCOMESIn completing our business endeavors we can give jobs to autistic people so they can survive in the economywe promote social change by eliminating that idea that just because you are autistic means you can not be independent or productivewe have been thriving, we brought a farm back from almost going underwe are established not researching if this works. Our program has been successful in bringing self worth to these autistic individuals.
    9. 9. ROSES FOR THE COMMUNITYAutism rates are going up every year.This affects people all their lifeA lot of autistic individuals are robbed of an independent lifeRoses for autism can give these individuals a sense of importance and a sense of independence.Having autism lowers a persons chance at being employed.Autistic individuals respect other autistic people who are successful as advocates
    10. 10. CRITICAL THINKING Our organization promotescritical thinking in their employees.They encourage their employees tosolve problems, by taking responsibilityfor large arrangement orders. Weencourage our employees to replaceweak thinking with strong thinking. A lotof our employees have spent a lifetime hearing they are not capable. Wechange that with positive words.
    11. 11. CRITICAL ACTIONour organization is critical action at its finest. The farm that our organization is operated on was about to go under. The decided to take informed action and to persevere in making the dreams come true for autistic adults to have independence and a normal life. We aren’t experts on autism, but we are always open to being taught. That’s what makes our working environment great. Autism is not a ‘by the book’ disorder.
    12. 12. CRITICAL READINGWe encourage our employees to read their environment. We teach them the skills to seek meaning in each task they perform. Some orders become overwhelming to the employee. We cheer them on and they learn to persevere through the difficult tasks. They usually walk away with a truck load of dignity after accomplishing these aggrandized tasks.
    13. 13. Shuttle worth foundation looks for people who want social change.They want someone who is established in what their goal is.They will not support some organization or person in research mode.They also like programs that affect the economy
    14. 14. HOW DOES ROSES FOR AUTISM HELPThey give jobs to autistic people so they can survive in the economyThey promote social change by eliminating that idea that just because you are autistic means you can not be independent or productiveThey have been thriving, they brought a farm back from almost going underThey are established no researching if this works
    15. 15. THE GIFT OF INDEPENDENCEWe have a variety of products you can purchase to support our organization. We have special items for holidays, like ties for fathers day. We have special promo codes sometimes. We can fill orders for even arrangements and boquets.You can support these individuals by ordering roses online http://www.rosesforautism.com/pages/buyYou can donate online https://npo1.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.as px?npoSubscriptionId=1005544&code=WebsiteYou can stay connected and updated on the events by signing up with your email http://www.rosesforautism.com/pages/events
    16. 16. PERSONAL CONNECTION I want to work with specialneeds, so this holds a special placein my goals. I also have a godson,Nathan, who is autistic. I neverwant to imagine a life withoutprogress or meaning for him.Enabling people to have the chanceto become something regardless oftheir disability is an amazing thingto do. A program like this would begreat for my Nay-nay’s self worth,confidence, and future. Even if henever gets a chance to work for thisspecific company or never wantsto, it sets and example and opensdoors for him.